World Cup & Texas Rollergirls!



Hello, visiting teams from all over the world!

The Texas Rollergirls are very excited that you are all coming to visit Texas in December!  Dallas is three hour drive to Austin, so we hope you will consider coming to visit us here, where flat track roller derby began over a decade ago.  We would love to host you and skate with you!  Please email us at to let us know your plans, and we will help with hospitality however we are able.

Also, if your team needs a place to practice before the World Cup, we are making our warehouse in Austin available for rental the week before.  Unfortunately, we do need to charge a small fee to help us cover our rental costs, but it is very affordable and is often available for a lower cost during “down times” (like during the work day).  Please don’t hesitate to contact to inquire or make arrangements.  We have two tracks and plenty of team meeting space, and we would be delighted to make it possible for your team to have time together before the big event.

The Texas Rollergirls want you to have a fantastic experience while you’re traveling for the World Cup, and are considering hosting some events. In addition to renting out a venue, it does take numerous hours to plan events and to coordinate trainers. If your team is wanting to visit us or would like us to put together an event or two for your enjoyment/participation, we would appreciate your feedback. Please fill out the following survey: 
World Cup Travel Questions

We will all be in Dallas, cheering for you.  Welcome to Texas!  We are glad y’all are coming!
Texas Rollergirls


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  • August 5th, 2014
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