Pre-Game Rundown: Second Bout

How about that opening bout, rollerfans? Our bruises have healed, and we are ready to bring you more hard-hitting action THIS Saturday, March 5 at our home, The Bloodshed. The second event of 2016 will feature two full-length bouts, plus two very special celebrity guests. The National Anthem will be performed by the talented Angie Munsey of local punk rock band The Beat Dolls. Our opening whistle-blower is Tawny Hammond, Director of the Austin Animal Services. We are proud to have these two amazing women at our bout, so make sure you get there early to see them!

fifiThe first bout of the evening, beginning at 6pm, will feature both of the winning teams from February’s opening games. Someone will come out of this challenge undefeated in 2016, and both the Hotrod Honeys and Hustlers will be fighting for those bragging rights. The Hustlers are reigning champs from 2015, and will do all they can to keep up that winning streak. Watch for fan favorite Fifi Nomenon and new Texecutioner Kill ‘Ems to be powerful triple threats: smart, fast, and strong in any position on the track. The ladies in purple will be relying on teamwork and communication in the pack. Nobody has better teamwork than Chicka Chicka Bam Bam and McKilla Queen; keep your eye on them working together, and playing smart. The Hustlers are known for keen blockers that lay devastating hits, and Me Shove You Long Time, Doom, and CC Boom will be doing a haul of that work for the team.

legalThe Hotrod Honeys are ready to face this fierce Hustlers squad. With the smallest roster in the league, they know how to play together better than anyone. Any skater on this team can jam, and the ability to play in any position is invaluable. They do, however, also possess the majority of the all-star Texicutioner jammers with Hauss the Boss, Olivia Shootin’ John, and Stone Her. Legal Knievel, Kategory 5, and Jackie Daniels are also very difficult to slow down with the star, and all will be challenging the Hustler defensive walls. LaVooDoo and Slamdra Dee are keen captains, and will be pulling out all stops to keep their team undefeated in 2016. Do not miss the first bout of the evening starting at 6pm!

peaceStick around for Saturday’s second bout which will begin around 7:45pm, and is featuring our two teams looking for their first home win of the season. The Hell Marys will come out strong with their trademark jammer-soul-crushing walls. Watch for Angela Momentum, Freight Train, and Virgo Vengeful working to stop the Heartbreakers on their wheels. Triple-threat PeaceWar might be the skater to watch out for in this game. She is quick with an unpredictable style that leaves her opponents wondering what hit them. Gravy, Baby! will out there racking up points for the Hell Marys, and she, along with Mini Massacre plan to make the Heartbreaker defense really work to slow them down.

dankeThe Honky Tonk Heartbreakers have been focusing on their strong defense to shut out those Hell Mary jammers. Twin blockers Fender Bender and Ruby! seem to share one brain on the track, and can be impossible to get by. Watch out for captains Booty Queen and Shiner Blond along with Cold Case holding solid defense along with quick, punishing, offensive hits. New-to-the-league jammer, Mona Vaydid, has proven to be a sound edition to the Heartbreakers. She, along with everyone’s favorite Aussie, Sideshow Ho, will be challenging the Hell Mary defense, and putting points on the board. Do yourself a favor, and stick around for the second bout of the evening.

We welcome you back to our home, The Bloodshed, THIS Saturday, March 5 for our second double header of 2016. Doors open at 5pm, and we suggest getting there early to find a good spot. This bout will sell out, so purchase tickets in advance here. This is going to be an exciting season, and we are happy to share it with you! Love ya till it hurts!

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