All Star Pre-Game Run Down

March’s home team double header featured two of the closest, most intense bouts in Texas Rollergirls history! To see what happens next for the Hell Marys, Hotrod Honeys, Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, and Hustlers, make sure you check out the next home team bout at the Austin Convention Center on May 16.

For the April bout, we are giving the home teams a break, and letting the All-Stars shine bright. This will be some of the highest level derby play you will see in Austin this year. If you want to witness hard-hitting blockers, quick-as-lightening jammers, and smart, calculated track play, this is the game for you.

hipelThe first bout of the evening will be the Texecutioners vs the Tampa Tantrums. Our All-Star team features some of your home team favorites, plus seven all-star only players that you haven’t seen yet this season. Everyone’s favorite jammer, and 2013 MVP of the WFTDA Champs, Bloody Mary, will be putting up points all night. Keep your eye on her if you can keep up. Smarty Pants is co-captaining the Texies this season, and is a triple-threat. She is known worldwide as an incredible derby coach, and keeps a balance of intensity and fun on the track for her team. Luce Bandit is the strong, silent type. She knows what the other team is going to do before they do, and will keep her team three steps ahead.

Barbara Ambush is a jammer spirit killer. She can stop on a dime to take the speed of the quickest jammer who will never juke around her. Sarah Hipel is another derby coach known the world over. She understands the rules better than most referees, and has the agility to jam or block. Watch for her jumping the apex forward as a jammer, or back as a blocker to smash an opponent. Keep a keen eye on Shortcut. She is the player who makes everything happen in the pack. She’s not always the one making the big hits, but she is setting them up. Polly Gone has the footwork and leverage to stay in front of any jammer, and if that jammer thinks she’s getting around, she will quickly find herself on the floor and out of bounds.

faceAfter the Texecutioners destroy the Tampa Tantrums, you may find yourself pumped up and wanting more. Lucky for you, the second bout of the night is the Texas Rollergirls’ Firing Squad vs the Tampa Bay Bruise Crew. After an undefeated 2014, our B-Team is back to continue their streak with a few new faces. Check out CC Boom putting the hurt on Tampa’s jammers. Her name is quite fitting, and they don’t call her “Boom” for nothing! Recent additions Mini Massacre and Nicki Ticki Timebomb will be doing work with the jammer star. Nicki with her strength to bust through any wall, and Mini with her fast feet and agility to fake out the smartest blockers.

Fan favorite BabyFace Assassin will be zipping around, jumping the apex, and scoring points before Tampa even knows what happened to them. Watch for Sideshow Ho, the triple-threat. One jam she will be laying devastating hits, and the very next she will take the star and rack up grand slams. Punkin’ Dominion will be in the pack smashing anyone who gets in her way along with Dolores Fuertes and MariEZ Livin’.

The Firing Squad may be TXRG’s B Team, but there is nothing B-Level about these women. This will be top level roller derby.

We welcome you back to our home, The Blood Shed (6110 Trade Center Drive) THIS Saturday, April 11. The doors open at 5pm, and the first whistle is at 6pm, but please get there early to tailgate with the Derby Brothers. This is guaranteed to be THE highest level derby play in Austin all year. Texas! Texas! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Love ya ‘til it hurts.

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  • April 8th, 2015
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