2014 Season Opener Preview

pre-game-rundown-graphicIt is that time of year again. You can feel the momentum and excitement gathering as the first whistle of the season creeps closer. The whoosh of wind as the skaters speed around the track during warm-ups. The sound of announcers greeting the growing masses and the cheering of the crowd. The stomping of skates to the final verse of the national anthem — all building up to that first whistle. The start of a new season, new hope, new skaters, returning stars, teams with something to prove and teams who refuse to lose. The time is here: the Texas Rollergirls’ 2014 season-opening double-header.

First up on Saturday, the revamped Hell Marys versus a very formidable Hustlers crew.

Hell Marys

Hells OpenerColors: Plaid

Players to Watch: 
The amazing rookie class of 2010:
Sinnerfold (Whammy Award winner for Best Hell Marys Jammer)
Notorious D.I.E (Hard-hitting pivot and blocker)
BabyFace Assassin (Whammy Award winner for life of the after-party, quick-footed jammer)

Rising Stars:
BMoney, who is turning into a blocking force to be reckoned with
Brown Buttah
and new Texas Rollergirls: Peacewar and Dolores Fuertes

Attending scrimmages on Monday night, it was hard not to notice the resiliency and strength of this year’s Hell Marys squad. With the addition of impressive and dynamic newcomers like Peacewar and Dolores Fuertes, combined with the skill and abilities of a solid group of powerful returning skaters, it seems they have the Championship in their sights and are ready to “Punch! Punch! Punch! Arrow!” their way to the top.


hustlers-celebrateColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Molotov M. Pale
Chasing Amy

Rising Stars:
Sprawkett (Whammy Award winner for most improved player last season and the Whammy Award for Best Hustler Jammer)
Cease Ann Desist
Rookie Malice

The Hustlers were looking forceful and fierce on Monday as well, with some great jamming from Sprawkett and Chasing Amy, who impressively handled the Hotrod defensive wall of Action Jackson and Olympia, in addition to some mighty blocking from Molotov M. Pale and Hustlers’ Most Valuable Spirit Whammy winner, Killer Crouton. It was also exciting to see the commanding return of the real Babe Ruthless. With the moves they were seen putting down on the track, it will be hard to stop them. After all, their motto is “Don’t Stop, Get It Get It!”

Then in Saturday’s second bout, the grudge match return of last year’s Championship game pitting a very determined and talented Hotrod Honeys team versus the defending champion Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.

Hotrod Honeys

hotrodsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
Hauss the Boss (Whammy Award winner for League Jammer of the Year, Hotrod Honeys Best Jammer and MVP, the Texecutioners’ Best Jammer Award winner)
Bloody Mary (WFTDA Championships MVP)

Rising Stars:
Stone Her
Rookie Legal Knievel

The Hotrod Honeys are a tenacious and talented team and always look ready to take on and run over anyone in their path. On Monday night, Olympia and Action Jackson created some incredible defensive walls while the dominant jamming trifecta of Hauss the Boss, Stone Her and Bloody Mary were a force to be reckoned with, clearly embodying the Hotrod motto of “Faster, Faster, Kill Kill Kill.” There may be no stopping them this year without an incredible defensive stand, but then again, defense is the best offense.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

final-1stColors: Blue and Gold

Players to Watch:
Booty Queen
DeBella DeBall
the twin blocking powers of Ruby Wring and Fender Bender

Rising Stars:
Barbie Got Back (Whammy Award winner for Unsung Hero, Heartbreaker Most Valuable Spirit, and Best Assets)
Rookie Nine Lives from Texas Rollergirls’ own Rec-N-Rollerderby

These returning league champions looked solid and determined during Monday night’s scrimmage. They appeared poised to mount a stand to defend their title, which was won in an incredible victory in last year’s Championship that came down to the last jam. They showed up on Monday looking ready to show off some new power in the now healthy Barbie Got Back and the rookies Nine Lives and Deep Dish Nitza. It certainly looks like they are on track to “Glitter Done” and repeat their championship run from last season.

If Monday night’s scrimmages were any indication of the intensity of the Texas Rollergirls home teams, then Saturday night promises to be a season opener that won’t soon be forgotten. Come prepared to cheer on returning favorites, new stars and all of the incredible talent that makes the Texas Rollergirls not only the Godmothers of Flat Track Roller Derby, but also a driving force and perennial powerhouse in the sport they resurrected and rebuilt more than a decade ago.  

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