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MEET: Baby Face Assassin


REAL NAME: Rita Roxanne Rivera — “Roksi” TEXAS ROLLERGIRL SINCE: 2011 TEAM AFFILIATION: Hell Marys POSITIONS: Jammer, Blocker, Pivot (Triple Threat) INTERESTING STATS: Despite a devastating injury early in the 2011 season, Babyface Assassin helped lead the Hell Marys to an undefeated season on the road and the team’s first home-bout win since 2008. LIKE […]

Thank you HEB & Lonestar for the LOVE!

Our friends at HEB (at Slaughter & Escarpment) and Lonestar made this awesome display for us! Acute Angel and friends will be at HEB this Thursday from 4:30-6pm! Come out and say hi, get an autograph and buy your tickets for Saturday’s Bout! Can’t make it to HEB? Buy your tix here:

Introducing: The 2012 HUSTLERS


2011 RANKING: #1 (3W, 1L) We live in the golden age of roller derby, but the last one was back in the 1970s. Inspired by the derby divas of yesteryear, our Hustlers blind the opposition with their purple and silver uniforms, then blindside them with massive hits. The Hustlers are the current Texas Rollergirls Champions, ending […]

Introducing: The 2012 HELL MARYS


2011 RANKING: #3 (1W, 3L) The Hell Marys School for Wayward Girls, established in 1666, is a Texas institution and its varsity roller derby team is a force to be reckoned with. Clad in plaid, the Hell Marys started an Austin trend with last year’s new cheer: “Punch, punch, punch, ARROW!” The Hells ended their […]

Meet the Competition: North Central

The Naptown Rollergirls are hosting the WFTDA North Central Regional Playoffs, Monumental Mayhem, in Indianapolis, IN this weekend – and they have been busy, busy, busy whipping up some awesome preview videos for those of us who aren’t as familiar with our derby sisters to the north as we might be! You can head to […]

Getting to know you…

Devil Grrl #66 Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 25 20 Fun Facts About DG: 1. I discovered rollerderby while on the toilet at a college reunion at Club DeVille in 2001. There was a poster for the very first tryouts at Skateworld. I went. I showed up tipsy. I made it. 2. A lot has changed since […]

Getting to know you…

Muffin Tumble #28 Hell Marys 25 Fun Facts About Muffin: 1. I am currently the second oldest rostered rollergirl on the league. 2. I am not proud of that. 3. I was born in Germany. 4. I speak enough French and Spanish to get a cocktail and find the bathroom. 5. I know lots of […]

Getting to know you…

LuAnn Splatter #6.99 Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 25 Fun Facts About LuAnn: 1. Lake water scares me. 2. I have the worst sense of direction 3. I broke my arm in kindergarten roller skating, and I broke my rib first season. 4. I hate strawberry’s 5. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was […]

Getting to know you…

Speedyrella #5150 Hell Marys 25 Fun Facts About Speedy: 1. I was that shy kid in school that never spoke, and when I did speak, apparently it was so quietly that no one could hear it anyways. 2. Purple isn’t just my favorite color, I’m slightly obsessed (I’m just not allowed to feel that way […]

Getting to know you…

Belle Starr #1889 Hustlers 25 Fun Facts About Belle: 1. I was born in a blizzard on an air force base in Mississippi. 2. My current roommate attended my third birthday party. He is my official BFF. 3. Utensils feel more natural in my left hand. I have adapted to your right-handed world but have […]

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