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Hotrods vs Heartbreakers – 322-55, Final

F32750326670_f97fa2acbf_brom the first whistle, both of these teams were hungry to start the year off right. The game began with Hotrod Honey jammer Stone-Her (who scored a good bulk of the points for her team) taking on Honky Tonk Heartbreaker rookie Delirium Trigger. The Hotrods held the Heartbreakers scoreless for the first two jams.

Although the Heartbreakers saw a lot of success in the form of power jams and passing the jammer star, the Hotrods quickly took the lead and showed no signs of slowing down. Heartbreaker jammer Thugs Bunny racked up the most points for her team, but the final score ended up 322 – 55, in favor of the Hotrods.

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RECAP: 2014 Championship Bout Thu, 21 Aug 2014 14:22:16 +0000

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers v. Hustlers

heartsvhustlersAfter a regrouping season following the loss of some of their longest-standing veterans, the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers put up a valiant fight against the Hustlers in the 2014 Championship Third Place Bout. Unfortunately, their valor was not enough, leading to a hard fought loss to the Hustlers.

The Hustlers established a strong lead very early in the game, and the Heartreakers were never quite able to catch up. Despite jams full of skilled defense, Hustler jammers such as Sprawkett, Malice, and a formerly rarely jammed Fifi Nomenon, skipped around Heartbreaker walls with ease.

Fielding their rookie jammers Sideshow Ho, Deep Dish Nitza, Nine Lives, and Shiner Blond, the Heartbreakers made an earnest effort. However, the Hustlers, whose defensvie walls have improved dramatically over this season alone, proved too strong in most cases.

The Hustlers had a nearly fifty-point lead by the end of the first half, and that gap only widened as the second half continued.

The Hustlers won with a final score of 256 – 136.

Hell Marys v. Hotrod Honeys

14930002436_6e295085f1_bIn the fight for the #1 spot, The Hotrod Honeys were eager to defend their amazing 2014 record. Unfortunately, the Hell Marys pulled off the same feat as last year’s Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, squeaking out a last-minute win. In what may have been the most exciting bout of the entire season, both the Hotrods and the Hells played smart, fast, defensive games.

The Hotrods established an early lead, and kept it going through the entire first half. Incredible jamming by Smarty Pants in the second half brought us our first of several lead changes, taking us to 99-98, in favor of the Hells. The Hotrods recovered, but several jams later, Babyface Assassin repeated the trick with a jaw-dropping 28-point jam.

Then, after a run of 25 points by the Hotrods over several jams with no scoring by the Hells, Babyface Assassin, Smarty Pants, and Sinnerfold tightened up the score in nail-biting jams bringing us to the final jam.

In the last jam, with seemingly the entire convention center on its feet, Sinnerfold tipped the balance, ending her career on a heart stopping 161 – 158 win for her Hell Marys.

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RECAP: 2014 Third Bout – April 19 Sun, 15 Jun 2014 15:22:23 +0000

Hotrod Honeys vs. Hustlers

Hots vs HustlersFacing off for the first time this season, the Hustlers and Hotrod Honeys came together for a tough fight. The Hotrods pulled out an early lead, tirelessly defending against the jamming talents of Fifi Nomenon, Molotov, and The Killa Sal Monella.

The Hustlers have been showing stronger defense this season, but newcomer Stone Her and Texecutioner, Hauss the Boss brushed it off like it was nothing.   

In the middle of the first half, Hauss the Boss executed an epic 30-point power jam, laughing in the face of the shortened penalty times put in place by the new WFTDA ruleset.

At halftime, the Hotrods had a modest lead over the Hustlers at 41 – 24 and it looked like the game could go either way, as Hustler Fifi Nomenon said regarding the game, “We really wanted to play this game positive and strong as a team and really just go out there and executing the things we’ve been working on. I was very excited for Molotov M. Pale- she played some really excellent offense and she had very fast switching from defense to offense; also Sprawkett’s jamming was really impressive; she just kept on going and just had really, really strong offense.”

Sprawkett JammingIn the second half, the Hotrods pulled out all the stops, leading to a final score of 240 – 69, in favor of the Hotrod Honeys.  Fifi noted after the bout, “While we may not have won the game- in many ways it feels like a win for our team for those reasons: that we succeeded in doing what we wanted to do – playing strong and keeping things positive.”

The Hotrods’ captain, Olympia summed up the game by saying, “Hotrods play as a team and each one of us has a role we play.  We have jammers, blockers, communicators and big hitters.  When we play our roles to the best of our abilities, for each other, we are victorious. WE. ARE. HOTRODS!”   Stone Her added, “We had really great teamwork, we only played with 10 people and it was really important for us to stay focused as a team, and really keep that bond and not let any of the other players get into our space.” When asked if anyone in particular stood out, Stone Her added, “No, not at all. We all had to shine since there were only 10 of us so it was really important  that everyone had their best game.”


Hell Marys vs Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

hearts vs hellsAlso facing off for the first time this season were the Hell Marys and the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. This game started out as a much slower burn than the Hotrods vs Hustlers, but the Hell Marys pulled far ahead in the second half, finishing the game a full century ahead of the Heartbreakers.

With a formidable rotation of Sinnerfold, BabyFace Assassin, and Peacewar, the Hell Marys jammers dominated the game. The Heartbreakers made a valiant effort themselves, heavily rotating Deep Dish Nitza, Sideshow Ho, and Shiner Blond.

In the second half, however, the Hell Marys proved to have the stronger defense, keeping the cowbells silent and the point spread wide.

Both teams played a pretty clean game, leaving little time for balance-tipping pack advantages and power jams.

The final score was 256 – 156, in favor of the Hell Marys.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers captain Booty Queen shared her insight, “The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers versus the Hell Marys bout saw an incredibly close score through half time.  The Heartbreakers are in somewhat of an opposite member situation as the Hotrod Honeys with half of their bench being new to the Texas Rollergirls this season so we are celebrating this bout as a win.  We may have lost the score, but we won the battle — overcoming our ‘newness’ as a team and executing our first competitive home bout.  The Hell Marys were victorious though; they are such a close team that works together very successfully as a unit.  We enjoyed every minute of the bout, and can’t wait to do it again on May 10th!”

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RECAP: 2014 June 14 Bout Sat, 14 Jun 2014 16:16:02 +0000 Visiting us from Denver, Colorado, the Denver Roller Dolls’ A and B teams — the Mile High Club and Bruising Altitude respectively — tackled our Texecutioners and Firing Squad in an exciting double-header.

Mile High Club vs Texecutioners


Photo © Jennifer Ramos

In the headline bout between the Texecutioners and The Mile High Club, both teams exhibited excellent defense, but the Texies’ offense proved stronger. This was an exciting game with several ties and lead changes — considerably closer than many commentators anticipated given that last time the sides met, at last year’s WFTDA Championships, Texas more than doubled Denver’s score with a 298-129 win.

This time around, both teams played quite clean, leaving the penalty box clear for most of the game — although the Texies were at times in penalty trouble, with a couple of key jammers taking five turns in the box. In the end, Texas’ brute strength and dexterity proved too much for the visiting Denver side.

Strong and physical defense on both sides meant that neither team passed the century mark before the end of the first half. The game ended with a close score of 170 – 132, Texas. As we’ve seen time and again, one power jam can utterly negate such a point spread.

Bruising Altitude vs Firing Squad


Photo © Bill Smotrilla

In the second game, The Firing Squad and Bruising Altitude, Texas and Denver’s B-teams took the track. As with the previous game, this was a relatively even match that came down to home court advantage. The game opened close, but the Firing Squad pulled away halfway through the first period en route to a final score of 148-125, Texas. This game was hard fought, and as was the case in the earlier match, one strong power jam on either side could have easily changed the outcome.

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RECAP: 2014 May 31 Bout Mon, 02 Jun 2014 19:48:19 +0000

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers vs Hustlers

kittyThe Hustlers dominated from the first moments of the game, opening up a double digit lead in just a couple of minutes. The scoring ran about 2:1 in the Hustlers’ favor throughout much of the game, although the Heartbreakers were occasionally able to lock down their defense — most notably holding the Hustlers scoreless for five jams midway through the second period. However, those spells were too far between and in the end, the Hustlers came out on top, 269-195.

The Hustlers took first blood with a quick lead jammer call for Fifi Nomenon who racked up five points before calling off the jam, seemingly unaware that the Heartbreakers’ jammer, Barbie Got Back, had cut her way to the box. The Hustlers sent Fifi out again to finish out the power jam — and when it concluded, the Hustlers held a 19-0 lead with just three minutes gone.

But it was then the Heartbreakers’ turn for a power jam as Sprawkett landed in the penalty box and Deep Dish Nitza ran for points as the Hustlers hemorrhaged blockers; over the course of the jam, every single Hustler picked up a penalty. That run made it 21-14 in the Hustlers’ favor.

sprawkettThe score inched up over the next five minutes before a brief official review stopped the clock with 21:30 in the half and the Hustlers leading 29-16; when play resumed, Molotov M Pale was seated in the penalty box and Barbie Got Back was jamming unopposed. She put up only three points before Molotov returned to play, though, making it a 10-point game.

A rare pivot line start marked the halfway point of the period, a landmark further punctuated by simultaneous jammer penalties for Sprawkett and Barbie Got Back. The ensuing two-minute jam looked set to go blow-by-blow until Barbie missed an apex jump, letting Sprawkett lap her as the Hustlers’ defense locked down. The jam ultimately went 17-9 for the team in purple, making it 56-32 with 14:30 in the period.

The Hustlers stretched their lead with a power jam shortly thereafter when Nitza was removed from play on an illegal procedure penalty after losing a kneepad and Fifi made the Hustlers’ lead 80-32. Sideshow Ho struck back next time out with a quick 4-0 for the Heartbreakers.

barbieSmart defense from Ruby and Nine Lives limited the damage as Sprawkett picked up a quick lead jammer call over a stifled Nitza; they recycled her back more than half a track after nudging her out of bounds.

In the next jam, Fifi, The Killa Sal Monella and Mommy Rotten stifled Shiner Blond on her initial pass for over a minute as Molotov put the Hustlers just barely short of a century, 99-43 with five minutes in the period. That prompted the Heartbreakers to call an official review of their own.

The Hustlers hit that hundred-mark next time out courtesy of Fifi, but the Heartbreakers had the advantage in the jam following that as Barbie ran for points while Sprawkett struggled with a sturdy Heartbreakers front wall comprising Ruby, Kitty Karnage, and Nine Lives.

They followed that up with a power jam for Shiner after BitterCup picked up a low block penalty as she attempted to skirt a Hustler wall on the outside, taking out Shiner in the process. She returned to play with the score reading 114-67 — but landed back in the box as the period clock expired. The halftime score was Hustlers 117, Heartbreakers 72.

fifiThe teams traded blows as play resumed for the second half and five minutes in, the margin had barely shifted, although the numbers on the scoreboard had changed: the Hustlers led 134-91. They stretched that margin a little more before they looked to get a big opportunity as Sideshow Ho cut her way to the box with the Heartbreakers’ star — only to be followed seconds later by Sadie Mae Care with the Hustlers’. That made it 144-99 with 21 minutes to go in the bout.

Shiner Blond pushed the Heartbreakers past the century mark after an epic battle with Sal and Killer Vee; her second pass was considerably easier, and her third aided by a power jam opportunity as Sadie landed back in the box after starting the jam there. That run made it 144-109 with the Heartbreakers trailing as the clock ticked past 20 minutes — and marked the third jam in a row the Hustlers had been held scoreless.

The Heartbreakers’ dream run — in which they’d limited the Hustlers to just a couple of points — ended with a penalty on Nitza which let Sprawkett open the margin back up to make it 174-125 with 13 minutes left in the game.

And that was about the speed of things as the game clock ticked away; over the next seven minutes, the Hustlers stretched their lead to 228-149 before an official time out stopped the clock with five and a half minutes to play, and to 269-195 by the final whistle.

Hell Marys vs Hotrod Honeys

buttahhaussWhile the first game of the night seemed almost a foregone conclusion early on, the evening’s second bout proved considerably closer, with the Hells seemingly always on the verge of coming from behind — but never quite able to make it. A late-game power jam proved the final nail and the Hotrods took the win, 216-172.

The Hells took a 5-3 lead in the second jam of the game as Brown Buttah ran for points while Smarty Pants and BMoney stifled Hauss the Boss. The Hotrods sent out Olivia Shootin’ John who picked up a quick lead jammer status over Sinnerfold but called the jam just too late, making it 8-7 — and 10-9 after Bloody Mary similarly misjudged a call-off over Peacewar.

A 0-0 jam featuring some crowd-pleasing jammer on jammer action followed before OJ took the Hotrods back into the lead with a quick 4-0. A 3-0 for Peacewar over Hauss made it a tie game with eight minutes gone.

Bloody Mary opened it up, though, racking up 18-0 over a boxed Buttah, before calling the jam off from the floor. Hauss followed that up with a 9-0 run, making it 40-13 with 19 minutes to play in the period.
The scoring was slow but steady for both sides over the next few minutes, with the Hotrods maintaining their lead at 47-17 before an official timeout stopped the clock with just under 14 minutes in the half. That prompted a certain amount of confusion, with skaters lined up and starting to roll at the whistle announcing the timeout — but order was quickly restored. The following jam went 0-0 as Smarty called off the jam with Hauss hot on her heels.

olympiaThis proved a recurring pattern — the Hells were able to get out and secure lead jammer status relatively frequently, but often weren’t able to hold the opposing jammer long enough to convert those calls into points.

The Hotrods got a power jam with 8 minutes to go in the half when Peacewar back blocked her way to the penalty box; Bloody Mary used that 30-second respite to put up 10 points despite sterling defense from Smarty Pants at the front of the pack. She called it off after picking up just one more point on her next pass, making it 67-22 with 7 minutes to play.

The power jam pendulum swung back the other way when OJ picked up a multi-player block on her initial pass — BabyFace Assassin was declared lead jammer status and promptly called off the jam … only to (literally!) shake her fist at the sky when she realized the opposing jammer was boxed.

The Hells called a timeout then and sent out Smarty Pants to finish the power jam; she put up 5 before OJ returned to play and 4 more before OJ finished her initial pass. That left it a 40-point game with the Hotrods leading 71-41 and just under four minutes left in the period. In the end, the Hotrods took a 83-61 lead into halftime.

smartyWhere the first half had been dominated by speeding packs, spectacular hits and racing jammers, the second period proved more a matter of grinding defense, broken with occasional wide-open packs that offered jammers an easy route through.

The period opened with more of the same; the teams traded blows, settling for points in twos and threes — but when BabyFace Assassin picked up a back block in the third jam, OJ took advantage of the opportunity and pushed the score to 118-68 with four minutes gone.

The Hells pushed back over the next five minutes to break the century mark themselves, making it 132-101 in the Hotrods’ favour ten minutes in.

Halfway through the period, Peacewar handed the Hotrods a power jam but Hauss, looking tired, was slow to capitalize — she coasted around to the pack, signaling to them, before darting through for five points and calling the jam with Peacewar standing in the box.

haussThat jam made it 159-113 and the Hotrods sent out Bloody Mary to finish the jam — who landed in the box herself, letting Peacewar erase some of the damage, picking up 5 before passing the star to Smarty. At the jam’s conclusion, the Hotrods led 167-129 with just under 12 minutes to go in the game.

Hauss struggled with heavy defense from Smarty and SlaughterMelon next time out, leaving Sinnerfold to rack up three natural grand slams as Hauss worked on her first scoring pass. That jam went 19-4 for the Hells, making it 171-148 in the Hotrods’ favour.

The Hells’ dreams of a comeback was interrupted by a track cut call on Smarty Pants with just over five minutes left to play and 40 points separating the two teams; the damage wasn’t enormous, but it was enough to push the Hotrods past the double-century, 203-156.

And that proved the nail in the Hells’ coffin — Hauss the Boss followed up with a 7-0 over Brown Buttah with a minute left to play and while Peacewar secured lead jammer status as Notorious D.I.E, Sinnerfold and Dolores Fuertes held OJ, it wasn’t enough to secure the win. She put up multiple grand slams but when the final whistle blew, the Hotrods had taken the win, 216-172.

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RECAP: 2014 May 10 Bout Wed, 14 May 2014 20:57:09 +0000

Hotrod Honeys vs. Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

hotsheartsFacing off for the second time this season, the May 10 bout opened with the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers versus the Hotrod Honeys.

The Heartbreakers established an early lead, but the Hotrods snatched it from them and never let it go. Jam after jam of tough defense and nimble offense brought the score to 164 – 40 by halftime. Isaiah Montoya, a Heartbreakers fan, said “I thought the Heartbreakers looked really controlled and like things were falling into place for them, despite the score.”

The second half didn’t see much difference, with the Hotrods nearly doubling their points, and the Heartbreakers getting to just shy of the century mark. Power jams by Hauss the Boss, OJ and Stone Her helped give the Hotrods their commanding lead. First time derby-goer, Jessie Simons, said, “This bout was super entertaining! I had no idea that these ladies were so ferocious on the track and that the action was so real and intense.”

The final score between the Heartbreakers and Hotrods was 309 – 96, giving the Hotrods a 4 – 0 record.

Hell Marys vs Hustlers

hustlershellsAlso reprising their opening bout fight were the Hustlers and the Hell Marys.

The Hustlers have been showing strong improvement in their defense this season, but it could not hold back the Hells’ jammers. PeaceWar dominated her jams, and Sinnerfold did the same. The Hustlers showed off skilled jamming chops as well, fielding Fifi Nomenon, Sprawkett, and Malice.

Both teams demonstrated cohesive defense, but the Hells’ offense proved that much stronger. The Hustlers definitely made them fight, but the Hells were up to the task. Hustler Chasing Amy said, “The Hustlers held strong with 12 skaters during the first half, but due to penalties, lost out in the second half”.

This game was closer than the first game, with a final score of 204 – 108, in favor of the Hell Marys.

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RECAP: 2014 Season Opener – February 22 Fri, 28 Feb 2014 20:47:30 +0000

Hell Marys vs Hustlers

Hustlers Malice JammingDemonstrating a brutal sense of cohesion and defense, the Hustlers dominated the first half of their game. Primarily fielding veteran skater Sprawkett and newcomer Malice as jammers, the Hustlers found themselves in a commanding lead. At halftime, they were over the century mark, strongly leading against the Hells.

The Hell Marys, however, were not taking this or last season’s loss in the final game sitting down.

Returning after halftime, the Hell Marys found themselves re-energized, forcing and taking strong advantage of power jam after power jam. The Hustlers had trouble keeping their jammers out of the box, and despite impressive blocking efforts, were unable to hold the Hells back. Sprawkett noted after the bout that she thought, “Both teams really put forth their full effort. They both played really good on the line, however, I think that the Hell Marys were a little bit better at pushing our players out to the edges, and that was really incredible and it was really hard for our Hustler jammers to push to the middle and it just made for a really close game. It was incredible.”

Hells BabyFace Jamming

The Hell Marys took over in the second half, finishing off the game with a 101-point lead. Notorious D.I.E summed up the bout this way: “I’m just really enthusiastic about the win tonight. I thought that our defense was on point. It is at a better level than it was last season. We’ve got so much chemistry and it feels really good and I’m really excited about the season we’re going to have, and I couldn’t be any prouder of this team, my second family, than I am tonight.”

The Hell Marys’ BabyFace Assassin added, “I feel that the bout went as planned. We practiced really hard and we played really hard and we played as a family, and I think that the scored showed that.”

The final score was 267–166.

New skaters contributed to the success of each of the home teams in this season opener. New Hell Mary and former Detroit Derby Girl The Mad Hatcher reflected on her first bout with the Texas Rollergirls by pointing out that the experience was awesome. “The team is so welcoming. We are family off the track and we are family on the track. I am just really, really happy with how the bout went tonight. [The Hustlers] are an extremely formidable opponent. Because I am a blocker, I am always focused on the jammer, so I told Sprawkett that she was such a pain in our butts tonight. There’s so many of them — Sal, all the jammers were doing a great job. The team as a whole was really challenging. We had to regroup, refocus and keep our cool and stay calm against them.”

Hotrods vs. Heartbreakers

Hotrods & Heartbreakers JammersThe Hotrod Honeys were ready to fight after losing the championship to the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers last season, and they played for keeps as early as the eighth jam. Jams full of hard hits and big point gains were what the Hotrods brought to the table. The Heartbreakers, however, did not give them an easy time of it. Jam after jam, both teams knocked each other around the track.

When all was said and done, this game was a brutal barnburner that still felt exciting to the last whistle, despite the almost 300 point spread. Rarely in a game with such a spread do you feel both teams fighting tooth and nail. “I was so happy to see both teams fighting the whole night and really going at it and being strong,” said Hell Mary skater The Mad Hatcher. That is exactly what happened here.

No matter who fans came to see, they seemed to leave impressed. Best Seat in the House winners Ian Cheever, Abigail Smith and Tom Moore came to see Deep Dish Nitza of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. “She is a co-worker. She is a rookie, so this is her first bout and she did really well.” Abigail was also impressed with other skaters as well, saying, “Olympia was a bad ass and Bloody Mary was killing it — lots of muscle on her.”

Heartbreakers vs Bloody MaryOn what they were hoping to see in the future: “We really hope the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers can come back strong in their next bout,” said Abigail. “There were just so many penalties tonight, it seemed like as soon as they came on the track, they were sent right back off but they tried really hard. I’m sure that is really hard when you’re on the track.”

Another fan, Crystal Rivera (who also is a former Texas Rollergirls Rec N’ Rollerderby skater known as Blitz), was anxious to see this second bout. “I really wanted to see the matchup of the Heartbreakers versus the Hotrods again. I wanted to see how they were going to respond after a complete off season and being ready to go after each other again,” she said. “I really don’t have a favorite team. I just really want to come and see some world-class roller derby. This is the second-highest ranked league in the world. I mean, anybody that wants to be on skates or appreciates the game is going to come here and get a good time.”

A good time was definitely had by all. The final score was 378 – 131, but despite the large gap in score, everyone seemed energized by what and who they saw. Everyone is excited for the season to come.

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RECAP: 2014 Second Bout – March 22 Mon, 27 Jan 2014 22:07:30 +0000

Hotrods vs. Hell Marys

hellshotrodsAs the first game under the 2014 WFTDA ruleset, this game was highly anticipated. The Hell Marys are a team that definitely has come together this season.  Fan Amber Shastid said before the bout that she had come to see the Hell Marys, “I believe that they are the best team in the league,” she said. Hell Marys’ fan Lynda Taylor, who had come to see her friend B Money, really enjoyed watching the blockers, “My favorite part [of the bout] is watching the blockers all get together and root all the jammers out,” Lynda said.

In this bout though, once the game began, it appeared that it would be a hard road for the Hell Marys to overcome the power of the Hotrod Honeys. The Hotrods dominated early, with StoneHer proving herself to be a strong jammer.

After leading in the beginning of the first half by almost 50 points, the Hotrods lost the lead to the Hell Marys at 49 – 54. The Hotrods took the lead back within a few jams, however, bringing us into halftime with a 103 – 84 lead over the Hell Marys.

stonejammingBoth teams played an exciting, clean game with notably fewer power jams. Superfan and Local 666 member, Mr. Face, said he couldn’t pick out one part of the bout that stood out because they game was full of amazing moments. Throughout the bout, the Hotrods fielded a very strong defense, exhausting the Hell Mary jammers.  Booty Queen, captain of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, noted when reflecting on this bout, ““The Hell Marys have been very impressive this season, working together like they’ve been a team for many seasons even though they added three new members in 2014.  They certainly challenged the Hotrods — a team that has consistently been in the Championship game since 2008, and who are known for their strength and aggression.”

At the end, the Hotrods took the win at 237-198.

After all was said and done, Lucille Brawl of the Hotrod Honeys had this to say: “The Hotrods were impressed by the tight strategy and teamwork of the Hell Marys, and especially loved playing against their rookie players! That PeaceWar hits like a train!”

Hustlers vs Heartbreakers

 malicemvpThe second game was an impressive testament to the great improvement of the defense skills of the Hustlers. The strong defense, coupled with the strong jamming by newcomer and game MVP, Malice, brought the Hustlers to an impressive win over the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. Me Shove You Long Time added, “I’m really proud of the Hustlers with our tight, strong and calm defense. All of our jammers worked really hard and I’d like to give a virtual high five to Molotov M. Pale and Cheezeballs MVP Malice!”

 For their own part, Heartbreakers newcomers, Shiner Blond, Sideshow Ho, and Deep Dish Nitza all fought admirably jam after jam. In one thrilling moment, Sideshow Ho executed a beautiful apex jump, eliciting a gasp from the Austin Convention Center audience. Booty Queen (who missed this bout due to a sprained ankle) added, “I might be biased, but the Heartbreakers played with a lot of heart — see what I did there?”

hojumpThe tide of the game was set early on, with the Hustlers pulling out an early 30-point lead as soon as five minutes into the first half. The Heartbreakers fought hard for every point, but were never able to make up the difference.  Booty Queen added, “Malice skates so effortlessly — it’s like she knows where to go before her teammates create the holes for her, and Sprawkett has continued to improve and I believe this will be her season. It’s always amazing to see Me Shove You Long Time on the jam line, and successfully get lead and score points.  She is a skater who should NEVER be underestimated.”

All in all – it seems like everyone appreciated the hard work and dedication of both teams; with the Hustlers winning: 288 – 142.

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RECAP: Texies Upset Denver, 227-189 Mon, 22 Jul 2013 00:44:41 +0000 In the final game of Golden Bowl III, your Texecutioners picked up the win they’d been looking for all weekend–and their first win over Denver Roller Dolls in four match-ups, including a heartbreaking late-game loss at last year’s WFTDA Championship 3rd-place bout. This time around, the Texecutioners secured a substantial lead through the first half before falling behind–but came back late in the game to retake the lead, putting the nail in Denver’s coffin with a 40-0 run to close out the match as 227-189 victors.

With the win, the Texies took third place in the Golden Bowl tournament. Host side Windy City had an undefeated record to secure the trophy and all three visiting teams had a 1-2 record across the weekend, meaning that placings were decided on point differentials. Denver’s run of close games let them take second place, while Texas edged out Bay Area to take third. Congratulations, Texecutioners–we are proud of you!

If you missed the game, please enjoy the recap below provided by Derby News Network.

Golden Bowl III: Texas Stymies Denver, 227-189

By Lex Talionis.

Republished with permission from Derby News Network.

CHICAGO, IL–Sixteen jammer penalties throughout the game dictated scoring and it was a 47-4 power jam assisted run for Texas in the final minutes that decided the bout. Texas finished 227-189 winners, leaving Bay Area, Texas and Denver all with 1-2 records on the weekend, very much in the wake of the all-conquering Windy City Rollers. Denver’s superior performance in their other games meant they finished placed second in the tournament, however–but Texas finished two points above Bay Area to take third.

Julie Adams got a quick lead call in the first jam but was forced to call it scoreless with OJ on her tail. Amanda Sharpless put up Denver’s first points despite a huge take-down by Texas’ Fifi Nomenon.

But Polly Gone and Luce Bandit held Wilhelm and frustrated her into a star pass to Tracy Akers. That jam ended up 19-4 to Texas, with Bloody Mary giving the Texecutioners their first lead of the bout. A botched apex jump for Adams led to a track cut major and Smarty Pants put up ten before cutting her way to the box as well.

That mess of a jam left it 33-11 in Texas’ favour as Adams got one pass in after leaving the box. Jammer musical chairs followed next time out too and Sharpless edged out OJ as blockers from both teams queued for the box. Sharpless got the better of the exceptionally light packs, though, and Texas’ lead was in single digits, at 41-30.

Hauss made it three Texas jammer penalties in three jams with a cut and let Gator Dunn give Denver a 45-41 lead with ten minutes gone. Rebecca Dickie took the star to finish off the power jam–but Barbara Ambush meant she was limited to 5 points despite Hauss being trapped for a lap out of the box. Polly Gone punched holes as Smarty Pants danced down the line, while Ambush held Wilhelm, ably assisted by Luce Bandit. Then Lester was passed the star only to cut her way to the box, and Texas retook the lead.

Rivas, Serelson and Akers burnt time by recycling OJ–but the gap still widened. It was 65-52 at the halfway point of the period. Sharpless cut the lead to 9 before Gator Dunn trailed a skater out-of-bounds after a hit from Fifi Nomenon just before turn one and was sent for a cut on her return. A 4-2, then 4-1, pack advantage for Bloody Mary meant she could score at will, adding 20 points before calling it with Gator still boxed.

Gator had a chance to eat into the gap with a power jam of her own when Smarty Pants hit the box on a back block, and eat into it she did. She burned a little into the lead, adding 10 points as Serelson beat Smarty Pants up on her return. But Ambush forced a cut on Dickie at the front–the eighth jammer penalty in the first 15 jams. Denver blockers queued for the box as OJ lapped up points–she made the lead 122-74 with just under 7 minutes left in the period.

The jammer penalty count climbed to nine when Akers forced a cut on Smarty Pants–but Polly Gone broke Gator in the power jam, and only four points were let go before Gator called it in frustration. Dickie put up seven to close out the power jam. OJ made it 10 when she was boxed on an out-of-play hit as Texas’ blockers took a leaf out of Denver’s book and tried to defend a power jam queuing for the box. Adams put up a 30-0 to close out the half on a high for Denver–but Texas still led 126-115 going into the locker room.

Adams got a 1-0 to open the second period as Shortcut vacated the box to leave things five-on-five for the first time since very early in the first half. But that didn’t last long–Sharpless was boxed on a multiplayer block next time out for power jam 11 of the game.

Smarty Pants ran wrecking ball offence which helped Hauss put up her first 12 points of the bout. Tight control from Akers and Serelson on Bloody Mary gave Sharpless lead out of the box–and then a cut from Bloody gave her a power jam to boot.

Adams put up a 5-0 to make it a two-point game at 141-139. A 4-0 for Dickie put Denver into the lead at 143-141. Quigley and Cruz joined the Serelson-Akers axis of pain to lay the hurt on Sarah Hipel as Sharpless put up a 4-0. Wilhelm then put up 12, her first points of the game, as Bloody was held up. But Wilhelm got a major forearm at the whistles for jammer penalty 13 of the bout. OSJ made the count 14 when she was penalised for a forearm on Serelson on her initial pass. Five unanswered points for Wilhelm made it 164-146 in Denver’s favour with 17 minutes left in the bout.

Adams and Sharpless extended the lead a little across a few high-speed jams before Hauss put up a 14-0 jam over Wilhelm, who struggled with the Texas defence before passing the star to Akers. But Adams responded in kind with a 14-0 of her own as Bloody Mary was held by Barrett and Long.

Lester picked up the fourteenth jammer penalty when Luce Bandit forced a cut as she spun the Denver jammer across the apex. Akers forced the call with some solid defence, and Denver still led 183-176. Hauss put up a 4-0 to polish off the power jam and the lead was a very tenuous 3 points with 7:20 remaining.

A 2-0 for Dickie and a 4-0 for OSJ made it a one-point game at the five minute mark. Adams got a major cut as she was spun into the infield for jammer penalty fifteen. Hauss made it 187-185 before calling it to hand Bloody Mary the rest of the power jam. The sixteenth, and last, jammer penalty of the bout was also assessed on Adams, who committed a track cut after being hit taking off for an apex jump. That meant she could only watch the clock tick into the final two minutes as Bloody Mary made it 207-185.

Adams stood in the box as OJ started with 1:40 on the game clock. Rivas, Serelson and Akers couldn’t hold OJ for long enough in the final jam to give Adams the chance to win it–OJ got lead and made the game safe with another 20 points, leaving Texas 227-189 winners.

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RECAP: Texies Defeated by Bay Area, 223-153 Sun, 21 Jul 2013 20:46:14 +0000 Your Texecutioners faced a tough battle against Bay Area, who’ve earnt their reputation as the hardest-hitting team in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. While they came close to a second half comeback, they were ultimately outmuscled in a hard-fought bout. If you didn’t catch the bout live, check out a recap below, provided by our friends at Derby News Network.

The Texies will look for their first win of the weekend when they meet Denver at 5:45 p.m. tonight. Denver picked up a last-second victory over Texas in the third-place bout at last year’s WFTDA Championships, escaping with an 11-point margin, and the teams previously met in a bout here in Austin in 2011; Denver again edged past Texas there with an 18-point win. Can the Texecutioners get revenge? Tune in at 5:45 p.m to see.

Golden Bowl III: Bay Area Squashes Texas, 223-153

By Lex Talionis.

Republished with permission from Derby News Network.

CHICAGO, IL–Bay Area fell to two defeats on the first day of Golden Bowl III to Denver and Windy City, while Texas also fell in a heart-stopping bout against the hosts. Another high-quality game was played out in front of a very sparse but passionate crowd–but it was BAD who led from rail to rail and took the win, 223-153.

Texas looked to be more together than in their loss to Windy yesterday, but their jamming corps couldn’t handle the strength of the Bay Area packs. BAD’s blockers combined to keep Olivia Shootin’ John and Hauss the Boss slowed while the likes of Demanda Riot, Dolly Rocket and Brawllen Angel repeatedly hit them inside and out.

The bout opened with Nock Nock busting straight through to open BAD’s account with a 9-0. Hauss hit back with a 3-0 next time out–and to the fans’ relief, two jams of a Bay Area bout had passed without a jammer penalty for either team.

Bay Area dominated lead calls in the opening stages as Brawllen Angel, Amanda Jamitinya, Demanda Riot and Sherlock Homeslice shut down a succession of Texas jammers. But a major elbow on Ivy Profane after she’d taken BAD to 30 let first Hauss, then Bloody Mary, cut into the lead. Some big hitting from Hipel helped them make it a three point game with minutes gone.

But OSJ found herself dominated by Demanda Riot, Dolly Rocket and Murderyn Monroe and Nock Nock put up a natural 13-0 as she bullied the Texas blockers, punching her own holes for an easy lead call and two natural grand slams. BAD maintained the dominance for as long as both jammers were on the floor.

An emerging duel between Polly Gone and Nock Nock kept things interesting as BAD edged ahead and held Texas almost scoreless outside of their early power jam, as OSJ and Hauss–as she did in her previous spell on the Texecutioners in 2010–really struggled with the combination of Bay Area’s ferocious hitting and tight speed control. It seemed that if Texas’ jammers weren’t recovering from big hits to the infield or being recycled around the outside by the Bay Area packs, they were stuck in a swarm of black and gold waiting for the next hit.

With ten minutes to go in the first half, a couple of scoring jams for Hauss and Bloody Mary made it 74-39–but Nock Nock took advantage of a low block call on Smarty Pants and loose defence from Texas to stretch that lead to 97-39 with a 25-0 two-minuter.

Fifi Nomenon faced a long jam when Bricktator was boxed a minute into a high-scoring jam–but struggled on her second scoring pass with BAD’s continual smart brutal hitting. That left Texas in a 137-61 hole at the half.

An 18-2 jam for Nock Nock with Hauss trapped continued the pattern of the first half as Texas’ blockers queued for the box. But a cut forced on Mace with a hit across the apex of turn three let OSJ put up Texas’ first big jam since the opening exchanges with a thirty-point run to make it 158-94.

The teams traded single pass jams as Texas finally got control of their penalties and started to give their jammers a little more help. That didn’t have much of an impact on Bay Area’s lead, though, which stood at 167-104 with 18 minutes remaining. OSJ then seized the opportunity presented by some unwise decision-making from Nock Nock that sent her to the box on a cut after misjudging Texas’ recycling. Bloody finished off the power jam and cut the gap to 167-130.

The lead hovered between 40 and 50 over the next few jams as speeds increased and BAD again got something of a hold on regular lead calls before Ivy Profane finally put up a big jam as Hauss again struggled with AJ and Brawwlen Angel. That let BAD switch into full-on offensive clock management mode, and even a back block call on Ivy a few jams later didn’t look like having a substantive impact on the result–a 223-153 Bay Area victory.

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