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The HELL MARYS welcome: Angel O, Brown Buttah, Rosie, Sandy Ravage, XXXTina The HONKY TONK HEARTBREAKERS welcome: Adde, Barbie Got Back The HOTROD HONEYS welcome: Frankendoll, Glt-y, Kat Von Speed, La Dolce Beatah, Slamdra Dee The HUSTLERS welcome: Bonnie Blitzkrieg, Fifi Nomenon, Hot Box, Killer Crouton, Shebola Virus

2013 Draft Party!


What a night! The Texas Rollergirls welcomed 17 new skaters to our four home teams. Some are transfers from other leagues and some moved up from our Rec-League, but, they are all incredibly dedicated athletes and outstanding human beings. Here’s the official list and some great photos from the evening courtesy of the talented Jennifer […]

Primer to Texecutioner – All In A Flash

Article by Jilly Hitzinger I first met Flash Gorgeous last year during a wheel maintenance seminar. We were seated in the back of Apparition Skates, sipping margaritas as Kat A Killzem lead us through cleaning our bearings. I introduced myself to her, excited to see her skates were much like mine: vintage Riedell speed skates. Unlike mine, however, […]

WFTDA Skater of the Month: LUCE BANDIT


Each month the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association highlights one of its most notable member skaters and we are honored that this month they’ve chosen our very own Luce Bandit.  WFTDA includes nearly 250 leagues, spanning every continent, and tens of thousands of skaters worldwide, so Luce’s selection is a true privilege — and testament […]

MEET: Voodoo Doll


REAL NAME: Christina Pocaressi TEXAS ROLLERGIRL SINCE: 2003 TEAM AFFILIATION: Hotrod Honeys POSITION: Blocker INTERESTING STATS: A skater for the Hotrod Honeys since the dawn of the team, Voodoo Doll has been sought out by many a fan, photographer, reporter and paparazzo, and has been featured in a number of publications, including the books “Rollergirl: […]

MEET: Vicious Van GoGo


REAL NAME: Brooke Clark TEXAS ROLLERGIRL SINCE: 2007 TEAM AFFILIATION: Hotrod Honeys, Texecutioners POSITIONS: Jammer, Blocker, Pivot (Triple Threat) INTERESTING STATS: After her triumphant return to the Texas Rollergirls league in 2011, Vicious Van GoGo astounded her derby opponents with an even more elevated level of play than her previous skating mastery displayed. Her derby […]

MEET: Bloody Mary


REAL NAME: Juliana Gonzales TEXAS ROLLERGIRL SINCE: 2003 TEAM AFFILIATION: Hotrod Honeys, Texecutioners POSITIONS: Jammer, Blocker INTERESTING STATS: A pre-Texas Rollergirls derby skater, Bloody Mary was part of the original roller derby organization founded in Austin in the early 2000s, and was instrumental in establishing the Texas Rollergirls, its charter, rules and business model. Bloody […]

MEET: Olympia


REAL NAME: Olympia Ellison TEXAS ROLLERGIRL SINCE: 2010 TEAM AFFILIATION: Hotrod Honeys POSITIONS: Blocker INTERESTING STATS: Infamous for her fierce and imposing derriere, which often mesmerizes jammers on the track, Olympia received the honor for Best Assets at the 2011 Texas Rollergirls Whammy Awards ceremony. Olympia and her Hotrod Honeys will be playing the 1st […]

MEET: Desi Cration


REAL NAME: Tavanna Porter TEXAS ROLLERGIRL SINCE: 2007 TEAM AFFILIATION: Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, Texecutioners (2008-2009) POSITIONS: Blocker, Pivot, Jammer (Triple Threat) INTERESTING STATS: One of the hardest-hitting blockers in the history of the sport, Desi Cration once broke an opposing skater’s collarbone with a single hit. At the 2011 Texas Rollergirls Whammy Awards ceremony, Desi Cration was […]

MEET: Acute Angel


REAL NAME: Emily Kern TEXAS ROLLERGIRL SINCE: 2009 TEAM AFFILIATION: Hustlers, Texecutioners (2010-2011) POSITIONS: Jammer, Blocker, Pivot (Triple Threat) INTERESTING STATS: At the 2010 Texas Rollergirls Whammy Awards ceremony, after skating her first year with the Texas Rollergirls premier league, Acute Angel received honors for Best Boutfit, Most Valuable Spirit on the Hustlers home team, […]

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