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Feb 18: Game Recap


Missed the first game? Don’t worry. Check out the recap of what happened.

RECAP: 2014 Championship Bout


Relive the amazing championship bout that came down to the very last jam by reading our blow-by-blow recap!

RECAP: 2014 Third Bout – April 19


Get ready to see these teams face off again on July 13!

RECAP: 2014 June 14 Bout


Our All-Star Teams took the track against Denver on June 14. Relive the hard hits in our bout recap!

RECAP: 2014 May 31 Bout


The inaugural bouts at our practice space, The Blood Shed, were hot and brutal! Read about the big hits and power jams.

RECAP: 2014 May 10 Bout


Find out which teams won at our May 10 games.

RECAP: 2014 Season Opener – February 22


Catch up on what happened at our first bout of the season!

RECAP: 2014 Second Bout – March 22


Read about the big hits & find out who won the March 22 bouts!

RECAP: Texies Upset Denver, 227-189

In the final game of Golden Bowl III, your Texecutioners picked up the win they’d been looking for all weekend–and their first win over Denver Roller Dolls in four match-ups, including a heartbreaking late-game loss at last year’s WFTDA Championship 3rd-place bout. This time around, the Texecutioners secured a substantial lead through the first half […]

RECAP: Texies Defeated by Bay Area, 223-153

Your Texecutioners faced a tough battle against Bay Area, who’ve earnt their reputation as the hardest-hitting team in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. While they came close to a second half comeback, they were ultimately outmuscled in a hard-fought bout. If you didn’t catch the bout live, check out a recap below, provided by […]

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