May 16: Pre-Game Run Down!

Are you ready to watch your favorite home teams battle it out? Saturday, May 16, we are back bigger and badder at the Austin Convention Center. We are taking an extended summer vacation this year, so make sure you see us now, or you’ll have to wait until our home team Champs in August.

hots v hustlersThe first bout of the evening will feature the undefeated Hotrod Honeys against the Hustlers. This one is guaranteed to be a nail-biter, so make sure you arrive on time. We had a mid-season draft that shook up all teams’ rosters a little, but none more than the Hotrods. The fast ladies in black have acquired roller derby’s sweetheart, Jackie Daniels, and Hauss the Boss left the Heartbreakers to return to the Hotrods. Look for both of them jamming on Saturday. Priss-n- Vinegar is the other draftee for the Hotrods. She is a triple threat, and could be utilized in any position on the track. The Hotrods are looking set to put up some big points in this game.

The Hustlers are a strongly defensive team, and will certainly give nothing to the Hotrods without a fight. They took on four new players from the mid-season draft. Impending Doom will be joining the Hustler walls, and giving the Hotrod jammers something to fight through. Recent junior roller derby graduate Spawna Chainsaw will be out there doing damage as well. The Hustlers also drafted former New Hampshire Roller Derby teammates Chicka Chicka Bam Bam and McKilla Queen. These ladies are already comfortable playing together, and will pick right back up where they left off up north. Any of these new teammates could take a turn with the jammer star along with Nicki Ticki Timebomb, who we have all learned means business on the track.

hearts v hellsThe second bout of the evening will feature the Hell Marys battling it out with the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. The Hell Marys feature several Firing Squad skaters coming off of a hugely dominating weekend at The Big O Tournament. Adding to their defensive “Circle of Death” is Sandy Ravage and Rowdy Rothbomb. Yes, Sandy Ravage came out of retirement; sometimes you just miss derby too much! Rowdy Rothbomb was recently captain of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ B-Team, and will be a strong link in the Hells’ wall. Watch for rookie Gravy, Baby! wearing the jammer star more in this game, along with Babyface Assassin, Mini Massacre, and Freight Train.

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers are looking for their first win of the season, and will come out fighting on Saturday. After losing Hauss the Boss back to the Hotrods, the Heartbreaker jammer line has seen some shake ups. Rocking the star Saturday will be The Big 3 Under 5’3”: Thugs Bunny, Big Nasty, and Deep Dish Nitza. The Heartbreakers drafted three very tall, very talented skaters. Scornbread and Cold Case will be doing work in the pack, but don’t be surprised if you see either of them taking a turn jamming in this game. Just Carol is the other Heartbreaker mid-season draftee, although you will have to wait till August to see her skate. This team is in a must-win situation, and will certainly give it everything they’ve got. Make sure you stick around for the second bout!

Our 2015 season continues THIS Saturday, May 16 downtown at the Austin Convention Center. Doors open at 5pm, the first bout begins at 6, and the second at 7:30. In honor of Armed Forces Day, we are offering $10 tickets to all active and retired military personnel with ID. Get there early, stay late, and get loud for your favorite team! Faster, Break ‘em, Hustle, Hell Yea!

Love ya ‘till it hurts.


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