All-Star Bout Preview

For the first time this season, The Texas Rollergirls all-star team, the Texecutioners, will take on the visiting all-stars of the Denver Roller Dolls, the Mile High Club. The second bout of the evening will feature the Texas Rollergirls B-Team, the Firing Squad, and the Denver B-Team, Bruising Altitude.

Battling it out is nothing new for these teams who have met on many occasions. In Texas’ first season at the Convention Center, Denver brought the fight to Texas as one of the most memorable (and heartbreaking) WFTDA bouts in recent memory was between the Texecutioners and the Mile High Club in the 2012 WFTDA Championships. Despite the Texecutioners leading through most of the bout, the Mile High Club came from behind to win third place in the tournament, leaving Texas disappointed in fourth. With that loss burned into their memory, the Texecutioners are in a full-on charge to take home the WFTDA championship trophy, the Hydra, this season, and they don’t plan on letting the Mile High Club get in their way.

In Saturday’s first bout: The strength and versatility of the Texecutioners will be matched against the defensive talent of Denver’s Mile High Club, with both teams vying to up their WFTDA standings and showcase the strategic game play that makes them both perennial powerhouses of WFTDA.


Texies vs Denver

Photo by Bill Smotrilla

Colors: Black, White and Blood Splatter

Players to Watch:
Hauss the Boss
Fifi Nomenom
Polly Gone
Bloody Mary

The Texecutioners have been completely dominant in recent play, sweeping the Big O tournament with wins over Oly, Kansas City, Rose City and Philly. For the first time the season the Texies will play with the home court advantage as they look to stay undefeated in 2014. The Texies have an amazing roster of jammers, featuring veterans Hauss the Boss, the 2014 WFTDA Championship MVP Bloody Mary, and Olivia Shootin’ John, as well as some impressive newcomers: PeaceWar and Stone Her. The Texies also dominate on defense with Team USA members Fifi Nomenom, Polly Gone, and Smarty Pants, creating impenetrable walls and blocks that lay opposing skaters out. These are just a handful of the amazing skaters who make up the mighty Texecutioners roster. The team that finished second only to Gotham in the 2013 WFTDA Championships (and by a margin that made many think that this is the team that could finally knock Gotham off their throne), is full of superstars, and new and emerging talent that you really must see to believe.

Mile High Club


Photo by Donalee Eiri

Colors: Blue and Silver

Players to Watch:
Tracy “Disco” Akers
Amanda “The Swiss Missile” Sharpless
Julie “Angela Death” Adams
Lauren “Shadow Cat” Salvador

The Mile High Club looks ready for takeoff, featuring dominating defense and strong play on offense. These strategy-driven skaters will certainly make the Texies work hard for the win. Having faced off in the Texas Rollergirls’ first season at the Convention Center, and numerous times at WFTDA tournaments over the years, they are teams that are very familiar to each other, however with rotating rosters it is always a fresh challenge. In May’s Thin Air Throw Down, the Mile High Club gave Gotham a run for their money and took a decisive victory over Windy City to remain in the top 7 of WFTDA rankings. With Team USA superstars Tracy “Disco” Akers and Julie “Angela Death” Adams leading the charge, these amazing skaters who are known for incredible defense and strong, strategic play, will give Texas one of the biggest challenges of the season. These two teams split the wins on their last four meetings – with two wins for each squad. Saturday looks to be a tiebreaker that should give us a great deal of insight into how the rest of their seasons should unfold.

In Saturday’s second bout, we have our very own Firing Squad taking on Denver’s B-Team, Bruising Altitude.

Firing Squad

B Teams

Photo by Bill Smotrilla

Colors: Black and Gray

Players to Watch:
Notorious D.I.E
BabyFace Assassin
Sideshow Ho

The Firing Squad have looked great this season, going undefeated at the Big O tournament in Oregon and clearly have Bruising Altitude in their sites as they take aim for Saturday. The Firing Squad took wins over both Philly Independence Dolls and Rose City Rollers’ Axles of Annihilation this season and looks ready to keep their winning streak going with a stable of TXRG’s best skaters looking hungry for another win. Jammers BabyFace Assassin, Sideshow Ho, and Sinnerfold are looking to put up points against the commanding defense of Denver. Veterans Notorious D.I.E and Ruby Wring will no doubt cause a lot of trouble for opposing jammers, and with the added strength of newcomers Killer Vee from the Bay Area Derby Girls and LaVooDoo from Tallahassee RollerGirls – who both have made a big name for themselves since their arrival a short time ago – the talent of the Firing Squad may be too much for the Bruising Altitude to handle.

Bruising Altitiude

Colors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Cassie “Raven Evergore” Beck
Jamie “Willy Nilly” Williams aka Thug Life
Denise “Fawn Stalking” Dambrackas
Lexie “Faye Tall Blonde” White

Fresh off an exciting May bout with Gotham’s B-Team, Wall Street Traitors, taking a win in a 184-182 showdown, Bruising Altitude is looking to keep their streak going against a dynamic Firing Squad. With their winning streak standing at 8, only a strong showing from the Firing Squad can stop the “Purple Reign” of these incredible athletes. Their roster includes a good number of skaters who are often found skating as members of the Mile High Club; it is no doubt to see why Denver’s B-Team is as dominant as many leagues’ all-stars. With the amount of talent Denver is bringing to Austin, we are all in for a show of derby skills that would make anyone envious.

With the Texas Rollergirls having many veterans and some incredible newcomers, they will give Denver a huge fight in both bouts on Saturday, June 14th. While our all-star teams have faced off many times in the past, it will be the first time the Firing Squad has taken on the Bruising Altitude. Texas is eager to host this double-header, and can’t wait to show Denver a healthy dose of southern hospitality (and also a little hurtin’).

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  1. Todd Bradley
    Posted June 6, 2014 at 11:48 am | Permalink

    I’m sorry to say that Fawn Stalking retired a long time ago. However, there are lots of other VERY GOOD players on Bruising Altitude this year. You’ve got your work cut out for you, Firing Squad.

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