2014 Second Bout Preview

pre-game-rundown-graphicIf the season-opening double headers are any indication, you can sense the intensity this season has to offer. You can’t help but feel we are in for an all-out war on the floor this weekend. All four home teams get stronger, more focused and more intense every time they lace up their skates. Watching these warriors practice, it’s palpable the energy these teams will be bringing back to the Austin Convention Center this weekend in their second double header of the Texas Rollergirls’ 2014 season.

In Saturday’s first bout, we will see the impressive and evolving power of the Hell Marys versus the tenacious, dominant forces we know as the Hotrod Honeys.

Hell Marys

12781797584_eda22b19c3_bColors: Plaid

Players to Watch:
Smarty Pants

 After watching the unyielding determination of the Hell Marys during their season-opening win versus the Hustlers and the incredible strength and teamwork they have been showing at scrimmages since, it is hard not to believe this team may be taking home the Championship trophy this year.  They have a loyal fan base with the Local 666 cheering them on trackside every bout, and you can tell they have really mastered playing as a team with a family mentality. They go for long points, figure out opponents’ strategies quickly and create impenetrable walls. With newcomer Peacewar taking home MVP from their first bout, the return of Smarty Pants (who missed the season opener due to Team USA duties), Rosie (returning from injury) and the solid power of their returning stars like Sinnerfold and Notorious D.I.E, it appears they are becoming an unstoppable force, using and tweaking strategies to take full advantage of the many skill sets their team members have. Saturday night’s matchup against the formidable Hotrod Honeys promises to be a bout to remember when the power and grit of two such storied teams collide. So come on, “Let’s Raise Some Hell!”

Hotrod Honeys

hotrodsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
Stone Her
Olivia Shootin’ John
Hauss the Boss
Bloody Mary

The Hotrod Honeys have been looking incredibly tough during scrimmages since their commanding win over the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers in the season opener. While they appeared to be working in everyone and trying out a rotating cast of jammers in their first scrimmage, it seems they were back to their familiar All Star jammer cast of Hauss the Boss, Bloody Mary and season opening bout MVP, newcomer Stone Her on Monday night. Olivia Shootin’ John was doing double duty as jammer and blocker, looking intimidating in both positions. Their defense is looking as solid as ever, with Olympia laying skaters out with massive hits in scrimmages and impenetrable walls stopping opposing jammers, while their stable of aggressive and forceful blockers is getting very efficient at clearing lanes for their jammers. Without a doubt, they are ready to prove that, for the Hotrods, their motto of  “Faster, Faster Kill! Kill! Kill!” is more than just a chant; it is a way of life.

In Saturday’s second bout: The return of the ever-challenging Hustlers with their full squad against a Honky Tonk Heartbreakers team that is trying to regain their success of last season and get back into the running for a second straight Championship.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

12773117244_190ac10c2a_bColors: Navy, Gingham, and Gold

Players to Watch:
Barbie Got Back
Sideshow Ho
Kitty Karnage
Ruby Wring

It appears the 2013 season Champion Honky Tonk Heartbreakers are adjusting their strategies and mindsets after their season-opening loss to the Hotrod Honeys. These champions looked focused and ready for battle during recent scrimmages. In their first scrimmage against the Hustlers, they seemed focused on trying out new jamming strategies while fine-tuning their walls and working on avoiding the penalties that caused them quite a few challenges in their first bout. With the new, shorter penalties employed, they seemed laser focused on stopping the power of the Hustlers’ jammers since they were able to keep more bodies on the track. Both Kitty Karnage and Barbie Got Back looked great at jammer in both scrimmages. Sideshow Ho also showed she has a lot of skill in avoiding walls and putting points on the board. There is no doubt that these ladies, clad in gingham, plan to “Glitter Done” against the Hustlers Saturday.


hustlersColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Fifi Nomenon
Cease Ann Desist
Babe Ruthless

If the last few weeks’ scrimmages are any indication, the Hustlers seem poised and ready for a comeback this season after a disappointing loss to the Hell Marys in their season opener. With the return of Team USA and multiple Whammy Award winner, Fifi Nomenon—a true dual threat at blocker and jammer—you see the full power of a full Hustlers lineup coming to fruition. Every member of this team looks to be getting stronger with every jam. In both scrimmages, there was strong jamming from a rotating cast of amazing skaters, but the level of their defense appears to be getting stronger with every jam. Their motto, “Don’t Stop, Get It Get It!” was on full display as blockers were holding off opposing jammers and taking out anyone in their way. With the impenetrable walls of Bonnie Blitzkreig and Fifi, along with the incredible footwork and strength of jammers and blockers alike, it will be an awesome task for the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers—or any team for that matter—to take them down without one fierce fight.

The incredible athletes of the Texas Rollergirls are ready to continue to dominate the derby world, getting stronger with every turn of the track. The bouts this Saturday are shaping up to be two of the closest matched and hardest fought pairings of the season. Can’t wait to hear those first whistles and settle in to watch the battles unfold? Who will win the wars? We shall find out this Saturday!


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