Champs: Recap

Hotrod Honeys vs Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

20848156446_581b35807f_bThe night began with the fight for third and fourth place, and it was checks versus gingham!

We started with Stone Her of the Hotrods jamming against Deep Dish Nitza of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. Stone Her got lead, and got things started with a twelve point lead from the first jam. Unfortunately, the Heartbreakers never quite caught up.

Despite numerous multi-point jams by Deep Dish Nitza, Sideshow Ho, and Thugs Bunny, the Heartbreakers were never able to build momentum with their scoring.  The combination of the Hotrods’ jamming lineup of Jackie Daniels, LaVoodoo, Olivia Shootin’ John, Legal Knievel, Stone Her, and Kategory 5, in addition to their defensive line, was too much for the Heartbreakers, who fought tooth and nail for the points they scored.  

Two Heartbreakers took their bows: Headless Highness bench coached, having retired earlier in the season, and Babe Ruthless skated her last bout.

The final score was 307 – 80, in favor of the Hotrods.

Hustlers vs Hell Marys

20686535078_682aa0f86d_bIf there is one phrase that sums up this match up, it is this: “Contentious blocking.”

The Hells were thirsty to defend their title, and the Hustlers were hangry to reclaim it. The game started with Fifi Nomenon jamming against Freight Train, a matchup we saw frequently through the rest of the game. Nicki Tick Timebomb and Wild Carnage handled most of the rest of the jamming duty for the Hustlers, with Malice stepping in sometimes too. Brown Buttah, Mini Massacre, and Babyface Assassin took up most of the jamming for the Hells. (Special mention must be given to Babyface Assassin’s GIANT HEADS in the crowd! Further proof that Local 666 works overtime for their team!)

This bout was exciting! Full of lead changes in the first half, and every pack demonstrating astounding blocking techniques. However, two-thirds of the way into the first half, the Hustlers took lead and never gave it back. Fifi Nomenon got lead an incredible six times in a row, though her most notable jam involved the very jammer star being knocked from her head by the Hells! 

20899281292_487a9bf200_bBoth teams had members retiring, giving both of them extra incentive to win one last game for the road. Brown Buttah of the Hell Marys played her final game against retiring Hustlers, Killer Crouton, Scrape Myrtle, and Bad Influence. 

The final score was 245-145, in favor of the Hustlers.

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  • August 24th, 2015
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