RECAP: 2014 Second Bout – March 22

Hotrods vs. Hell Marys

hellshotrodsAs the first game under the 2014 WFTDA ruleset, this game was highly anticipated. The Hell Marys are a team that definitely has come together this season.  Fan Amber Shastid said before the bout that she had come to see the Hell Marys, “I believe that they are the best team in the league,” she said. Hell Marys’ fan Lynda Taylor, who had come to see her friend B Money, really enjoyed watching the blockers, “My favorite part [of the bout] is watching the blockers all get together and root all the jammers out,” Lynda said.

In this bout though, once the game began, it appeared that it would be a hard road for the Hell Marys to overcome the power of the Hotrod Honeys. The Hotrods dominated early, with StoneHer proving herself to be a strong jammer.

After leading in the beginning of the first half by almost 50 points, the Hotrods lost the lead to the Hell Marys at 49 – 54. The Hotrods took the lead back within a few jams, however, bringing us into halftime with a 103 – 84 lead over the Hell Marys.

stonejammingBoth teams played an exciting, clean game with notably fewer power jams. Superfan and Local 666 member, Mr. Face, said he couldn’t pick out one part of the bout that stood out because they game was full of amazing moments. Throughout the bout, the Hotrods fielded a very strong defense, exhausting the Hell Mary jammers.  Booty Queen, captain of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, noted when reflecting on this bout, ““The Hell Marys have been very impressive this season, working together like they’ve been a team for many seasons even though they added three new members in 2014.  They certainly challenged the Hotrods — a team that has consistently been in the Championship game since 2008, and who are known for their strength and aggression.”

At the end, the Hotrods took the win at 237-198.

After all was said and done, Lucille Brawl of the Hotrod Honeys had this to say: “The Hotrods were impressed by the tight strategy and teamwork of the Hell Marys, and especially loved playing against their rookie players! That PeaceWar hits like a train!”

Hustlers vs Heartbreakers

 malicemvpThe second game was an impressive testament to the great improvement of the defense skills of the Hustlers. The strong defense, coupled with the strong jamming by newcomer and game MVP, Malice, brought the Hustlers to an impressive win over the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. Me Shove You Long Time added, “I’m really proud of the Hustlers with our tight, strong and calm defense. All of our jammers worked really hard and I’d like to give a virtual high five to Molotov M. Pale and Cheezeballs MVP Malice!”

 For their own part, Heartbreakers newcomers, Shiner Blond, Sideshow Ho, and Deep Dish Nitza all fought admirably jam after jam. In one thrilling moment, Sideshow Ho executed a beautiful apex jump, eliciting a gasp from the Austin Convention Center audience. Booty Queen (who missed this bout due to a sprained ankle) added, “I might be biased, but the Heartbreakers played with a lot of heart — see what I did there?”

hojumpThe tide of the game was set early on, with the Hustlers pulling out an early 30-point lead as soon as five minutes into the first half. The Heartbreakers fought hard for every point, but were never able to make up the difference.  Booty Queen added, “Malice skates so effortlessly — it’s like she knows where to go before her teammates create the holes for her, and Sprawkett has continued to improve and I believe this will be her season. It’s always amazing to see Me Shove You Long Time on the jam line, and successfully get lead and score points.  She is a skater who should NEVER be underestimated.”

All in all – it seems like everyone appreciated the hard work and dedication of both teams; with the Hustlers winning: 288 – 142.

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