Pre-Game Rundown: All-Star Bouts

Hello fans of the Texas Rollergirls! Thank you for coming out earlier this month to support your favorite home team. We are giving them a bit of a break and showcasing our All Star teams for you this Saturday. This is a “low production” bout, so it will be a little less crazy, and a little more intimate, but still a LOT of hard hitting, highly skilled roller derby action. We can’t wait to show you what the best of Texas has to offer.

miniFirst up, beginning at 6pm, is our still undefeated, North American B-Team Champions, The Firing Squad. Don’t let the classification “B Team” fool you; these ladies are incredibly talented, disciplined, and mean business on the track. They are taking on Houston Roller Derby’s All Star Team, and will be bringing their “A” game.

Under the leadership of captains Virgo Vengeful and MariEZ Livin’, and coaches, Kelli and Prancing Johnny, The Firing Squad are ready to handle whatever Houston throws at them in this first bout of their 2016 season. We have some recent additions to the Firing Squad roster, ready to step it up and skate are Nine Lives, Impending Doom, Alley Oops, and Mona Vaydid. BabyFace Assassin, Mini Massacre, and Gravy, Baby! will be doing the bulk of the jamming, so watch out for them destroying Houston walls, and building a big lead for Texas.

Houston Roller Derby’s All Star Team is a solid competitor for our Firing Squad. They are led by captains 2XForce and Jekyll & Heidi, and are currently ranked 48th in the WFTDA. Watch out for Nikkity Split, Rainbow Fright, Bustin Beaver, and everyone’s favorite, Death by Chocolate.

For our second bout of the night, we have an extra special treat for you. Our all-star Texecutioners will play… themselves! That’s right, this is a Texie on Texie, black vs white, good ol’ fashioned, flat track roller derby scrimmage. The Texecutioners are currently ranked 5th in the WFTDA, so get ready to see some of the best roller derby the world has to offer!

bloodyThis will be your first chance of 2016 to see our All Star Only (ASO) skaters. These ladies have worked hard, and earned the privilege of stepping off their home team to focus only on representing the Texas Rollergirls on the world stage. Barbara Ambush, Bloody Mary, Polly Gone, and Smarty Pants are some of the cleverest skaters in the game. Watch them leading their packs, and making quick decisions to spring their jammer.

Did you know that Texas boasts FOUR current/former members of Team USA roller derby on our roster? That’s right! Our very own Smarty Pants, Trauma, Jackie Daniels, and Polly Gone have all helped the good ol’ US of A win gold in the Roller Derby World Cup. They are all strong, intelligent players who bleed roller derby. Make sure you snap a selfie with one if you can catch her!

We welcome you back to our home, The Bloodshed, THIS Saturday, March 26. Doors open at 5:15, and the first whistle is at 6pm. This is a “low production,” intimate bout, so make sure you get tickets in advance, as there will be less released, and it’s a guarantee sell-out. We can’t wait to show you what the best of Texas has to offer. Love ya till it hurts!

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