RECAP: 2014 Third Bout – April 19

Hotrod Honeys vs. Hustlers

Hots vs HustlersFacing off for the first time this season, the Hustlers and Hotrod Honeys came together for a tough fight. The Hotrods pulled out an early lead, tirelessly defending against the jamming talents of Fifi Nomenon, Molotov, and The Killa Sal Monella.

The Hustlers have been showing stronger defense this season, but newcomer Stone Her and Texecutioner, Hauss the Boss brushed it off like it was nothing.   

In the middle of the first half, Hauss the Boss executed an epic 30-point power jam, laughing in the face of the shortened penalty times put in place by the new WFTDA ruleset.

At halftime, the Hotrods had a modest lead over the Hustlers at 41 – 24 and it looked like the game could go either way, as Hustler Fifi Nomenon said regarding the game, “We really wanted to play this game positive and strong as a team and really just go out there and executing the things we’ve been working on. I was very excited for Molotov M. Pale- she played some really excellent offense and she had very fast switching from defense to offense; also Sprawkett’s jamming was really impressive; she just kept on going and just had really, really strong offense.”

Sprawkett JammingIn the second half, the Hotrods pulled out all the stops, leading to a final score of 240 – 69, in favor of the Hotrod Honeys.  Fifi noted after the bout, “While we may not have won the game- in many ways it feels like a win for our team for those reasons: that we succeeded in doing what we wanted to do – playing strong and keeping things positive.”

The Hotrods’ captain, Olympia summed up the game by saying, “Hotrods play as a team and each one of us has a role we play.  We have jammers, blockers, communicators and big hitters.  When we play our roles to the best of our abilities, for each other, we are victorious. WE. ARE. HOTRODS!”   Stone Her added, “We had really great teamwork, we only played with 10 people and it was really important for us to stay focused as a team, and really keep that bond and not let any of the other players get into our space.” When asked if anyone in particular stood out, Stone Her added, “No, not at all. We all had to shine since there were only 10 of us so it was really important  that everyone had their best game.”


Hell Marys vs Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

hearts vs hellsAlso facing off for the first time this season were the Hell Marys and the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. This game started out as a much slower burn than the Hotrods vs Hustlers, but the Hell Marys pulled far ahead in the second half, finishing the game a full century ahead of the Heartbreakers.

With a formidable rotation of Sinnerfold, BabyFace Assassin, and Peacewar, the Hell Marys jammers dominated the game. The Heartbreakers made a valiant effort themselves, heavily rotating Deep Dish Nitza, Sideshow Ho, and Shiner Blond.

In the second half, however, the Hell Marys proved to have the stronger defense, keeping the cowbells silent and the point spread wide.

Both teams played a pretty clean game, leaving little time for balance-tipping pack advantages and power jams.

The final score was 256 – 156, in favor of the Hell Marys.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers captain Booty Queen shared her insight, “The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers versus the Hell Marys bout saw an incredibly close score through half time.  The Heartbreakers are in somewhat of an opposite member situation as the Hotrod Honeys with half of their bench being new to the Texas Rollergirls this season so we are celebrating this bout as a win.  We may have lost the score, but we won the battle — overcoming our ‘newness’ as a team and executing our first competitive home bout.  The Hell Marys were victorious though; they are such a close team that works together very successfully as a unit.  We enjoyed every minute of the bout, and can’t wait to do it again on May 10th!”

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