May 16: Recap

TXRG 05.15: Hotrod Honeys vs HustlersHustlers vs Hotrods – 181-173 


The Hustlers and the Hotrods met on the track this past Saturday for the first time since last season. Anticipation was high after the mid-season draft brought new players to both teams. New faces included the high-profile transfer of Jackie Daniels from Windy City to the Hotrods (and the Texecutioners, obvs!), and Spawna Chainsaw, graduating to the Hustlers from TXRG’s Juniors program.The Hustlers took an early lead, and held it until late in the second half, when we saw not one, but FOUR lead changes! Fielding a rotation of jammers featuring Jackie Daniels, newly-returned Hauss the Boss, Stone Her, Legal Knieval, and Kategory 5, the Hotrods threw everything they had at the walls set up by the Hustlers. Both teams brought incredible game play to the Convention Center, most notably the Hustler’s defensive line, easily the strongest it has been in years.Leaning heavily on jamming by Nicki Ticki Timebomb, Wild Carnage, Molotov M Pale, and jamming more frequently than we usually see her, Fifi Nomenon, the Hustlers put up offensive just as menacing as their defense. Commanding an at least twenty-point lead for the majority of the game, things got heated in the last few minutes. With time for just a few jams left, Fifi took the line against Stone Her. who went to the box on a forearm penalty. Fifi saw her chance and took it, picking up two grand slams. A wild track cut by Stone Her at the end of that jam left Nicki Ticki Timebomb jamming unopposed.With the game clock run out, Nicki Ticki Timebomb got lead and called the jam, at a final score of 181-173.

TXRG 05.15: Hell Marys vs Honky Tonk HeartbreakersHell Marys vs Honky Tonk Heartbreakers – 389 – 158

The Hell Marys and The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers met on the track again, with the Hells showing the same ruthless dedication they used to beat the then-undefeated Hotrod Honeys in last season’s final game. While they executed some excellent defense–Booty Queen, in particular, being the only blocker who successfully held back Freight Train–the Heartbreakers’ defense was not up to the Hells’ jammers.

Freight Train, Brown Buttah, Babyface Assassin, and Mini Massacre did the lion’s share of jamming for the Hells.  Thugs Bunny, Deep Dish Nitza, Big Nasty, and newcomer Scornbread took the star for the Heartbreakers.

Remaining mostly untouchable through the whole bout, Freight Train received notable resistance from both Booty Queen and Babe Ruthless, who executed an effective hit to the inside.
The Hells provided strong defense in addition to their strong offense. Of note were the efforts of PeaceWar and, returning from retirement, Sandy Ravage.

The Hell Marys took the lead early on, and never let it go. Despite strong, multi-point jams by Deep Dish Nitza and Thugs Bunny, the Heartbreakers were never able to catch up. The Hell Marys won, 389-158.

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