Verdict: Roller Derby is Fun for All Ages



Copyright Heidi Okla, Free Fun in Austin

This past weekend we hosted our 4th double header bout of the season at the Austin Convention Center, and Heidi Okla of Free Fun in Austin attended the game with a couple of her friends and their young daughters. They took advantage of our Capital Metro Rail promo where you can save $5 off your ticket at the door when you show your metro card.

So what did they think?

“We were having fun before we even got inside.”

Sounds like a success! The girls thoroughly enjoyed getting to have their picture taken with large cardboard cutouts of the skaters in the lobby, but once inside, they got to pose with the actual skaters and fun props at the photobooth!

Photos copyright of Heidi Okla, Free Fun in Austin

Once the first bout was underway, the girls discovered that the best place to enjoy the action is right on the sidelines. Like many people who aren’t very familiar with roller derby, you might picture fights that wouldn’t be suitable for a young audience, but, while there are hard hits, roller derby is first and foremost a sport that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages. And that’s exactly what Heidi and her friends discovered:

“But truthfully, having a girls day out at roller derby was far more authentic and meaningful. We all felt the team spirit of these amazing, tough, rollerskating ladies. They were sporty and feminine and real-life examples of one of the many things ‘girly’ can be.”

See more pictures from their fun day and read the rest of Heidi’s review here.

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  • May 14th, 2014
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