Traveling Bootcamps

Are you devastated because you already have prior commitments the weekend of our Austin bootcamps? Never fear, traveling bootcamps are here! Texas Rollergirls will pack up their skates, pads, whistles and cones and come to a rink near you.

If you can find a group of 30+ skaters who want to be trained by the best, email: and we will send you more information about our traveling bootcamp.

Past Traveling Bootcamps:

March 2007 Chico, CA (Texas Rollergirls)
November 2007 Tampa, FL (Texas Rollergirls)
August 2008 Houma, LA (Hustlers)
August 2008 Montreal, Canada (Hotrod Honeys)
February 2009 Evansville, IN (Hotrod Honeys)
July 2009 Eugene, OR (Hotrod Honeys)
July 2009 Vancouver, Canada (Hotrod Honeys)
February 2010 Oklahoma City, OK (Texas Rollergirls)
March 2010 London, England (Hustlers)
July 2010 Asheville, NC (Hell Marys)
June 2010 Washington DC (Hotrod Honeys)
January 2011 Brevard County, FL (Texas Rollergirls)
July 2011 Melbourne, Australia (Hotrod Honeys)
July 2011 Columbia, SC (Honky Tonk Heartbreakers)
August 2013 Savannah, GA (Hustlers)

Past Bootcamps hosted in Austin:

June 2005
September 2005
December 2006
December 2007
May 2008
December 2008
December 2009
December 2010
December 2012
December 2013

  • FEB 14
  • MAR 7
  • APR 11
  • MAY 16
  • AUG 22