March 7 Pre-Game Run-Down

We sure hope you were able to catch our sold out opening bout on Valentine’s Day! As promised, it brought shake ups and excitement. Don’t worry if you missed it, though, just hurry and get your tickets for our second doubleheader on Saturday, March 7.

hells vs hustlersThe first bout of the evening will be the 2014 champion Hell Marys taking on the Hustlers. In February, the Hell Marys lost to the Hotrods by 2 points in a tense back and forth, down-to-the-final-second upset, and they are looking to redeem themselves against the Hustlers. Since that upset, the Hells have picked up Houston Roller Derby transfer Freight Train. Rarely does a derby name fit a skater as well as hers. This woman can jam and block, and those who get in her way will feel the punishing blows the next day. Keep your eye on sneaky jammer BabyFace Assassin, known for her big apex jumps and even bigger grin. Watch out for Brown Buttah as well, she is a triple threat, and will be out there letting the Hustlers know she has work to do.

The Hustlers put a hurt on the Heartbreakers in the season opener, and would like to keep on crushing 2015. New jammer Nicki Ticki Timebomb hits hard, skates hard, and has earned herself respect in the game of flat track derby. Wild Carnage is also going to be giving those Hells blockers a hard time holding her back from quickly sneaking by and racking up points. The Hustlers have been working on creating dynamic, impenetrable walls, and with blockers like Me Shove You Long Time, Bad Influence, and CC Boom, the Hell Marys have their work cut out for them.

hearts v hotsThe second bout of the night will be the Hotrod Honeys taking on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. The Hotrods pulled off an incredible win in February with a last jam, last second, 2 point victory, and are looking for another regular season winning streak. They are playing a few skaters down due to injury, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are weak. The Hotrods are tough, and they play solidly together. Watch for Stone Her wearing the jammer star most of the night along with Kategory 5 and LaVoodoo. All three jammers have very different skating styles, and will keep the Heartbreakers guessing what might happen next. The Hotrod packs will be anchored by DeBella DeBall, and veteran Texas Rollergirl Lucille Brawl. These ladies play smart and hit hard.

Don’t count the Heartbreakers out just yet, though. Rather than licking the wounds from their season opener loss, the ladies in gingham have been working extra hard to lock down their defense. Their shrewd packs with Danke Shame, Nine Lives, and Big Nasty are playing tight enough to give even the slipperiest of jammers a tough time. Twin blockers Ruby Wring and Fender Bender are the nicest people you will ever meet, until you meet them on the track. These twins mean business. Rookie Thugs Bunny is proving herself to be a strong jammer, and Hauss the Boss always has a few tricks up her sleeve. Watch for her abs of fury racing around the track. This game could be another nail-biter for the Hotrods.

The Texas Rollergirls 2015 season continues THIS Saturday, March 7, at our home, The Blood Shed (6110 Trade Center Drive). The doors open at 5pm, and the first whistle blows at 6pm, but we welcome you to get there early to tailgate. Make a sign, have a beer, and scream for your favorite team! Faster, Break ‘em, Hustle, Hell Yeah!

Love ya ‘till it hurts.

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