RECAP: 2014 May 10 Bout

Hotrod Honeys vs. Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

hotsheartsFacing off for the second time this season, the May 10 bout opened with the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers versus the Hotrod Honeys.

The Heartbreakers established an early lead, but the Hotrods snatched it from them and never let it go. Jam after jam of tough defense and nimble offense brought the score to 164 – 40 by halftime. Isaiah Montoya, a Heartbreakers fan, said “I thought the Heartbreakers looked really controlled and like things were falling into place for them, despite the score.”

The second half didn’t see much difference, with the Hotrods nearly doubling their points, and the Heartbreakers getting to just shy of the century mark. Power jams by Hauss the Boss, OJ and Stone Her helped give the Hotrods their commanding lead. First time derby-goer, Jessie Simons, said, “This bout was super entertaining! I had no idea that these ladies were so ferocious on the track and that the action was so real and intense.”

The final score between the Heartbreakers and Hotrods was 309 – 96, giving the Hotrods a 4 – 0 record.

Hell Marys vs Hustlers

hustlershellsAlso reprising their opening bout fight were the Hustlers and the Hell Marys.

The Hustlers have been showing strong improvement in their defense this season, but it could not hold back the Hells’ jammers. PeaceWar dominated her jams, and Sinnerfold did the same. The Hustlers showed off skilled jamming chops as well, fielding Fifi Nomenon, Sprawkett, and Malice.

Both teams demonstrated cohesive defense, but the Hells’ offense proved that much stronger. The Hustlers definitely made them fight, but the Hells were up to the task. Hustler Chasing Amy said, “The Hustlers held strong with 12 skaters during the first half, but due to penalties, lost out in the second half”.

This game was closer than the first game, with a final score of 204 – 108, in favor of the Hell Marys.

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