Look for us on YNN today!

We’re on YNN this morning! In a segment with Jess Mitchell called Active Now. We had a blast, despite waking up at 5am to get to the Austin Convention Center. Sinnerfold worked with Jess aka “Yellow-Haired Thunder” on a proper derby stance, falls, hits, and how to break through a wall – and she did great for having not had put on skates in years! Other skaters to look out for in the piece and who came out to skate the live segments early this a.m. are Voodoo Doll, DeBella DeBall, Barbie Got Back, Bad Influence, La Dolce Beatah, Me Shove You Long Time, Desi Cration, Notorious D.I.E, and Sprawkett.

And remember to get your tickets for tomorrow nights SEASON FINALE all-star double header!

Look for our Active Now segment running throughout the day. And check out a sneak peek here:

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