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The article, by Sam Sumpter and photo by Jason Griego, is below. To read more press about the Texas Rollergirls – check out our PRESS section.

As the lead announcer and bout coordinator of the Texas Rollergirls, Chip Wright—aka Chip Queso— brings gusto to a sport already full of enthusiastic fans and fervent competitors. With nearly a decade of experience and near-celebrity status (he’s been recognized at the grocery store), the man behind the mic is passionate about every aspect of the sport he describes as “X Games meets-rock concert-meets-circus.” See him for yourself when the All-Star Texecutioners clash with The Wheels of Justice from Portland, Ore., on May 19 at the Austin Convention Center.

What’s the trick to being a good announcer? In derby you’ve got to describe the action short and sweet and at the same time paint the picture without giving away strategy, without doing what we call “coaching on the mic.” So there’s a fine balance in the combination of live venue announcing and TV or radio announcing. It’s an art.

How did you come up with your announcer name? At one of the first practices, the girls said, “You gotta have a derby name.” I told a story about how I got to be known as “Fondue” in college because I was so cheesy. One of the girls, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, said, “Fondue… that’s like cheese…that’s like queso. Chips and queso! Hey—Chip Queso!” Done.

How tight-knit is the derby community? I can go anywhere in the country and Facebook a team, and I will have a couch to sleep on and somebody to hang out with that feels like your friend down the street.

What’s the best thing about being an announcer? We’re the only ones who sometimes get to have a beverage during the bout. And we don’t have to work out like the girls have to.

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Interview with Sparkle Plenty Sun, 24 Jul 2011 22:42:30 +0000 Sparkle Plenty is one of the originators of modern flat track roller derby. She retired from competitive derby in 2008, but is still involved with the Texas Rollergirls through our recreational league and our junior derby league.

Everyone who currently plays roller derby should be thankful for Sparkle and the other awesome women who decided to bring back the wonderful sport of roller derby. This is the fastest growing sport for women worldwide.

It’s amazing, it’s huge, and it all started here in Austin.

*By the way, we recorded this video in February, which is why we’re drinking hot tea and Sparkle is wearing a sweatshirt. :)

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Smarty Pants Interview Wed, 04 May 2011 19:51:10 +0000 Smarty Pants recently had an article written about her by Michele Hale at The Examiner, so we figured we’d interview her ourselves as well!

Smarty Pants is brand spankin’ new to the Texas Rollergirls, but has been playing derby for 8 years, primarily with the bank track league, TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls. She has plenty of flat track skating experience, as well, though; Smarty teaches derby boot camps with Blood and Thunder, and also travels around to different leagues teaching skating & derby camps. Needless to say, she’s a very talented and knowledgeable player and the Texas Rollergirls are excited to have her with us this season.

If you have any questions for Smarty, you can post them in the comments here and we’ll wrangle her to get them answered. Enjoy the video!

Come watch Smarty Pants in action with the Hell Marys on Sunday, May 15th!

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Happy 8th Anniversary, Texas Rollergirls! Thu, 28 Apr 2011 04:32:16 +0000 In their own words: Texas Rollergirls remember

April 27, 2003 is a red letter day in the history of modern roller derby – it’s the day the newly-formed Texas Rollergirls held our very first bout. A lot has changed in that time but one thing remains constant: a never-say-die attitude that’s seen the league grow and prosper locally, and become an inspiration for tens of thousands of roller derby skaters all over the world. Many of the skaters who laced up their skates and hit the track on that special day eight years ago remain active in the local, national and international roller derby community, and we asked some of them to share their memories of that very first game.

“I remember trying to plan the very first game ever … Most of the women who showed up to the Krispy Kreme are the same women who turned around a couple of years later and pulled out the first Texas Rollergirls game at Playland in April 2003. [For that game], we just played as team black, team purple, etc – we had to leave behind our identities as Hellcats or Holy Rollers and so forth [after the split from BGGW]. We knew the team names weren’t ours, but the clothes and identities were our own! We had only been practicing at Playland for a short time before we put on that game. The previous owner wouldn’t let us practice there, saying that we were just a bunch of girls who wanted to beat each other up on skates. We knew what we had to do and we banded together to make it happen. Failure was not an option!”
Hydra, #4 – Hotrod Honeys, Texecutioners (retired). Now with Texas Rollergirls Rec-n-Rollerderby

“Texas Rollergirls threw a bout within weeks after we split with the BGGW management. How? The people who created Texas Rollergirls were already doing most of the actual work, so they had the venue connections, beer connections, ticket connections and the marketing and merch connections … and the people who hadn’t done it before learned on the fly! Everyone looked around for what needed to be done and did it. Most of all, we had a huge fear of failure; and blood, sweat and lots of tears were invested in that game and this league being a success. We were guided by creativity and desire and self-education. I am so proud to be here eight years after that first Texas Rollergirls game with of you amazing, athletic, creative people!”
Lucille Brawl, #56 – Hotrod Honeys

“The mystique and newness of roller derby in 2003 is indescribable. The energy in Playland for that first Texas Rollergirls bout could have blown a fuse; and that was just from the skaters! The fans are what I remember the most. Familiar faces of friends and family were peppered around the room, but the unfamiliar faces were my favorite.
I was in the first jam of the night and I was ecstatic! I had only seen my team play once but I knew I was in good hands: with Pris as our captain and Hydra as the co-captain, what could go wrong? I had no idea what made a good jammer and when I asked what I was supposed to do, I was told ‘skate fast and go through the holes’.
The lack of athleticism, back then, was made up for with antics and audience participation, but our evolution into a sport was in full swing by the second season. We even made the track bigger because we could all skate better and longer and were getting dizzy with the smaller oval. What once was a make-shift entertainment for us and our city is now a real sport much bigger than the Texas Rollergirls.”
Cat Tastrophe, #XX – Hotrod Honeys (retired)

“The first-ever Texas Rollergirls bout was one of the first bouts I ever skated in. I started about a month before the league split and during that time, the emphasis was on entertaining the crowd. You could be ultra-violent on the track, but you couldn’t be boring. We were taught how to clothesline an opponent and start a fight when the play went south. There were a few outstanding skaters at the time, but very few women came from athletic backgrounds.
There was no Rec League or WFTDA rulebook, so it seemed like most of us were learning as we went along. After the split, there was a definite shift towards creating something new and better with an emphasis on skating. Thanks to the hard work of a handful of women, what had been a carnival on wheels turned into a legitimate sport in a short period of time.”
Voodoo Doll, #29 – Hotrod Honeys

“It was my very first game! Today is also the anniversary of the Hustlers’ very first game. Even though we had to go by the name ‘Purple team’ since it was so close to the split of the leagues, it is still our anniversary. IT was the day that Electra Blu got to show off her new team. IT was the day Eight Track reminded us why underwear needs to be worn under pantyhose. IT was the start of the Hustlers’ undefeated season! So many purple memories started on this day.”
Cheap Trixie, #13 – Hustlers

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Interview with Big Nasty Wed, 09 Mar 2011 16:44:03 +0000 Let me start this post by saying I’m learning how to edit videos by doing these interviews, and so I’m doing the best that I can. It’s been pointed out to me that some of the questions are difficult to read because I didn’t give them enough time – I’m sorry! Bear with me! I’m working on getting it right! :)


Big Nasty is a rookie skater for the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. Come out and watch her skate at our second bout on March 27th!

Enjoy the video!

If you have any questions, for her or for myself, leave them in the comments!


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Weekend schedule Thu, 17 Feb 2011 19:12:31 +0000 There is SO MUCH going on this weekend in the wonderful world of the Texas Rollergirls!

The Austin Chronicle is doing a special feature on each of the four home teams. Check out the first interview with Shank, captain of the Hotrod Honeys.

Tune into Austin’s ESPN radio Friday morning at 9am to hear interviews with Molotov M. Pale and Desi Cration.

Friday night is our pep rally at the Jackalope downtown from 5:30-8:30pm. We’ll be playing the Wii video game, Jam City Rollergirls, and we’ll have give aways. The Jackalope has $2.50 pints & wells until 7pm and our very own Muffin Tumble of the Hell Marys will be tending bar!

If you’re headed out downtown Saturday night keep an eye out for us – we’re planning a street skate from 6-8pm in the downtown area to poster, promote, and get everyone excited about our first bout!

And then, of course, Sunday is our first bout of the season! Buy tickets online or at one of our local vendors. You won’t want to miss our official 2011 Season Opener Whistle Blower, Mayor Lee Leffingwell, aka Mayor Maynot! Doors open at 4:30pm, bout starts at 5pm, and the after party is at the Jackalope! The Jack is also offering tailgating and halftime drink specials during our bout: $2 tallboys and $2.50 pints & wells from 3-5pm, and $2 Jameson & Jäger during halftime! Present your ticket stub or BrownPaperTicket confirmation to get the specials!

Keep up with all the details and any changes or additions on our Facebook or Twitter.

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Interview with Belle Starr Thu, 10 Feb 2011 00:38:32 +0000 I got the chance to sit down with veteran Texas Rollergirls skater Belle Starr and ask her some questions about this awesome sport of roller derby. Enjoy!

Keep an eye out here for more video interviews as our 2011 season progresses!


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