RECAP: 2014 June 14 Bout

Visiting us from Denver, Colorado, the Denver Roller Dolls’ A and B teams — the Mile High Club and Bruising Altitude respectively — tackled our Texecutioners and Firing Squad in an exciting double-header.

Mile High Club vs Texecutioners


Photo © Jennifer Ramos

In the headline bout between the Texecutioners and The Mile High Club, both teams exhibited excellent defense, but the Texies’ offense proved stronger. This was an exciting game with several ties and lead changes — considerably closer than many commentators anticipated given that last time the sides met, at last year’s WFTDA Championships, Texas more than doubled Denver’s score with a 298-129 win.

This time around, both teams played quite clean, leaving the penalty box clear for most of the game — although the Texies were at times in penalty trouble, with a couple of key jammers taking five turns in the box. In the end, Texas’ brute strength and dexterity proved too much for the visiting Denver side.

Strong and physical defense on both sides meant that neither team passed the century mark before the end of the first half. The game ended with a close score of 170 – 132, Texas. As we’ve seen time and again, one power jam can utterly negate such a point spread.

Bruising Altitude vs Firing Squad


Photo © Bill Smotrilla

In the second game, The Firing Squad and Bruising Altitude, Texas and Denver’s B-teams took the track. As with the previous game, this was a relatively even match that came down to home court advantage. The game opened close, but the Firing Squad pulled away halfway through the first period en route to a final score of 148-125, Texas. This game was hard fought, and as was the case in the earlier match, one strong power jam on either side could have easily changed the outcome.

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