Austin Texas Roller Derby | Texas Rollergirls » Announcers News, training tips, events, and other information from the Texas Rollergirls Thu, 14 Dec 2017 20:10:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Meet our new Crowd Wranglers! Wed, 22 Jan 2014 18:52:21 +0000 At the start of every season, we get excited about the new skaters who will be representing the Texas Rollergirls on our home teams, and maybe even on our all-star teams, but let’s not forget the other newbies: crowd wranglers! These awesome volunteers help make our bouts exciting and keep our audience thoroughly entertained throughout ALL of the night — even through official time outs!

When you’re at the Convention Center for our first bout, be sure to say hi to our new wranglers:

Bee Stinger

Bee Stinger

black jax

Black Jax



muffin tumble

Muffin Tumble








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Become a Crowd Wrangler! Wed, 08 Jan 2014 23:06:02 +0000 The Texas Rollergirls are looking for high energy crowd wranglers for the 2014 season. What’s a wrangler? Think a cheerleader, but without the miniskirt (unless that’s what you want to wear).

We’re looking for individuals of all ages, sizes, and gender to apply. The only requirements are to be high energy and not be afraid to get nutty in front of a crowd.

Compensation comes in the form of t-shirts, the occasional sandwich, and the eternal gratitude of the Texas Rollergirls. Plus a ticket to the bouts for a friend.

Auditions will be held at the Blood Shed at 6110 Trade Center Drive, suite 101B, Austin, TX 78744 on Wednesday, January 22, 8pm – 930pm.

Come prepared to show your off your skills to pump up a crowd!

Contact with any questions.

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Chip Queso “Rolls With The Punches” in Austin Monthly Magazine Thu, 26 Apr 2012 13:55:47 +0000 We were honored to have Chip Queso, our beloved head announcer, featured in the May issue of Austin Monthly. And if you look closely you’ll see Bad Influence, BabyFace Assassin, and Muffin Tumble in the background! This was shot at our practice space at Playland Skate Center, post practice between 10 and 11pm – we certainly know how to get a lot done in a day!

The article, by Sam Sumpter and photo by Jason Griego, is below. To read more press about the Texas Rollergirls – check out our PRESS section.

As the lead announcer and bout coordinator of the Texas Rollergirls, Chip Wright—aka Chip Queso— brings gusto to a sport already full of enthusiastic fans and fervent competitors. With nearly a decade of experience and near-celebrity status (he’s been recognized at the grocery store), the man behind the mic is passionate about every aspect of the sport he describes as “X Games meets-rock concert-meets-circus.” See him for yourself when the All-Star Texecutioners clash with The Wheels of Justice from Portland, Ore., on May 19 at the Austin Convention Center.

What’s the trick to being a good announcer? In derby you’ve got to describe the action short and sweet and at the same time paint the picture without giving away strategy, without doing what we call “coaching on the mic.” So there’s a fine balance in the combination of live venue announcing and TV or radio announcing. It’s an art.

How did you come up with your announcer name? At one of the first practices, the girls said, “You gotta have a derby name.” I told a story about how I got to be known as “Fondue” in college because I was so cheesy. One of the girls, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, said, “Fondue… that’s like cheese…that’s like queso. Chips and queso! Hey—Chip Queso!” Done.

How tight-knit is the derby community? I can go anywhere in the country and Facebook a team, and I will have a couch to sleep on and somebody to hang out with that feels like your friend down the street.

What’s the best thing about being an announcer? We’re the only ones who sometimes get to have a beverage during the bout. And we don’t have to work out like the girls have to.

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