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hotsBout one is a rematch of 2015’s third place battle between the Hotrod Honeys and the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. Both teams have something to prove, and this game will not disappoint. The Hotrods handily defeated the Heartbreakers to end last season and plan to start 2016 by doing the same. The retirement of TXRG founding member Lucille Brawl is a huge loss to the ladies in black and pink, but they won’t let that slow them down. The Hotrods picked up triple threat Nine Lives as an interleague transfer. Watch for her solid pack play, and maybe even some time with the star. They have both all-star Texecutioner captains in their ranks, and Jackie Daniels and Stone Her are both physical players, solid in any position. Watch for smart pack play from blockers Bo Jacks’em and MariEZ Livin’; these ladies will be making things difficult for the Heartbreaker jammers.

joThe best thing about starting in last place, is that you have nowhere to go but up, and the Heartbreakers have their gold and gingham hearts set on moving straight to the top! Since winning champs in 2013, the Heartbreakers have spent the last two seasons rebuilding and restructuring their team. Fresh from an international roller derby win in South Africa, they are ready to take on the Hotrod Honeys. Fan favorite Flash Gorgeous is back after taking a two-season break, and she hasn’t missed a beat. In addition to Flash, the Heartbreakers have picked up three new skaters for the 2016 season. Maeby comes straight from our Rec League program, and is strong, smart, and ready for her first premier league bout. Transfers Mona Vaydid and Vivian LeighEmOut are joining the Heartbreaker jammer rotation along with Thugs Bunny, Scornbread, and Firing Squad superstar Sideshow Ho. Don’t miss this exciting first bout beginning at 6pm!

freightThe second game of the evening, beginning around 7:45pm, is a rematch of the 2015 Championship bout. The Hustlers will be defending their first place status against a hungry-for-revenge Hell Marys. This is guaranteed to be an exciting and hard-hitting game, so make sure you stick around! The Hell Marys have picked up interleague transfer and Team USA skater, Trauma. She will be doing some serious work in the pack, along with blockers Sandy Ravage, Dolores Fuertes, and the Mad Hatcher. Fan favorite, and Firing Squad jammer Brown Buttah retired at the end of 2015, but the ladies in plaid have a strong jammer rotation ready to fill her skates. Blink and you’ll miss super-fast BabyFace Assassin and Mini Massacre, and keep your eyes on the incredible footwork of force-to-be-reckoned-with Freight Train.

nickiReigning champs, The Hustlers are not going to be easy to take down in 2016. They are led by two captains with incredible derby brains, Impending Doom and Nicki Ticki Timebomb. This self-described “weird” team in purple is anchored by formidable Texicutioner blockers Bittercup, CC Boom, and Molotov M. Pale. Their packs are strong, smart, and take no prisoners. They have added four new skaters to their ranks this season. Grit, Grendel Gruesome, and Alley Oops come from our own TXRG Rec League, and Kill ‘Ems is a recent transfer to Texas. Calling them “rookies” would be selling these ladies short; they are strategy-savvy, strong, and prepared to do their part to keep the Hustlers on top.

We look forward to seeing you at our 2016 home opener THIS Saturday, February 13, at The Bloodshed. Doors open at 5pm, and we suggest getting there early to secure a spot. This bout will sell out, so buy your tickets in advance here. This is a family-friendly event with an interactive half time show, so bring your Valentine, your best friend, your mom, and your kids! Love ya till it hurts!

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May 16: Recap Wed, 20 May 2015 18:59:32 +0000 TXRG 05.15: Hotrod Honeys vs HustlersHustlers vs Hotrods – 181-173 


The Hustlers and the Hotrods met on the track this past Saturday for the first time since last season. Anticipation was high after the mid-season draft brought new players to both teams. New faces included the high-profile transfer of Jackie Daniels from Windy City to the Hotrods (and the Texecutioners, obvs!), and Spawna Chainsaw, graduating to the Hustlers from TXRG’s Juniors program.The Hustlers took an early lead, and held it until late in the second half, when we saw not one, but FOUR lead changes! Fielding a rotation of jammers featuring Jackie Daniels, newly-returned Hauss the Boss, Stone Her, Legal Knieval, and Kategory 5, the Hotrods threw everything they had at the walls set up by the Hustlers. Both teams brought incredible game play to the Convention Center, most notably the Hustler’s defensive line, easily the strongest it has been in years.Leaning heavily on jamming by Nicki Ticki Timebomb, Wild Carnage, Molotov M Pale, and jamming more frequently than we usually see her, Fifi Nomenon, the Hustlers put up offensive just as menacing as their defense. Commanding an at least twenty-point lead for the majority of the game, things got heated in the last few minutes. With time for just a few jams left, Fifi took the line against Stone Her. who went to the box on a forearm penalty. Fifi saw her chance and took it, picking up two grand slams. A wild track cut by Stone Her at the end of that jam left Nicki Ticki Timebomb jamming unopposed.With the game clock run out, Nicki Ticki Timebomb got lead and called the jam, at a final score of 181-173.

TXRG 05.15: Hell Marys vs Honky Tonk HeartbreakersHell Marys vs Honky Tonk Heartbreakers – 389 – 158

The Hell Marys and The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers met on the track again, with the Hells showing the same ruthless dedication they used to beat the then-undefeated Hotrod Honeys in last season’s final game. While they executed some excellent defense–Booty Queen, in particular, being the only blocker who successfully held back Freight Train–the Heartbreakers’ defense was not up to the Hells’ jammers.

Freight Train, Brown Buttah, Babyface Assassin, and Mini Massacre did the lion’s share of jamming for the Hells.  Thugs Bunny, Deep Dish Nitza, Big Nasty, and newcomer Scornbread took the star for the Heartbreakers.

Remaining mostly untouchable through the whole bout, Freight Train received notable resistance from both Booty Queen and Babe Ruthless, who executed an effective hit to the inside.
The Hells provided strong defense in addition to their strong offense. Of note were the efforts of PeaceWar and, returning from retirement, Sandy Ravage.

The Hell Marys took the lead early on, and never let it go. Despite strong, multi-point jams by Deep Dish Nitza and Thugs Bunny, the Heartbreakers were never able to catch up. The Hell Marys won, 389-158.

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2015 Season: Game 3 Thu, 23 Apr 2015 20:47:32 +0000 Social Image - Bout 4 - nochampsJoin us for the third game in our 2015 home season as the Hustlers take on the Hotrod Honeys, and the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers face off against the Hell Marys!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Austin Convention Center | 500 E Cesar Chavez — Entrance at 4th & Red River

Tickets start at only $12! Buy your tickets today! 

5PM: Doors
5:45PM: Opening Ceremonies
6PM: Game 1 — Hustlers vs. Hotrod Honeys
7:30PM Game 2 — Honky Tonk Heartbreakers vs. Hell Marys
VIP ticket holders can enter the facility at 4:45PM! 

Join us after the second game at The Jackalope — where we’ll keep the party going all night!

No outside food or drinks!



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March 7: Game Recap Thu, 12 Mar 2015 22:26:23 +0000 On Saturday, March 7th, the four teams of Texas Rollergirls returned to The Blood Shed for another evening of exciting roller derby. We knew it was going to be awesome, but we were not prepared for not one but TWO nail biters as both games included multiple lead changes and amazing plays. See below for scores and recaps!

Texas Rollergirls: Hell Marys vs HustlersHells vs Hustlers – 217-205, Final

One of the most exciting things about this game was the introduction of Freight Train to TXRG fans. Freight Train joined us recently from Houston, TX, where she skated for the Brawlers and the Houston All-Stars.

Many were excited to see what she would bring to the 2015 Hell Marys, still rebuilding after losing several skaters to retirement at the end of last season. Ladies and gentlemen, we were not disappointed.

Freight Train shared jamming duties with Peace War, Brown Buttah, and BabyFace Assassin, all of whom showed the Hustlers that they were not to be trifled with.

The Hustlers held a commanding lead until just about halftime, when Freight Train came and showed us why she’s Freight Train! (She brushed Me Shove You Long Time to the outside during one jam like it was nothing!)

After that point, it was a battle of the extremely tight defenses, both teams working beautifully.

Newcomers Nicki Ticki Timebomb and Wild Carnage jammed most frequently for the Hustlers, with veterans Molotov M. Pale and Fifi Nomenon coming in when the chips were down.

Despite a number of strong, high points jams for the Hustlers, the Hell Marys came out on top, with a very close final score of 217-205.

Texas Rollergirls: Hotrod Honeys vs Honky Tonk HeartbreakersHotrod Honeys vs Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, 197-193, Final

For our second heart stopping game, we saw the Hotrod Honeys go up against the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.

In addition to this season’s newcomers, the exciting thing to watch in this game was former Hotrod, Hauss the Boss, going up against former Heartbreaker, DeBella DeBall.

After an early lead by the Heartbreakers, the Hotrods spent most of the game ahead of the Heartbreakers. However, by the end of the second half, the Heartbreakers were breathing down their necks!

Stone Her spent the majority of the game as lead jammer, but Hauss the Boss, Thugs Bunny, and Sideshow Ho frequently made high scoring jams.

For most of the second half, the Hotrods’ jammers racked up all the points, with the Heartbreakers having trouble against the Hotrods’ defense. In the last ten minutes of the game, however, the Heartbreakers’ jammers really did everything they could to close the gap.

In the second to last jam, Sideshow Ho brought the score to 197-193, making us all wonder if the Hotrods were in for quite the upset. It was not to be, however, when in the last jam, Stone Her got lead for the Hotrods, and because the game clock had already run down, called the jam with no more points scored for either team.

The final score stayed at 197-193, Hotrods.

TXRG megafan Phil Arnold posted this tweet, which BLEW OUR MINDS. Thanks for the history lesson, Phil!

Join us in April for an all-star double header you don’t want to miss! Our Texecutioners are taking on the all-stars from Tampa, Florida, in the first game of the night, and after that, our Firing Squad will face off against the b-team from Tampa! Come cheer on TEXAS! Get tickets now!

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March 7 Pre-Game Run-Down Thu, 05 Mar 2015 00:30:05 +0000 We sure hope you were able to catch our sold out opening bout on Valentine’s Day! As promised, it brought shake ups and excitement. Don’t worry if you missed it, though, just hurry and get your tickets for our second doubleheader on Saturday, March 7.

hells vs hustlersThe first bout of the evening will be the 2014 champion Hell Marys taking on the Hustlers. In February, the Hell Marys lost to the Hotrods by 2 points in a tense back and forth, down-to-the-final-second upset, and they are looking to redeem themselves against the Hustlers. Since that upset, the Hells have picked up Houston Roller Derby transfer Freight Train. Rarely does a derby name fit a skater as well as hers. This woman can jam and block, and those who get in her way will feel the punishing blows the next day. Keep your eye on sneaky jammer BabyFace Assassin, known for her big apex jumps and even bigger grin. Watch out for Brown Buttah as well, she is a triple threat, and will be out there letting the Hustlers know she has work to do.

The Hustlers put a hurt on the Heartbreakers in the season opener, and would like to keep on crushing 2015. New jammer Nicki Ticki Timebomb hits hard, skates hard, and has earned herself respect in the game of flat track derby. Wild Carnage is also going to be giving those Hells blockers a hard time holding her back from quickly sneaking by and racking up points. The Hustlers have been working on creating dynamic, impenetrable walls, and with blockers like Me Shove You Long Time, Bad Influence, and CC Boom, the Hell Marys have their work cut out for them.

hearts v hotsThe second bout of the night will be the Hotrod Honeys taking on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. The Hotrods pulled off an incredible win in February with a last jam, last second, 2 point victory, and are looking for another regular season winning streak. They are playing a few skaters down due to injury, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are weak. The Hotrods are tough, and they play solidly together. Watch for Stone Her wearing the jammer star most of the night along with Kategory 5 and LaVoodoo. All three jammers have very different skating styles, and will keep the Heartbreakers guessing what might happen next. The Hotrod packs will be anchored by DeBella DeBall, and veteran Texas Rollergirl Lucille Brawl. These ladies play smart and hit hard.

Don’t count the Heartbreakers out just yet, though. Rather than licking the wounds from their season opener loss, the ladies in gingham have been working extra hard to lock down their defense. Their shrewd packs with Danke Shame, Nine Lives, and Big Nasty are playing tight enough to give even the slipperiest of jammers a tough time. Twin blockers Ruby Wring and Fender Bender are the nicest people you will ever meet, until you meet them on the track. These twins mean business. Rookie Thugs Bunny is proving herself to be a strong jammer, and Hauss the Boss always has a few tricks up her sleeve. Watch for her abs of fury racing around the track. This game could be another nail-biter for the Hotrods.

The Texas Rollergirls 2015 season continues THIS Saturday, March 7, at our home, The Blood Shed (6110 Trade Center Drive). The doors open at 5pm, and the first whistle blows at 6pm, but we welcome you to get there early to tailgate. Make a sign, have a beer, and scream for your favorite team! Faster, Break ‘em, Hustle, Hell Yeah!

Love ya ‘till it hurts.

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Pre-Game Run Down: February 14, 2015 Tue, 10 Feb 2015 19:15:30 +0000 Everything you thought you knew about the Texas Rollergirls home teams you can throw out the window, and hold on to your seats. The off-season has seen some big shake ups, and 2015 could be anyone’s year.

Game 1: Hustlers vs. Honky Tonk Heartbreakers14766392649_7be102d467_o

The first bout of the evening is a rematch of the 3rd place game of 2014 with the Hustlers taking on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers had a tough rebuilding season in 2014 after winning champs in an overtime edge-of-your-seat bout in 2013. During the off season, they acquired Trauma formerly of Kansas City, a Team USA skater, and an incredible asset to the team’s blockers. Add her in with Headless Highness and Nine Lives, and they are going to make things difficult for some opposing jammers. Hauss the Boss (from the Hotrod Honeys), Cease Ann Desist, and Babe Ruthless (from the Hustlers) will all be skating in gingham and gold this year. Hauss’s powerful jamming along with the quickness of Sideshow Ho and Deep Dish Nitza, guarantees the Heartbreakers some high scoring jams this season. Keep your eye on the team’s only true rookie, Thugs Bunny, because she has some tricks up her sleeve. Retired skaters Kitty Karnage and Sic Shooter will be running the Heartbreaker’s bench.

The Hustlers are looking terrifyingly strong in their first scrimmages of the season. Fifi Nomenon, Bittercup, and The Killa’ Sal Monella form a wall to be reckoned with. Throw in recent additions CC Boom (from San Antonio) and rookie Couch Crasher, and these blockers can put the fear in any jammer. The Hustlers also added two jammers from the Lonestar Rollergirls: Nicki Ticki Timebomb and Wild Carnage. They both bring an intensity and unpredictability to the jammer rotation which includes the slippery Malice. Sprawkett has traded in her jammer star for a coach’s whistle this season.

Texas Rollergirls Champs  08.16.14 - The Hotrod Honeys vs The HeGame 2: Hell Marys vs. Hotrod Honeys

The second bout of the night is the 2014 Champs rematch between the Hell Marys and the Hotrod Honeys. Both of these teams look very different in 2015, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t both want this big win. The Hotrod’s Bloody Mary has opted to skate “All-Star Only” this season (after 13 years with TXRG!), and with Hauss shifting to the Heartbreakers and Olympia retiring, they had some pretty big skates to fill. DeBella DeBall has joined the Hotrods (from the Heartbreakers), and will take on the role of jammer killer. MariEZ Livin’ (from the Hustlers), and captain LaVoodoo along, with rookie Sum Ho will be making life tough on opposing jammers. Joining Olivia Shootin’ John and Stone Her in the jammer rotation will be Kategory 5, formerly of Lonestar Rollergirls.

Your 2014 champion Hell Marys pulled off a nail-biter of a win last year, and have seen some of the biggest off season changes. They lost key players Sinnerfold, Notorious D.I.E, and Sandy Ravage to retirement, and Smarty Pants opted to play all-star only for 2015. The Hells have the bulk of this season’s rookie class, but don’t let that fool you, they are still looking like tough competitors. Keep your eye on Gravy, Baby!, the jammer powerhouse from Jewel City, as well as Mini Massacre, the sneaky jammer who transferred from Lonestar Rollergirls. Angela Momentum, from our Rec League, and Bullet Sucker, from Houston Roller Derby,  are strong blockers that along with captain Dolores Fuertes, and veteran blocker Virgo Vengeful, are sure to give those Hotrod jammers some trouble off the line.

The Texas Rollergirls 2015 season starts THIS Saturday, February 14. We welcome you to our home, The Blood Shed (6110 Trade Center Drive). Please get there early to tailgate! Doors open at 5:00pm, and the band Rugaroux, comprised of former skaters and coaches, will be playing until the first whistle blows at 6pm. The Hell Marys have a title to defend, but the Heartbreakers, Hotrods, and Hustlers won’t let be easy for them. It’s anybody’s season.

Love ya ‘till it hurts.


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2015 Texas Rollergirls Home Teams Mon, 01 Sep 2014 22:35:55 +0000 2015 txrg header


The Texas Rollergirls are looking forward to another fantastic year of flat track roller derby! We’re thrilled to announce our home team rosters! VIP Smack Packs and season passes will be available to purchase in December, first game tickets will be available in January! We can’t wait to see you at the games!

2015 Hell Marys Let’s raise some Hell! 

Dolores Fuertes #888 — Captain
Angel O #22 — Co-Captain
Angela Momentum #45
BabyFace Assassin #4’10 ½”
Brown Buttah #12
Bullet Sucker #950
Gravy, Baby! #33
Mini Massacre #3
The Mad Hatcher #10/6
PeaceWar #27
Rosie #51
Virgo Vengeful #914
Violet Riot #860

2015 Honky Tonk Heartbreakers Break ’em, break ’em, Heartbreakers!

Shiner Blond #51 — Captain
Danke Shame #999 — Captain
Babe Ruthless #99
Big Nasty #8
Booty Queen #000
Cease Ann Desist #812
Critical Sass #405
Deep Dish Nitza #88
Fender Bender #25
Hauss the Boss #55
Headless Highness #319
Luann Splatter #699
Nine Lives #9
Ruby Wring #52
Sideshow Ho #808
Thugs Bunny #13
Trauma #15

2015 Hotrod HoneysFaster, faster, kill kill kill!

LaVooDoo #32 — Captain
Slamdra Dee #59 — Co-Captain
Olivia Shootin’ John #03
Punkin’ Dominion #4×4
Lucille Brawl #56
Legal Knieval #1693
Stone Her #420
Bo Jacks’em #34
DeBella DeBall #12
MariEZ Livin’ #1982
Action Jackson #24
Kategory 5 #5
Sum Ho #14

2015 HustlersDon’t stop, get it get it!

Mostly Harmless #42 — Captain
Malice #21 — Co-Captain
Fifi Nomenon #108
Me Shove You Long Time #2
Scrape Myrtle #11:11
Bad Influence #56
Molotov M. Pale #19
Bittercup #813
The Killa Sal Monella #86
Killer Crouton #3-15
CC Boom #100
Couch Crasher #8
Wild Carnage #217
Nicki Ticki Timebomb #9

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2014 May 31 Bout Preview Fri, 30 May 2014 19:46:40 +0000 Saturday will be a day for the history books. The skaters of the Texas Rollergirls will be holding their inaugural bout at their practice facility, The Blood Shed, and will be featuring a lot of exciting extras both on and off the track. Most exciting though is the rematches of two of the best bouts of the season thus far.

In Saturday’s first bout: The powerful Honky Tonk Heartbreakers are looking for their first win of the season against a Hustlers squad who is looking stronger each bout and who is now featuring a few new (or returning) faces.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

heartsColors: Navy Gingham and Gold

Players to Watch:
Shiner Blond
Kitty Karnage
DeBella DeBall
Deep Dish Nitza

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers have their aim focused on the Hustlers this weekend in what will hopefully be their first win of the season.  Scrimmage action has shown a team that is getting stronger and more cohesive with every lap of the track.  Their stock of jammers was looking impressive with Shiner Blond, Kitty Karnage, and Deep Dish Nitza looking at ease as they maneuvered past walls of opposing blockers.  Their defense is looking harder to beat than ever with great blocks by DeBella DeBall and Booty Queen and strong walls by Critical Sass and Sideshow Ho.  With a team that evolves so quickly and powerfully, we are likely to see the first win of the season for the Heartbreakers.


hustlersColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Killer Vee
Sadie Mae Care
The Killa Sal Monella

In recent scrimmage action- the Hustlers added some new and returning talent that may just make them unbeatable in Saturday’s rematch against the ever-growing power of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.  The return of former Hustler Sadie Mae Care and the addition of Killer Vee from Bay Area Derby Girls certainly increased their arsenal of skills and added new dimension to both their offense and defense alike.  As for familiar faces; Fifi Nomenon looked as amazing as always on both offense and defense and Malice was very impressive at jammer as she weaved through the track with relative ease. The Killa Sal Monella also had great turns at jammer and seems as strong as ever.  With all of these weapons at their disposal- they stand a good chance of taking home a win on Saturday.

In Saturday’s second bout we have the most anticipated rematch of the season, pitting the undefeated Hotrod Honeys against the amazing teamwork of the Hell Marys.

Hell Marys

hellsColors: Plaid

Players to Watch:
Brown Buttah
BabyFace Assassin
The Mad Hatcher
Virgo Vengeful

The Hell Marys are anxiously awaiting their turn to take on the Hotrod Honeys again and hand them their first loss of the season.  After falling only slightly short in the first bout against the Hotrods, this Hell Mary crew has adjusted and pushed harder and stronger than ever to become a team with all the tools necessary to dismantle the Hotrod offensive.  With incredible speed and determination in scrimmage play, Baby Face Assassin seems almost unstoppable at jammer; looking smooth and smart as she weaved through walls of blockers, knowing just when to call off the jam.  Brown Buttah also had some great moves beating out Olivia Shootin’ John to claim lead jammer and put points on the board for the Hells.  Their defense is determined to stop the all star jammers of the Hotrod Honeys.  Strong blocking from both The Mad Hatcher and Virgo Vengeful led the charge to stop the onslaught from the Hotrods.  This Hell Mary team are the biggest test for the Hotrods this season, a test I think the Hells just might ace.

Hotrod Honeys

hotsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
La Voodoo
Legal Knieval
Olivia Shootin’ John

The Hotrod Honeys are undefeated thus far this season and seem poised to remain on top if they can make it past the Hells on Saturday.  The Hotrods looked incredible at scrimmage and with the addition of transferring skater, La Voodoo, from Tampa they are stronger than ever.  The Hotrods play all skaters in all positions at scrimmage, which seems to benefit the whole team and really lends itself to them understanding their position and plays come game day.  The usual suspects at jammer were looking unstoppable with Bloody Mary and Olivia Shootin’ John cutting through walls and blocks with ease.   Legal Kneivel looked awesome at both jammer and blocker.  Olympia took a rare turn at jammer and had no problem grabbing lead jammer and withstanding the onslaught of opposing blockers that were throwing themselves to stop her.  With all that power, this may be the team that goes undefeated through Championships and beyond.

The Texas Rollergirls are giving us an insight into their world with this inaugural bout at the Blood Shed this weekend.   Seeing these incredible athletes on their home turf should only increase the intensity and power with which they play.  We are all in for a night to remember and bouts not soon to be forgotten.  

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May 31: Bout at the BloodShed! Fri, 16 May 2014 17:55:57 +0000

Join us on Saturday, May 31, for the inaugural bout at our home practice facility, The BloodShed!


The Hustlers take on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers to open the night…

This night is sure to be great — with all thrills and excitement of derby as you know it now, but with a nod to the days of derby past! A warehouse bout, meaning no big bleachers – just you and the skaters – up close and personal! We’re bringing in a band to play before and at intermission and there will be food trucks parked outside. We are excited to welcome you into our home for the first time!

Seating at our facility will be limited – be sure to buy your tickets online ahead of time — we will sell out!


And it’s the Hell Marys vs the Hotrod Honeys in the second bout of the night!

5:00pm Doors Open
5:45pm Opening Ceremonies
6:00pm Hustlers vs. Honky Tonk Heartbreakers
7:45pm Hell Marys vs. Hotrod Honeys

6110 Trade Center Drive, Suite 101B

There will be awesome local trucks selling food throughout the night: Svante’s Stuffed Burgers and Chaat Shop

The food trucks will be selling non-alcoholic drinks.
Alcoholic drinks will be served (for those 21 & over)


Bender Bar at 321 W Ben White Blvd #300, Austin, TX 78798

Drink Specials for DERBY FANS! $2.25 Lone Stars and $3 wells. Food specials ’til midnight.
DJ Ed spinning tunes!

No food, drink, or folding chairs of any kind allowed in.



GENERAL ADMISSION – floor seating/standing only (no chairs)
ADULTS: $25 donation includes drinks
ADULTS: $15 donation for admission
KIDS (6-12): $10 donation
KIDS (5 & under): FREE!

VIP SEATING – premium, reserved seating with chairs
VIP Adult: $40 donation includes premium reserved seating + VIP Yelp Lounge + gourmet food truck samples
VIP Kids (3-12): $20 donation includes premium reserved seating + gourmet food truck samples
KIDS (2 & under): FREE!


And a very special THANK YOU to Eastside Lumber & Decking for sponsoring our new practice space benches for extra seating!


And the Texas Rollergirls would be nothing without the constant support of Electra Blu. Her company Electra Events is putting on this home-bout for us. If you need an event planner with ambition, vision, and creativity – Call Electra!




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2014 May 10 Bout Preview Thu, 08 May 2014 20:20:09 +0000 Coming off of a dominating weekend by the Texecutioners and Firing Squad at the Big O Tournament in Oregon, the incredible skaters of the Texas Rollergirls are back with their full-forced home teams and ready to battle for bragging rights on Saturday at the Convention Center. Here is a preview of what to expect:

First up on Saturday, we will see the undefeated Hotrod Honeys take on the powerful and evolving crew of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

heartsColors: Navy Gingham and Gold

Players to Watch:
Shiner Blond
Fender Bender
Headless Highness
Critical Sass

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers had their most competitive game of the season in April and it seems that they only become stronger and more cohesive with every practice. This team is full of fresh faces and new Texas Rollergirls but their returning veterans seem to be leading the way in creating a team that is full of promise for the rest of this season and for many seasons to come.  At scrimmage on Wednesday night it was clear that their jammer rotation is relying heavily on the impressive skills of Barbie Got Back and in newcomers Shiner Blond, Nine Lives and Deep Dish Nitza.  Barbie was looking especially powerful as she snuck through on both the inside and outside lines and even made sliding through the pack look pretty effortless.  The defense of the Heartbreakers was on full display in scrimmage with huge hits and great walls from veterans Booty Queen, Headless Highness and Fender Bender; as well as newcomers Critical Sass and Danke Shame.  There was a lot of communication and strong play all around, and they should present quite a few challenges to the Hotrod Honeys on Saturday.

Hotrod Honeys

hotrodsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch: 
Stone Her
Bloody Mary
Punkin’ Dominion
Slamdra Dee

Fresh off of a clean sweep last weekend at the Big O tournament in Eugene, Oregon, Texecutioners Bloody Mary, Stone Her, Hauss the Boss and Olivia Shootin’ John looked anything but tired on Wednesday night during scrimmages, leading their team both in scoring and in spirit.  While these jammers are hard to overshadow, there was some amazing defense going on in last night’s scrimmage against the Hell Marys.  Veterans Olympia and Lucille Brawl looked powerful, as did Punkin’ Dominion and Slamdra Dee.  This team skates with high-level intensity no matter where you catch them: at scrimmage, a home bout or with the all-stars skating in international tournaments.  These ladies are straightforward and appear to have only one goal in mind: the Championship trophy in August. With the skating they’ve displayed thus far this season, it seems that they are right on track to achieve that goal.

In Saturday’s second bout: A Hustler team with all the heart it takes to win against a Hell Marys team that has become increasingly difficult to beat with every bout. 

Hell Marys

hellshotrodsColors: Plaid

Players to Watch: 
BabyFace Assassin
Virgo Vengeful
Smarty Pants
Sandy Ravage

This tight knit family, otherwise known as the Hell Marys, have looked stronger, closer and faster with every practice.  With a deep well of talent and teamwork that seems unrivaled, it would be a shock to not see these ladies in the Championship game in August.  In Wednesday night’s scrimmage, the Hells took on the dominating powers of the Hotrod Honeys and looked like they were well prepared for that challenge, and any other battle they may face throughout the rest of the season.  Despite a good number of penalties, it seemed like nothing would slow down the jamming power of the Hells.  PeaceWar plowed through walls like a train and the defensive stands created by the incredible stable of Hell Marys’ blockers, featuring Virgo Vengeful, Notorious D.I.E and Sandy Ravage, proved to be effective in stopping the tirade of the Hotrod jammers more effectively than we have seen this season.  BabyFace Assassin looked incredibly strong at the jammer position, using her small stature to weave through blockers and find gaps and her strength to push through the walls the Hotrods put up in front of her.  With the skill and finesse that the Hells were displaying on Wednesday night, there is no doubt that the Hustlers will have their hands full on Saturday night trying to stop the Hell Marys train that seems singularly focused on their final destination: Championships.


hustlersColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch: 
Bad Influence
Cease Ann Desist

Wednesday night’s scrimmage showed the heart and courage that the Hustlers are playing with this season.  They are a team that focuses on the little things to improve the overall product they produce.  There were lots of beautiful defensive walls in scrimmage against the Heartbreakers and while the Heartbreakers are looking great, it was difficult for them to penetrate through the defensive giants like Fifi Nomenon, and the skill and athleticism of veterans Chasing Amy, Mommy Rotten and Bad Influence.  The jammer rotation of the Hustlers also is steadily improving with skaters like Sprawkett, Cease Ann Desist and Malice getting harder to stop by the minute.  These athletes are fierce and competitive and are coming out Saturday with something to prove to themselves and their fans.

Saturday’s bouts are guaranteed to showcase the talent and athleticism that the women of the Texas Rollergirls possess and which promises to provide a night of big hits, high scores and good times.    

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