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2010 Whammy Awards Winners

Fan Awards Who is your favorite Texas Rollergirl (on or off the track)? (Tie) Angie, Belle Starr Which Texas Rollergirl is fiercest on the track? Belle Starr Who was your favorite DJ of 2010? Sparkle Plenty Which was your favorite band in 2010? The Murdocks Who was your favorite announcer for 2010? Chip Queso Shutterbug […]

Training Tip of the Month

Pivoting Help! My coach just handed me a pivot cap and I don’t know what to do! We all know that feeling; there’s something vague about the job of pivot that throws everyone off. It’s not like jamming where there is a clear goal of going fast and getting points. Instead you’re told to “direct […]

Training Tip of the Month

Skating Form To skate Roller Derby to the best of your ability you have to work on your skating form. Often neglected in derby training, form is what will make you an efficient machine. Sure, every skater has her own style, but like an artist who first masters classical realism before her art turns abstract, […]

Get to know your Texas Rollergirls: OLYMPIA

Position: Blocker Team: Hotrod Honeys Skater Since:  November 2009 What drew me to roller derby: sexy clothes, hitting girls clean across the floor, and above’s a sport How has derby changed your life? I really don’t have much of a life now….thanks derby Signature derby talent: my big ol’ booty Why my competitors should watch […]

Texecutioners beat Dallas

The all-star Texecutioners defeated the Dallas Derby Devils in the final home game of the year on August 22. Final Score: 209-35. Check out the photos by Bill Smotrilla, Steve DeMent, and Felicia Graham.

Training Tip of the Month

Offense! Defense! Offense! Defense! If you’re the rookie who’s trying to break out from being a stare-bear and actually do something on the track, you should probably learn what your teammates mean when they yell these cryptic terms. Listen close, I’m going to tell you a secret… Offense is when you are trying to help […]

Training Tip of the Month

Land Drills Land drills can help with strength, balance and injury prevention. To get results you need to try to incorporate land drills into your workout three times a week. Meet a half-hour early for your skating practices, or stay late, but get it done! Personally, my favorite land drills are all old school strength training, […]

Hotrod Honeys are 2010 Champions!

The Hotrod Honeys won their third championship in a row Sunday night in Austin defeating the Hustlers by 60-52. The third place game had the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers winning 61-52 against the Hell Marys. You can read about it in the Austin Chronicle and check out photos by Bill Smotrilla, Felicia Graham and Steve DeMent.

Charm City Defeats Texas

June 27, 2010 – The Charm City Rollergirls came from behind for an amazing win over the Texecutioners in an incredibly physical bout Sunday night. Final Score: 154 to 146. Check out the photos by Bill Smotrilla and Steven Dement or read about it in the Austin Chronicle.

Training Tip of the Month

Street Skating You know you always picture yourself skating down the sidewalk in your short shorts, legwarmers and big headphones – well get out there and do it! Street skating is a great workout and helps your balance. Not to mention that rolling over pebbles will make you comfortable rolling over the track boundary, fingers, […]

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