RECAP: 2014 May 31 Bout

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers vs Hustlers

kittyThe Hustlers dominated from the first moments of the game, opening up a double digit lead in just a couple of minutes. The scoring ran about 2:1 in the Hustlers’ favor throughout much of the game, although the Heartbreakers were occasionally able to lock down their defense — most notably holding the Hustlers scoreless for five jams midway through the second period. However, those spells were too far between and in the end, the Hustlers came out on top, 269-195.

The Hustlers took first blood with a quick lead jammer call for Fifi Nomenon who racked up five points before calling off the jam, seemingly unaware that the Heartbreakers’ jammer, Barbie Got Back, had cut her way to the box. The Hustlers sent Fifi out again to finish out the power jam — and when it concluded, the Hustlers held a 19-0 lead with just three minutes gone.

But it was then the Heartbreakers’ turn for a power jam as Sprawkett landed in the penalty box and Deep Dish Nitza ran for points as the Hustlers hemorrhaged blockers; over the course of the jam, every single Hustler picked up a penalty. That run made it 21-14 in the Hustlers’ favor.

sprawkettThe score inched up over the next five minutes before a brief official review stopped the clock with 21:30 in the half and the Hustlers leading 29-16; when play resumed, Molotov M Pale was seated in the penalty box and Barbie Got Back was jamming unopposed. She put up only three points before Molotov returned to play, though, making it a 10-point game.

A rare pivot line start marked the halfway point of the period, a landmark further punctuated by simultaneous jammer penalties for Sprawkett and Barbie Got Back. The ensuing two-minute jam looked set to go blow-by-blow until Barbie missed an apex jump, letting Sprawkett lap her as the Hustlers’ defense locked down. The jam ultimately went 17-9 for the team in purple, making it 56-32 with 14:30 in the period.

The Hustlers stretched their lead with a power jam shortly thereafter when Nitza was removed from play on an illegal procedure penalty after losing a kneepad and Fifi made the Hustlers’ lead 80-32. Sideshow Ho struck back next time out with a quick 4-0 for the Heartbreakers.

barbieSmart defense from Ruby and Nine Lives limited the damage as Sprawkett picked up a quick lead jammer call over a stifled Nitza; they recycled her back more than half a track after nudging her out of bounds.

In the next jam, Fifi, The Killa Sal Monella and Mommy Rotten stifled Shiner Blond on her initial pass for over a minute as Molotov put the Hustlers just barely short of a century, 99-43 with five minutes in the period. That prompted the Heartbreakers to call an official review of their own.

The Hustlers hit that hundred-mark next time out courtesy of Fifi, but the Heartbreakers had the advantage in the jam following that as Barbie ran for points while Sprawkett struggled with a sturdy Heartbreakers front wall comprising Ruby, Kitty Karnage, and Nine Lives.

They followed that up with a power jam for Shiner after BitterCup picked up a low block penalty as she attempted to skirt a Hustler wall on the outside, taking out Shiner in the process. She returned to play with the score reading 114-67 — but landed back in the box as the period clock expired. The halftime score was Hustlers 117, Heartbreakers 72.

fifiThe teams traded blows as play resumed for the second half and five minutes in, the margin had barely shifted, although the numbers on the scoreboard had changed: the Hustlers led 134-91. They stretched that margin a little more before they looked to get a big opportunity as Sideshow Ho cut her way to the box with the Heartbreakers’ star — only to be followed seconds later by Sadie Mae Care with the Hustlers’. That made it 144-99 with 21 minutes to go in the bout.

Shiner Blond pushed the Heartbreakers past the century mark after an epic battle with Sal and Killer Vee; her second pass was considerably easier, and her third aided by a power jam opportunity as Sadie landed back in the box after starting the jam there. That run made it 144-109 with the Heartbreakers trailing as the clock ticked past 20 minutes — and marked the third jam in a row the Hustlers had been held scoreless.

The Heartbreakers’ dream run — in which they’d limited the Hustlers to just a couple of points — ended with a penalty on Nitza which let Sprawkett open the margin back up to make it 174-125 with 13 minutes left in the game.

And that was about the speed of things as the game clock ticked away; over the next seven minutes, the Hustlers stretched their lead to 228-149 before an official time out stopped the clock with five and a half minutes to play, and to 269-195 by the final whistle.

Hell Marys vs Hotrod Honeys

buttahhaussWhile the first game of the night seemed almost a foregone conclusion early on, the evening’s second bout proved considerably closer, with the Hells seemingly always on the verge of coming from behind — but never quite able to make it. A late-game power jam proved the final nail and the Hotrods took the win, 216-172.

The Hells took a 5-3 lead in the second jam of the game as Brown Buttah ran for points while Smarty Pants and BMoney stifled Hauss the Boss. The Hotrods sent out Olivia Shootin’ John who picked up a quick lead jammer status over Sinnerfold but called the jam just too late, making it 8-7 — and 10-9 after Bloody Mary similarly misjudged a call-off over Peacewar.

A 0-0 jam featuring some crowd-pleasing jammer on jammer action followed before OJ took the Hotrods back into the lead with a quick 4-0. A 3-0 for Peacewar over Hauss made it a tie game with eight minutes gone.

Bloody Mary opened it up, though, racking up 18-0 over a boxed Buttah, before calling the jam off from the floor. Hauss followed that up with a 9-0 run, making it 40-13 with 19 minutes to play in the period.
The scoring was slow but steady for both sides over the next few minutes, with the Hotrods maintaining their lead at 47-17 before an official timeout stopped the clock with just under 14 minutes in the half. That prompted a certain amount of confusion, with skaters lined up and starting to roll at the whistle announcing the timeout — but order was quickly restored. The following jam went 0-0 as Smarty called off the jam with Hauss hot on her heels.

olympiaThis proved a recurring pattern — the Hells were able to get out and secure lead jammer status relatively frequently, but often weren’t able to hold the opposing jammer long enough to convert those calls into points.

The Hotrods got a power jam with 8 minutes to go in the half when Peacewar back blocked her way to the penalty box; Bloody Mary used that 30-second respite to put up 10 points despite sterling defense from Smarty Pants at the front of the pack. She called it off after picking up just one more point on her next pass, making it 67-22 with 7 minutes to play.

The power jam pendulum swung back the other way when OJ picked up a multi-player block on her initial pass — BabyFace Assassin was declared lead jammer status and promptly called off the jam … only to (literally!) shake her fist at the sky when she realized the opposing jammer was boxed.

The Hells called a timeout then and sent out Smarty Pants to finish the power jam; she put up 5 before OJ returned to play and 4 more before OJ finished her initial pass. That left it a 40-point game with the Hotrods leading 71-41 and just under four minutes left in the period. In the end, the Hotrods took a 83-61 lead into halftime.

smartyWhere the first half had been dominated by speeding packs, spectacular hits and racing jammers, the second period proved more a matter of grinding defense, broken with occasional wide-open packs that offered jammers an easy route through.

The period opened with more of the same; the teams traded blows, settling for points in twos and threes — but when BabyFace Assassin picked up a back block in the third jam, OJ took advantage of the opportunity and pushed the score to 118-68 with four minutes gone.

The Hells pushed back over the next five minutes to break the century mark themselves, making it 132-101 in the Hotrods’ favour ten minutes in.

Halfway through the period, Peacewar handed the Hotrods a power jam but Hauss, looking tired, was slow to capitalize — she coasted around to the pack, signaling to them, before darting through for five points and calling the jam with Peacewar standing in the box.

haussThat jam made it 159-113 and the Hotrods sent out Bloody Mary to finish the jam — who landed in the box herself, letting Peacewar erase some of the damage, picking up 5 before passing the star to Smarty. At the jam’s conclusion, the Hotrods led 167-129 with just under 12 minutes to go in the game.

Hauss struggled with heavy defense from Smarty and SlaughterMelon next time out, leaving Sinnerfold to rack up three natural grand slams as Hauss worked on her first scoring pass. That jam went 19-4 for the Hells, making it 171-148 in the Hotrods’ favour.

The Hells’ dreams of a comeback was interrupted by a track cut call on Smarty Pants with just over five minutes left to play and 40 points separating the two teams; the damage wasn’t enormous, but it was enough to push the Hotrods past the double-century, 203-156.

And that proved the nail in the Hells’ coffin — Hauss the Boss followed up with a 7-0 over Brown Buttah with a minute left to play and while Peacewar secured lead jammer status as Notorious D.I.E, Sinnerfold and Dolores Fuertes held OJ, it wasn’t enough to secure the win. She put up multiple grand slams but when the final whistle blew, the Hotrods had taken the win, 216-172.

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