2014 May 10 Bout Preview

Coming off of a dominating weekend by the Texecutioners and Firing Squad at the Big O Tournament in Oregon, the incredible skaters of the Texas Rollergirls are back with their full-forced home teams and ready to battle for bragging rights on Saturday at the Convention Center. Here is a preview of what to expect:

First up on Saturday, we will see the undefeated Hotrod Honeys take on the powerful and evolving crew of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

heartsColors: Navy Gingham and Gold

Players to Watch:
Shiner Blond
Fender Bender
Headless Highness
Critical Sass

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers had their most competitive game of the season in April and it seems that they only become stronger and more cohesive with every practice. This team is full of fresh faces and new Texas Rollergirls but their returning veterans seem to be leading the way in creating a team that is full of promise for the rest of this season and for many seasons to come.  At scrimmage on Wednesday night it was clear that their jammer rotation is relying heavily on the impressive skills of Barbie Got Back and in newcomers Shiner Blond, Nine Lives and Deep Dish Nitza.  Barbie was looking especially powerful as she snuck through on both the inside and outside lines and even made sliding through the pack look pretty effortless.  The defense of the Heartbreakers was on full display in scrimmage with huge hits and great walls from veterans Booty Queen, Headless Highness and Fender Bender; as well as newcomers Critical Sass and Danke Shame.  There was a lot of communication and strong play all around, and they should present quite a few challenges to the Hotrod Honeys on Saturday.

Hotrod Honeys

hotrodsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch: 
Stone Her
Bloody Mary
Punkin’ Dominion
Slamdra Dee

Fresh off of a clean sweep last weekend at the Big O tournament in Eugene, Oregon, Texecutioners Bloody Mary, Stone Her, Hauss the Boss and Olivia Shootin’ John looked anything but tired on Wednesday night during scrimmages, leading their team both in scoring and in spirit.  While these jammers are hard to overshadow, there was some amazing defense going on in last night’s scrimmage against the Hell Marys.  Veterans Olympia and Lucille Brawl looked powerful, as did Punkin’ Dominion and Slamdra Dee.  This team skates with high-level intensity no matter where you catch them: at scrimmage, a home bout or with the all-stars skating in international tournaments.  These ladies are straightforward and appear to have only one goal in mind: the Championship trophy in August. With the skating they’ve displayed thus far this season, it seems that they are right on track to achieve that goal.

In Saturday’s second bout: A Hustler team with all the heart it takes to win against a Hell Marys team that has become increasingly difficult to beat with every bout. 

Hell Marys

hellshotrodsColors: Plaid

Players to Watch: 
BabyFace Assassin
Virgo Vengeful
Smarty Pants
Sandy Ravage

This tight knit family, otherwise known as the Hell Marys, have looked stronger, closer and faster with every practice.  With a deep well of talent and teamwork that seems unrivaled, it would be a shock to not see these ladies in the Championship game in August.  In Wednesday night’s scrimmage, the Hells took on the dominating powers of the Hotrod Honeys and looked like they were well prepared for that challenge, and any other battle they may face throughout the rest of the season.  Despite a good number of penalties, it seemed like nothing would slow down the jamming power of the Hells.  PeaceWar plowed through walls like a train and the defensive stands created by the incredible stable of Hell Marys’ blockers, featuring Virgo Vengeful, Notorious D.I.E and Sandy Ravage, proved to be effective in stopping the tirade of the Hotrod jammers more effectively than we have seen this season.  BabyFace Assassin looked incredibly strong at the jammer position, using her small stature to weave through blockers and find gaps and her strength to push through the walls the Hotrods put up in front of her.  With the skill and finesse that the Hells were displaying on Wednesday night, there is no doubt that the Hustlers will have their hands full on Saturday night trying to stop the Hell Marys train that seems singularly focused on their final destination: Championships.


hustlersColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch: 
Bad Influence
Cease Ann Desist

Wednesday night’s scrimmage showed the heart and courage that the Hustlers are playing with this season.  They are a team that focuses on the little things to improve the overall product they produce.  There were lots of beautiful defensive walls in scrimmage against the Heartbreakers and while the Heartbreakers are looking great, it was difficult for them to penetrate through the defensive giants like Fifi Nomenon, and the skill and athleticism of veterans Chasing Amy, Mommy Rotten and Bad Influence.  The jammer rotation of the Hustlers also is steadily improving with skaters like Sprawkett, Cease Ann Desist and Malice getting harder to stop by the minute.  These athletes are fierce and competitive and are coming out Saturday with something to prove to themselves and their fans.

Saturday’s bouts are guaranteed to showcase the talent and athleticism that the women of the Texas Rollergirls possess and which promises to provide a night of big hits, high scores and good times.    

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