RECAP: The first victories of 2013

Between a wave of retirements and the new Texecutioner-only option for elite skaters, the Texas Rollergirls home teams saw a great deal of turnover between the 2012 Championships and the opening bout of the 2013 season on February 10 — and that upheaval resulted in some final-score shake-ups, too. In the night’s first bout, 2012 Champions the Hell Marys took on runners-up, the Hotrod Honeys. Both teams debuted a bunch of new faces — the Hells lost seven players between seasons, the Hotrods six — and the rookies definitely cut their teeth in a hard-fought bout. The Hells held their own in a tough fight, but trailed slightly at halftime and when the final whistle blew, the Hotrods had emerged victorious, 222-156.

Bloody Mary makes her way through the Hell Marys

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers retained most of their 2012 team this year and the cohesion that allowed definitely showed as they took on a very fresh, injury-riddled Hustler squad. The gals in gingham dominated our disco divas in the first half, establishing a whopping 222-44 lead going into the locker room — but the momentum swung the other way in the second half, with the Hustlers winning that period 83-78. The damage had been done, though, and the Heartbreakers cruised home with a 300-127 win.

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