March 7: Game Recap

On Saturday, March 7th, the four teams of Texas Rollergirls returned to The Blood Shed for another evening of exciting roller derby. We knew it was going to be awesome, but we were not prepared for not one but TWO nail biters as both games included multiple lead changes and amazing plays. See below for scores and recaps!

Texas Rollergirls: Hell Marys vs HustlersHells vs Hustlers – 217-205, Final

One of the most exciting things about this game was the introduction of Freight Train to TXRG fans. Freight Train joined us recently from Houston, TX, where she skated for the Brawlers and the Houston All-Stars.

Many were excited to see what she would bring to the 2015 Hell Marys, still rebuilding after losing several skaters to retirement at the end of last season. Ladies and gentlemen, we were not disappointed.

Freight Train shared jamming duties with Peace War, Brown Buttah, and BabyFace Assassin, all of whom showed the Hustlers that they were not to be trifled with.

The Hustlers held a commanding lead until just about halftime, when Freight Train came and showed us why she’s Freight Train! (She brushed Me Shove You Long Time to the outside during one jam like it was nothing!)

After that point, it was a battle of the extremely tight defenses, both teams working beautifully.

Newcomers Nicki Ticki Timebomb and Wild Carnage jammed most frequently for the Hustlers, with veterans Molotov M. Pale and Fifi Nomenon coming in when the chips were down.

Despite a number of strong, high points jams for the Hustlers, the Hell Marys came out on top, with a very close final score of 217-205.

Texas Rollergirls: Hotrod Honeys vs Honky Tonk HeartbreakersHotrod Honeys vs Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, 197-193, Final

For our second heart stopping game, we saw the Hotrod Honeys go up against the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.

In addition to this season’s newcomers, the exciting thing to watch in this game was former Hotrod, Hauss the Boss, going up against former Heartbreaker, DeBella DeBall.

After an early lead by the Heartbreakers, the Hotrods spent most of the game ahead of the Heartbreakers. However, by the end of the second half, the Heartbreakers were breathing down their necks!

Stone Her spent the majority of the game as lead jammer, but Hauss the Boss, Thugs Bunny, and Sideshow Ho frequently made high scoring jams.

For most of the second half, the Hotrods’ jammers racked up all the points, with the Heartbreakers having trouble against the Hotrods’ defense. In the last ten minutes of the game, however, the Heartbreakers’ jammers really did everything they could to close the gap.

In the second to last jam, Sideshow Ho brought the score to 197-193, making us all wonder if the Hotrods were in for quite the upset. It was not to be, however, when in the last jam, Stone Her got lead for the Hotrods, and because the game clock had already run down, called the jam with no more points scored for either team.

The final score stayed at 197-193, Hotrods.

TXRG megafan Phil Arnold posted this tweet, which BLEW OUR MINDS. Thanks for the history lesson, Phil!

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