freightHave you ever dreamed of being a part of the Texas Rollergirls? Now is your chance to show us what you’ve got!

WHEN: Saturday, October 21st
WHERE: The Austin Sports Center, 425 Woodward St, Austin, TX 78704
TIME: Check in & Warm up/wheel test 12PM to 1PM; Tryout 1PM-4PM
WEAR: You must wear full gear: helmet, mouthguard, knee, wrist, and elbow pads. Your skates must have toe stops or plugs. Bring both black and white shirts. You will be assigned a number to wear during the tryout. Bring a sharpie to write your number on your arms.
WHEELS: You’ll be skating on a sport court surface. Skaters have been using a wide range of wheels. Please bring several setups to try out beforehand.
COST: $25.00 per person – cash or credit card can be paid day of tryout. Please bring exact change if paying with cash.

There will be cuts during the tryout period, and the remaining skaters will be invited to a 6 week training tryout period.

New pool training will take place on Tuesdays and Thursday nights at one of our outdoor practice locations. Off skates workout from 7:00-7:45PM. Skating 8-10PM.

Meet and Greet Details – TBA

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Is There an Age Requirement?
Yes, you must be 18 or older on the day of tryouts.

What should I bring?
You will need to bring your own skates and protective equipment (helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, mouth guard). You should also bring a bottle of water or your preferred drink for hydration. Please note that our tryouts are CLOSED. You are not permitted to bring any guests with you and anyone who is not trying out will be asked to leave.

What type of gear should I buy? Where do I get it?
You will need to get protective pads (helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads). Many of us have custom pads from Pro-Designed Inc, but you can get any kind you’d like. Triple 8 and 187 are a couple of examples you can get from local skate shops like Medusa Skates and Sun and Ski Sports. Many of us have S1 or Triple 8 helmets. Playland Skate Center and Medusa Skates have some models of quad skates on hand for purchase. If you find a better deal on-line on a particular model/size that they have in stock they will usually match the price. At the very least, we recommend that you try on different skates and see what size works best for you. Skates are usually sized with men’s sizes, so most women will get a size that is around 1.5–2 sizes smaller than what they normally wear (for example, I wear a women’s 8.5 shoe and my skates are a 7). Look for speed skate quad boots. These are lower than artistic boots in overall boot height (speed skates come to the ankle, artistic boots go over the ankle). Most of us use Riedell or Vanilla but any good speed boot will do.

Do I have to be a seasoned skater to try out?
Don’t worry, you don’t need to know all of the skills or be a phenomenal skater to tryout, but being comfortable on your skates can’t hurt your chances. More than anything, we are looking for strong women with a lot of heart and passion for our sport. But in the meantime, skate everywhere and anywhere you can and check out the open skate sessions at Playland Skate Center and Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex. You may even bump into a few Texas Rollergirls!

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