July 13 Bout Preview

In the only Sunday bout of the season, the skaters of the Texas Rollergirls’ home teams will be returning to the Austin Convention Center to solidify their season rankings going into Championships on August 16th.

In Sunday’s first bout: The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers are looking to capitalize on all of their growth this season with their first win against a dominant Hell Marys squad.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

April BoutColors: Navy Gingham and Gold

Players to Watch:
Fender Bender
Ruby Wring
Sideshow Ho
Big Nasty

The evolution of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers this season has been stunning to watch.  With every practice, they see more determined to become the best team they can be by building on each skaters’ strengths.  While this season has been a rebuilding year with many new faces, it is incredibly evident that this team is working towards greatness.  The Heartbreakers looked well-oiled and ready to fight in recent scrimmages.  The incredible blocking power of Booty Queen, Fender Bender, and Ruby Wring was on clear display in Monday night’s scrimmage.  The return of Big Nasty was also highlighted Monday by some agile jamming. The ladies in gingham look more fluid in all positions and there has clearly been a lot of growth at the jammer position with Kitty Karnage, Shiner Blond, and Sideshow Ho looking skillful and dynamic; there were also some great stands at blocker with the veterans and newcomers alike putting up some impenetrable walls and devastating hits.

Hell Marys

hearts vs hellsColors: Plaid

Players to Watch:
Dolores Fuertes
Sandy Ravage
Angel O

The Hell Marys are one win away from heading into Championships to try once more to take down the powerhouse Hotrod Honeys squad, and if Monday night’s scrimmages were any indication, they are ready for the fight.  The incredibly athletic jamming from jammers BabyFace Assassin, Brown Buttah, and PeaceWar makes it clear that this team has worked hard to perfect just how to get points on the board while using the astonishing defensive power of the Hell Marys blockers.  Dominant defense was on display Monday night as well with Notorious D.I.E and Dolores Fuertes looking especially commanding at blocking.  This team has a family mentality and it is clear that each player has learned and worked hard to be their best to make their unit as strong and consistent as possible.

In Sunday’s second bout we will see two teams fresh off of home team wins.  The Hustlers have become increasingly more forceful with every bout and will need to showcase all of their skills when they take on the undefeated Hotrod Honeys, who are looking to continue their winning streak as they head into Championships next month. 


Sprawkett JammingColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Fifi Nomenon
Me Shove You Long Time
Molotov M. Pale

In Monday night’s scrimmage, the Hustlers were focusing on every aspect of their game play as they head into battle against the Hotrod Honeys this weekend.  Fresh off their 269-195 win against the Heartbreakers, the Hustlers look to be capitalizing on all of their strengths as they prepare for Sunday.  Jammers Sprawkett and Malice looked especially impressive as they cut through opposing packs and dodged bit hits. Defense from Me Shove You Long Time, MariEasy Livin’, and Fifi Nomenon looked almost impenetrable.  These women have only gotten stronger with every bout and have grown in both strength and power.  Transfer (from B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls), Killer Vee, has also given them another double threat on offense and defense.  This team has shown incredible growth at every position and these purple powerhouses are poised to upset the undefeated Hotrods and go into Championships stronger than ever.

Hotrod Honeys

Hots vs HustlersColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
Kat Von Speed
Punkin’ Dominion
Action Jackson
Maso Kiss

The undefeated Hotrod Honeys are clearly a force to be reckoned with and only seem to get more compelling as the season rolls on.   The Hotrods were looking solid and dominant on Monday night as they seemed unyielding at every position. Kat Von Speed has rejoined her team and looks tenacious on defense.  Hauss the Boss and Bloody Mary continued their onslaught of power jamming and Punkin’ Dominion, Action Jackson, and Maso Kiss created staunch defensive stands against a strong Hell Marys jamming offensive.  The Hotrods are undefeated, and all of their skaters seem to be incredibly versatile at all positions.  Their tactical game play is laser-focused and clearly aims to dismantle their opponents by taking advantage of any gaps in defense, and any misstep on offense.  The Hotrods can solidify their undefeated run to Championships on Sunday and it will take quite a roadblock to stop them.

Sunday’s bouts are set to be some of the most exciting action of the season with plenty of points to prove and scores to settle heading into Championships.  The whole season builds up to these last two bouts and everyone will leave all they have worked and trained for on the track. 

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