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July 27, 2017

Texecutioners Qualify for Women’s Roller Derby Playoffs
Texas Rollergirls to Compete in Division 1 Tournament in Dallas, Texas

AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) announced last week that the Texecutioners qualified for the 2017 International WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Dallas, Texas, Sept. 22-24, as the #2 seed. The tournament seeding reflects the June 30 WFTDA rankings, which were based on sanctioned games played through that date.

As the godmothers of the modern iteration of roller derby, the Texecutioners have been to every playoff tournament since the beginning. In 2016, the team came 13 points away from playing for the #1 spot in the championship tournament. This year, they’re fighting to make it into that game to play for the Hydra.

Marking its 12th year of pushing the sport’s athleticism and competition to new heights, the International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships bring together the most talented, highly trained skaters and teams from WFTDA member leagues. Whether participating on the track, cheering in the stands or watching online, WFTDA tournaments provide everyone who loves roller derby an opportunity to witness the most anticipated match-ups of the year.

The following teams will be joining Texas in Dallas on Sept. 22-24 to compete for a spot at the WFTDA Championships in November. The top four teams from each of the three international D1 Playoffs will advance to Championships to compete for the sport’s highest honor: the Hydra trophy and the title of WFTDA Champions.

  1. Victorian Roller Derby League, Melbourne, Australia
  2. Texas Rollergirls, Austin, Texas, U.S.
  3. Arch Rival Roller Derby, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
  4. Minnesota RollerGirls, Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.
  5. Atlanta Rollergirls, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
  6. Queen City Roller Girls, Buffalo, New York, U.S.
  7. Santa Cruz Derby Girls, Santa Cruz, California, U.S.
  8. Philly Roller Derby, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
  9. Arizona Roller Derby, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
  10. Dallas Derby Devils, Dallas, Texas, U.S.
  11. Houston Roller Derby, Houston, Texas, U.S.
  12. Wasatch Roller Derby, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

The teams will play according to the following bracket:


Texas’ first game will be against Santa Cruz or their long-time rivals, the Dallas Derby Devils. Buy weekend passes here and don’t miss out on any of the hard-hitting action of the Texecutioners.

The International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships offer five weekends of full-contact competition. Catch a preview of tournament action and see archives of past footage at Clips for use in broadcast are available by request.

For more information for Dallas and the WFTDA Championships in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Nov. 3-5, or about any of the WFTDA postseason events, visit Those who can’t make the trip can still cheer on The Texecutioners from home via the WFTDA’s broadcast channel:!


Jenna Cloughley, WFTDA Marketing and Communications Manager: | 647.298.6529

ABOUT THE TEXAS ROLLERGIRLS: The Texas Rollergirls is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sports organization formed in 2003, and is widely recognized as the league that pioneered the modern incarnation of flat track roller derby. Born and bred in Austin, roller derby is the fastest-growing sport in the world, with more than 1,000 leagues and growing. Flat track roller derby is a genuine athletic competition with well-defined rules, divisions, tournaments and a governing body: the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). The Texas Rollergirls league is 100 percent skater-owned and managed. The league consists of four home teams: Hell Marys, Hotrod Honeys, Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and Hustlers, as well as the all-star Texecutioners travel team and the Texas B-Team, the Firing Squad, both of which are comprised of members of the four home teams. The Texas Rollergirls league is dedicated to playing and promoting women’s flat track roller derby, a sport that began in Austin, Texas, and continues to take over the world. This is roller derby, and Texas is the reason.

ABOUT THE WFTDA: The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is the international governing body for the sport of women’s flat track roller derby and a membership organization for leagues to collaborate and network. The WFTDA sets standards for rules, seasons, and safety, and determines guidelines for the international athletic competitions of member leagues. There are currently 405 WFTDA member leagues and 41 affiliated leagues in the WFTDA Apprentice program worldwide. The WFTDA is governed by a five-member, volunteer Board of Directors and managed by an Executive Director.

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Texas Takes on Champs, Nov. 8-10 Thu, 17 Oct 2013 12:56:43 +0000 Our all-star Texecutioners are making the trek to Milwaukee to play in the 2013 Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) International Championships! Our Texies have endured grueling practices, trying scrimmages, and, of course, challenging bouts to earn a spot in these championship games.

You can join the Texas Rollergirls in Milwaukee the weekend of November 8-10! Not only will you get to see the best in Texas, you’ll get to see the best teams IN THE ENTIRE WORLD competing for a chance to win the coveted Hydra trophy! Champs takes place at the US Cellular Arena — and tickets to the event are available on There is a group of TXRG friends and family going — which includes premier skaters, rec-league skaters, and fans — connect with us at our Texas Trip to Champs Facebook event page . We plan to sit together, party together, and cheer for our Texies together! Come with us!

Can’t make the trip? Watch every awesome hit, every fantastic block, every amazing juke LIVE on!


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Texies take 4th at WFTDA champs after a late-game rally from Denver Sun, 04 Nov 2012 20:13:40 +0000 Championships Third Place: 2W Denver Rallies Past 1SC Texas, 210-199

By Beck Wise and Lex Talionis

Republished with permission from Derby News Network

ATLANTA, GA — For the second year in a row the Texecutioners found themselves confounding expectations, the odds and all reason to compete for third place. They came up against a Denver team who found themselves competing for third for the second time in two visits. After massive penalty trouble in the first half, Denver came back in a big way late in the second half, halving their penalties and — with the aid of a record-breaking 44-0 jam for Sandrine Rangeon — escaping with a 210-199 victory.

Denver’s early-weekend pack penalty issues looked to be rearing their head again early on, as Texas erased a 1-0 deficit in jam two with an instant 4-2 pack advantage. Sharpless and Rangeon restored the lead as Texas’ blockers joined Denver’s in the box.

Minor penalties assessed on Killbox and Julie Adams meant a long two-minuter followed that let Killbox pull the Texecutioners back to within a point with a 12-9 jam. The next couple of jams were a wash–but a 35-0 for Olivia Shootin’ John gave Texas their first big lead of the bout, 25 of which were scored with Adams in the box, along with as many as three Denver blockers for much of the jam..

When Adams came out of the box in the next jam she had an instant change to make amends when Vicious was boxed as Adams returned to the track. Adams put up five before being flattened by Barbara Ambush–that left it 57-34 in Texas’ favour.

Several minutes later, though, Texas’ lead had all but evaporated; with thirteen minutes left on the period clock, Denver were trailing by just eight points at 60-52 — but at that point, the dangerous OJ got handed another power jam when Juska landed in the box with the Denver star. She couldn’t do the same damage as last time, but put up 19 points in the face of solid defenwe from Cruz and Akers, giving Texas a 79-52 lead.

With ten minutes remaining to play, following a smooth 4-0 for Sharpless, Texas called their first timeout. When play resumed, they sent Killbox out to jam with a 3-2 pack advantage against Juska; Killbox added four but trusted her defense to hold Juska, running for another 5 as the Texas four-wall locked down on the Denver jammer.

Denver wound up back in penalty trouble again — with six minutes left in the period, they’d racked up twice as many penalty minutes as Texas (20-10) and found themselves again at a 4-2 pack disadvantage. Juska was able to pick up a single point in the next jam, keeping the score within 20 points at 89-70 in Texas’ favour.

Smarty Pants extended that lead with a 4-0 in similar circumstances; OJ then got a quick lead jammer call over Sharpless and a 4-2 Texas pack. As the jam was called, Sharpless picked up two points and a major low block, handing Texas a power jam to start the next jam. They sent out Smarty Pants but it took her 45 seconds to make an initial pass; her first scoring pass was faster and she made her second as Sharpless returned to the track, picked up lead jammer status and called off the jam. At the jam’s conclusion, Texas held a 106-72 lead.

It was another power jam then for Texas as Juska landed in the box after a fourth minor; this was the third unopposed scoring opportunity for Olivia Shootin’ John and she turned it into a 20-0 win, letting the Texecutioners go to the locker room with a 126-72 halftime lead.

A power jam for each team in the opening five minutes of the second half saw the teams trade big jams, but Texas maintained their lead at 141-95 with 24 minutes on the clock.

Blocker penalty trouble again reared its head for Denver; Juska was able to put up a 4-0 despite a 4-2 pack disadvantage but in the next jam, Killbox made relatively short work of a short Denver pack for a 4-0 as Sharpless got hung up amongst the Texas blockers. It was clear, though, that Texas were in penalty trouble of their own — and with their jammers: they sent OJ out for an intentional fourth minor as Killbox jammed, and then Killbox for her own intentional fourth in the next jam.

Rangeon was able to close the gap with a natural 14-0 as Vicious Van Gogo failed to make an initial pass; Juska backed that up with a lead jammer call and a quick 2-0 over OJ. In the next jam, the two Denver blockers were unable to stop Vicious making a quick first pass but they pulled it together on her scoring pass, holding her to 2-0.

It was then Rangeon’s turn to shine again — she put up a natural 14-0 as Killbox got stuck in the Denver pack, copping a battering from, in particular, Quigley who laid her out on the infield. The momentum continued as Juska put up a 4-0 over OJ, bringing the score to 150-133 with Denver trailing.

Texas were able to maintain but not extend that lead over the next couple of jams and called their second team time-out with 13:35 on the clock and the score standing at 157-140. When play resumed, OJ ran for a natural 13-0 as Belle Starr locked down a seemingly punchdrunk Juska, stretching Texas’ lead to 30 points. It went the other way in the next jam, though — Vicious got stuck behind James as Adams put up 4-0.

Rangeon had an easy run against just two Texas defenders, adding five points before OJ escaped the pack and three more before calling off the jam. Denver called their second time-out then to stop the clock with just over ten minutes remaining as they trailed 170-152.

After a 0-0 jam, Vicious had a quick first pass and called off the jam right as Adams picked up a major multiplayer block as she attempted a uniform whip, heading to the box with the Denver star. Texas sent out Olivia Shootin’ John, hoping for another big jam — heavy defense from Quigley and Long slowed her scoring and eventually forced a major cut, shortly after Adams returned to play. Adams was able to add 9 before the jam expired, leaving the score at 190-162 in Texas’ favour with six minutes left to play.

Texas called an official review at that point and in the next jam, Barbara Ambush was the only Texas player on the track — Rangeon cruised for an easy 15 before OJ returned to play. As Texas continued to experience blocker penalty trouble that left them with either only one on the track or two blockers separated by a clump of Denver blue, OJ struggled to make an initial pass and Rangeon was able to secure the lead change — her spectacular 44-0 brought the score to 206-190 with 3.29 on the clock. That 44-0 run was the highest score ever achieved in post-season play–the former record was 40-0, secured by Rangeon against Sacred City at last year’s Western Regional Playoffs.

Denver then sent out Juska, who ran into trouble on her scoring pass but was able to add 4-0 over Killbox. With a 3-2 pack advantage, Vicious van Gogo was able to pick up lead jammer status over Rangeon — she picked up 4 and called it off, leaving the score at 210-194 in Denver’s favour with 90 seconds left on the period clock.

She looked to back that up in the very next jam against Juska; grinding defense on both teams’ part kept the jammers’ initial passes slow — Vicious added 5-0 and called off the jam with 15 seconds remaining, allowing Texas to call their final time-out to secure one last jam. They trailed 199-210 and sent out OJ for the last jam of the night. Both teams had just two blockers; Denver fielded Akers with the star for her first and only time in the game — she picked up a quick lead jammer call and ran out the clock to secure a 210-199 win and the third-place crown.

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Texecutioners retain #1 slot in the South Central Mon, 08 Oct 2012 01:43:45 +0000 SC Championship: 1SC Texas Repels 6SC Atlanta, 144-124

By Lex Talionis

Republished with permission from Derby News Network


LINCOLN. NE — Texas took a second straight South Central title with a 20-point win over Atlanta, but the Dirty South were in the game right up the the final jam. Atlanta led for much of the first half before Texas came back on them to lead at the half. They came back again to lead in the second half–but Atlanta handed Texas two powerjams in the final three jams to eventually succumb 144-124 and go to their home-town Championships tournament as the second seed from the South Central region.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

The first lead jam call went to Merchant of Menace–Texas took the back from the first whistle, but relentless pressure from Menace combined with stout defence from Switchblade Siouxsie meant Atlanta got their jammer out first. They were already five points to the good when Olivia Shootin’ John hit the box; that made it 15-0 with two minutes gone.

Jammunition got lead, but Polly Gone made her work very hard for her first five points to limit the powerjam damage. She got three more before being forced into a call with Atlanta leading 23-0 with 26:06 on the clock.

The lead hovered around the 20-point mark for the next ten minutes until a run of lead calls for Texas pulled them back to within 13–and a 4-2 win for Killbox over Jammunition triggered by a late call from the Atlanta jammer made that deficit 11.

But next time out Vicious Van Go Go was battling with Alassin Sane with Merchant of Menace stuck at the back of the pack, and found herself boxed. Barbara Ambush, Bloody Mary, Curvette and Smarty Pants limited the damage in that whole powerjam to 8 points as Atlanta ran into pack penalty problems.

That meant Killbox had little trouble putting three grand slams with Jammunition stuck in the pack–and she made sure Jammunition stayed there when they broke the pack at the same time and she slowed the Atlanta jammer down sufficiently to make sure she was re-absorbed and stayed in the pack for long enough to ensure Texas took a 45-44 with eight minutes left in the half.

Losing the lead wasn’t the worst thing that happened to Atlanta that jam, however–an egregious low block from Queen Loseyateefa meant the Atlanta blocking star was expelled. The lead had stretched to 12 with single-pass jams when Vicious Van Go Go was boxed on a major forearm. Again Texas had four blockers on the track for the majority of that powerjam and limited Merchant’s scoring to 8 for a second consecutive powerjam.

Killbox then got a powerjam of her own–but it was Atlanta’s turn to give a lesson in penalty killing with Belle of the Brawl, Scout Snipe Her, Wild Cherri and Alassin Sane holding her for long periods, and limited her to 10 points. Olivia Shootin John closed out the half with a lead call and a quick 4-0 to give Texas a 72-54 lead at the half.

A 0-0 opened the second period, but Alassin Sane did some sterling lone work at the front of the Atlanta pack for long enough for Mercant of Menace to grab a natural grand slam. Her second pass was only two points though, which OSJ matched for a 7-2 total.

Atlanta nibbled their way back to a 10-point deficit before Texas’ defence started to switch on again, with Belle Star doing a particularly effective job demoralising Atlanta’s jammers. They made that lead 20 before Killbox hit the box. Texas only had two blockers on the track this time, and Nora Gretz put up the 20 she needed to tie it up with some incredible displays of toe-stop balance before Killbox got out of the box, and three more after she was out to give Atlanta a 94-91 lead with 16:26 left.

Over the next two minutes the teams traded points to keep that gap–and then OSJ and Hollicidal traded powerjams. That gave Atlanta an 8-point lead as they came off slightly the better with Rebel Yellow and Wild Cherri holding OSJ when she came out of the box towards the end of the jam. That left it 107-99 with 11:54 on the clock.

Both teams spent the next five minutes looking for a big jam to give either a decisive advantage, but it didn’t come. Five high speed single-pass took the game into its closing minutes. Vicious Van Go Go got lead with five minutes to go, but badly botched an apex jump and found herself on the way to the box on a misconduct call as she levelled an Atlanta blocker as she landed.

That looked likely to have cost Texas the game–but stout defence from Texas limited Menace’s scoring, and then Menace tried to call the jam despite not having been called lead. That resulted in an IP minor–but it was her fourth, and it sent her to the box.

With 3:09 on the clock Smarty Pants lined up unopposed 112-124, but with an Atlanta four-wall in front of her. She put up 12 points in that jam before calling it after a massive sternum hit from Wild Cherri to tie the game up.

That meant that with 1:40 on the clock the teams were tied on 124, and Atlanta held a 4:3 pack advantage courtesy of a high block call on Killbox at the end of that power jam. Vicious took the star for what turned out to be the last time–she got lead and Merchant of Menace was boxed for the second time in three jams on a deeply unfortunate major cut as she pivoted around a hit and just skidded back in bounds.

This time Vicious made no mistake and put up a 20-0 jam to close it out, with Texas taking another South Central title 144-124.

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Texecutioners punch their ticket to WFTDA Champs Sat, 06 Oct 2012 21:13:54 +0000 SC Semifinal: 1SC Texas Overwhelms 4SC Tampa, 249-98

By Lex Talionis and Justice Feelgood Marshall

Republished with permission from Derby News Network

LINCOLN, NE — Within two jams of the bout starting, it was apparent an upset was not on the cards. Two jams into the second half and Tampa’s hopes of coming out of the tournament bearing medals and tickets to Atlanta looked to take a serious hit when star jammer Little A’s head hit the floor after a crunching hit from Texas’ Polly Gone. While Little A took no further part in the game, Tampa’s back-ups stepped up to ensure the second half margin was much the same as the first; Texas finished 249-98 to skate into yet another SC Regional final and maintain their 100 percent Championship tournament attendance record.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

Texas held a 7-6 lead five minutes into the game, but they opened it up on the next jam, using hard hitting defense led by Polly Gone and Luce Bandit to keep Tampa’s Taz in the pack — or on the floor — for a full two minutes. Vicious Van Go Go dropped 19-0 on that one, and it was a 26-7 game with 22 minutes left in the first half.

A smooth, agile 4-0 from Killbox kept the margin increasing before a remarkable 4 scoreless jams in a row kept the score frozen at 30-7 with 17:30 to play in the half. Olivia Shootin’ John finally broke the logjam, once again with the help of Polly Gone leading a gang beating on Tampa jammer Flirtin W Disaster. OSJ ran up a 14-0 there and Texas called their first timeout at 46-7 with 15:46 on the half clock.

Little A got her team back on the board after the break with a quick 3-0; on the followup, it was yet again the ubiquitous Polly Gone putting the Tampa jammer on the concrete while Texas’ Vicious Van Go Go rode the defense to a 10-0. With 13 minutes in the half, Texas was up 56-11.

With the score 59-15 with 10:30 to play in the half, Tampa got a break when Texas jammer Vicious Van Go Go had her star pop off her helmet mid-jam, forcing her to waste a lap retrieving it; Little A capitalized with 9-1 and it was 60-24 going into the last ten minutes of the half.

Things were remarkably low-scoring for the next five minutes, with Tampa on the right side of a series of 4-0 jams. With 4:30 to play, Tampa had half Texas’ score at 64-32, but Smarty Pants and Barbara Ambush completely stuffed Tampa jammer Lil Bit Breaker while Vicious Van Go Go scooped 20.

With Lil Bit eventually forced to the box, the jam ended with Texas in an extremely strong position, up 84-32 with 2:53 left in the half and with Killbox unopposed against a 2-2 pack. That one went huge for 29-4, and OSJ finished off the half with a 9-0. In just five minutes, the game had gone from a relatively balanced 32 point battle to an 86-point blowout at 122-36.

Two jams into the second half Tampa’s hopes of keeping things respectable took a body blow–Little A was taken down by a huge hit from Polly Gone and, after a medical time-out, she was removed from play by EMTs and did not return to action. After play resumed, OSJ was penalised for a high block and Taz Maniac put up a 13-0, despite some strong hitting from Polly Gone in the Texas pack.

Two jams later Killbox had already put up 10 when a clearly shattered Flirting W Disaster was boxed on a fourth minor–by the time that penalty had expired the lead was 162-53. 12 points across four jams from Tampa kept their scoreboard ticking over with Blaque Jac’s wrecking ball offense generally the reason–but Texas added 12 in the same period, keeping the Tantrums in check.

11 points were added in a powerjam by Reeces over Killbox–but Tampa gave up 6 points in that jam too as all of their five skaters on the track took their turn in the box. A 8-4 jam in Taz Maniac’s favour took Texas over the 200 mark when Hauss the Boss misjudged a call and tried to run blocker penalty time. Tampa’s next points came with about three minutes to go to make it 236-91. Killbox and Disaster shared a relatively high-scoring jam as Killbox ran the clock after getting lead; she closed the bout out before Tampa passed 100.

Texas won 249-98 and progress to the South Central championships final at 6 pm tomorrow, maintaining their 100 percent championships appearance record. Tampa will have a second shot at booking their trip to Atlanta at 4pm tomorrow against the loser of Kansas and Atlanta.

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Texecutioners pummel Omaha at Regional Playoffs Sat, 06 Oct 2012 01:07:16 +0000 SC Quarterfinal: 1SC Texas Pummels 8SC Omaha, 375-72
By Lex Talionis

Republished with permission from Derby News Network


LINCOLN, NE — Texas steamrollered their way past Omaha, putting up a 300-point win in the process to book their traditional place in the South Central semifinals, 375-72.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

A combination of wrecking-ball offense from Daisy Mayhem and a sweetly-timed apex jump from Ima Firestarter let Omaha put their first points on the board in jam two, but in the next jam things started to go badly wrong. Killbox put up a 25-0 when Midlife Crashes was boxed–she could have had more but botched the call-off just after Crashes was released from the box with time still to run on the jam clock.

Texas’ scoring run continued; Vicious Van Go Go made it 56-0 on a powerjam despite making a mess of an apex jump before Killbox made it 60-0. Omaha picked up two with their first lead call of the evening with ten minutes gone as Mikillya, Molly Massacre and Axl Rogue played pinball with Smarty Pants.

It was 89-4 when Vicious was boxed on a major low block; she attempted a spin approaching the back of the pack but slipped, and took an Omaha blocker out with a two-footed sliding tackle from behind for which she was lucky to avoid immediate expulsion. That let Eblastagirl put up five, with her scoring cut down mostly courtesy of some persistent blocking from Luce Bandit.

The next Omaha points went up with eight minutes left in the first period when Ima Firestarter made the most of a strung-out start to grab a quick lead and 4-0 to make it 132-13. Anna Maniac got lead after a 20-0 from Smarty Pants and added two to her team’s total, and two jams later Firestarter again got points on the board as she shared a 13-4 with Killbox, which turned out to be the final points on the board for either team that half and made it 169-19.

After a run of single-digit Texas jams where their scoring was limited by some simple but effective dis-engagement offense from Omaha, Omaha got points in two consecutive jams. OSJ and Ima Firestarter shared a 13-4 as the Texas jammer tried to run some penalty time, and then Anna Maniac got a quick lead and an even quicker 4-0 in the very next jam to make it 197-27.

It was 266-32 when Killbox passed the star off the start to Luce Bandit–but Anna Maniac got out first regardless, and picked up a scoring pass while Luce Bandit was on her way to the box on a major backblock.

Desi Cration was the only Texas skater on the track at the start of the next jam, letting Ima Firestater through for a very easy lead jam call and 20 easy points to make it 266-52 in a little under a minute. That left Anna Maniac starting the next jam unopposed with a 2:2 pack in front of her–she got lead and called it at 4-0 after Luce Bandit was released and slipped through the pack unnoticed. OSJ pushed Texas over 300 with a natural 30-0 over Rady Ruck with seven minutes to go as Omaha’s jammers’ fatigue started to show.

Vicious Van Go Go then gave Eblastagirl some points as she tried to clear the Texas penalty box when they shared a 17-8, before Anna Maniac and OSJ also shared 17-8 as Texas ran the clock. A big powerjam for Killbox ended the bout; Texas finished 375-72 winners.

Texas go into the semifinals tomorrow against Tampa at 2pm tomorrow; Omaha head into the consolation bracket at 8pm tomorrow.

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2012 SEASON RESULTS Tue, 25 Sep 2012 22:11:34 +0000 2012 HOME TEAMS W/L SEASON RECORD including post-season
1st PLACE Hell Marys 5 0
2nd PLACE Hotrod Honeys 2 3
3rd PLACE Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 3 2
4th PLACE Hustlers 0 5

Bout 1: Saturday, March 3 – SOLD OUT CROWD!
Hell Marys 144 – Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 87
Hotrod Honeys 141 – Hustlers 59

Bout 2: Saturday, April 21
Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 136 – Hotrod Honeys 134
Hell Marys 165 – Hustlers 69

Bout 3: Saturday, May 19 – ALL-STAR GAME!
Texecutioners 117 –  Wheels Of Justice 148
Firing Squad 89 – Axles Of Annihilation 203

Bout 4: Saturday, June 2
Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 146 – Hustlers 108
Hell Marys 126 – Hotrod Honeys 109

Star Of Texas Bowl Tournament:
Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22

Bout 5: Saturday, August 18
Semi-final Playoffs!
Hotrod Honeys 137 – Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 122
Hell Marys 194 – Hustlers 109

Bout 6: Saturday, September 8
Bout 1 – Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 192 v Hustlers 132
Bout 2 – Hell Marys 145 v Hotrod Honeys 126

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Texecutioners qualify for South Central Regionals Thu, 09 Aug 2012 14:14:49 +0000 The Texecutioners have qualified as the #1 seed at the WFTDA South Central Regionals for 2012. The tournament — also known as the ‘Landlocked Lace-Up’ — will be held in Lincoln, Nebraska, on the weekend of October 5-7, and the top three teams from the event will progress to November’s WFTDA Championship Tournament, where they’ll compete against top teams from WFTDA’s three other regions.

The Texies have been ranked in the top two teams in the South Central region since its inception and are one of just three teams who have progressed to Championships every year (the other two are our recent guests at the Star of Texas Bowl, Windy City Rollers and the defending champs, Gotham Girls Roller Derby).

Ten teams have qualified to participate at the Landlocked Lace-Up:

1. Texas Rollergirls (Austin, TX)
2. KC Roller Warriors (Kansas City, MO)
3. Houston Roller Derby (Houston, TX)
4. Tampa Roller Derby (Tampa, FL)
5. Nashville Rollergirls (Nashville, TN)
6. Atlanta Rollergirls (Atlanta, GA)
7. No Coast Derby Girls (Lincoln, NE)
8. Omaha Roller Girls (Omaha, NE)
9. Tallahassee Rollergirls (Tallahassee, FL)
10. Jacksonville Rollergirls (Jacksonville, FL)

For more information about the tournament, including the bracket and hotel information if you want to make the trek to Lincoln to support the Texies, please visit

All tournament games will be streamed at and we’ll have information about local watch parties, and a detailed preview of the event, closer to the date. Watch this space!

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Thank you Star of Texas Supporters! Thu, 02 Aug 2012 21:38:25 +0000 Wow — what a weekend! We were so thrilled to see so many of you come out to watch the amazing derby on show at the Star of Texas Bowl. While the Texecutioners didn’t come away with any wins, our home-town fans screamed for joy with every point and kept everyone’s spirits high all weekend long.


If you missed the games, you can catch up by reading recaps right here on our site, or by heading to for archived video. In a nutshell, defending 2011 WFTDA champs the Gotham Girls steamrolled the competition, emerging with a 3-0 record. Bay Area defeated Texas and Windy City, and Windy City defeated Texas.

Windy City 143 Texas 121
Gotham 254 Windy City 89
Bay Area 159 Texas 88

Gotham 187 Bay Area 89
Bay Area 195 Windy City 180
Gotham 265 Texas 60

In the exhibition games, our Firing Squad defeated the visiting Cen-Tex All-Stars 152-134 and the Austin Derby Brats, along with visiting skaters from Corpus Christi and Atlanta, showed the world what the next generation of derby talent is capable of!

Of course, all this amazing action wouldn’t be possible without the support and dedication of a whole lot of people, starting with you, our fans — THANK YOU for your passion and for screaming yourselves hoarse over the weekend. You remind us every game why we skate for Texas.

It also wouldn’t be possible without the teams that travelled all the way to Austin for this weekend’s games — thanks, Gotham Girls, Bay Area Derby Girls, Windy City Rollers, Cen-Tex Sirens, Atlanta Derby Brats and Sparkling City Roller Dollz for playing with us this weekend. We loved having you here and hope you come back sometime!

We had a huge staff of volunteers working trackside and behind the scenes to make this happen. There’d be no on-track action without our refs, non-skating officials, announcers, crowd wranglers, will-call whizzes, the Derby Brothers — and the list goes on! It takes a village and we are grateful to each and every person who stepped up to volunteer this weekend.

Finally, thank you to the amazing food sponsors who kept our skaters and volunteers fed and energetic all weekend long!
Austin Pizza
Rounders Pizza
Green Mesquite BBQ
Hyde Park Bar and Grill
Kind Bars
Green Island Catering
Zico Coconut Water
Rio’s Brazilian
Taco Deli

And a huge thank you to our other tournament sponsors:
Starwood Hotels
Massage Envy
All State
Five on Five magazine
Atom Wheels
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RECAP: Gotham Defeats Texas Mon, 23 Jul 2012 03:58:18 +0000 Republished with permission from Derby News Network.

Star of Texas: #1 Gotham Sets New Consecutive Win Record, Defeats #4 Texas 265-60

Lex Talionis

Photo by Steve DeMent

AUSTIN, TX — In the final game of the Star of Texas Bowl, the 2011 WFTDA champions Gotham swept the weekend by handing hosting Texas the biggest defeat in their long history, skating out 265-60 victors.

The two teams came into the game with very different aims; Gotham were 2-0 for the weekend and trying to take the tournament, while Texas were 0-2 and trying to avoid the wooden spoon. Gotham had already beat both of Texas’ vanquishers by over 100 points, and had something else their sights too –the all-time sanctioned winning streak record. They’d equalled it in their game against Bay Area at the start of the day, having won each and every one of the 22 games they’d played on the flat track since their 113-79 loss to Rocky Mountain back in November 2010. Gotham duly supplied a massive victory, extending that streak in some style.

Texas were clearly not daunted by the odds at the start, though–Olivia Shootin’ John got lead and two points in the first jam of the game over Gotham vet Bonnie Thunders. Vicious Van Go Go and Suzy Hotrod shared a 0-0 jam to the Austin crowd’s delight, but their joy was shortlived.

Photo by Steve DeMent

Killbox was boxed after Bonnie Thunders had already got her first scoring pass in after coming off worse from a long tustle with Donna Matrix and Hyper Lynx. Belle Starr showed off some great low-speed blocking in the Texas pack to limit the damage — but by the time the jam ended Gotham had a 25-2 lead.

Sexy Slaydie and Fisti Cuffs then held OSJ at the back of the pack for long enough for Slambda Phage to put nine more on the board. Vicious Van Go Go next got lead after beating Davey Blockitt one-on-one at the front, and her singular point was met with a deafening roar from the Austin crowd. The crowd had something else to cheer about in the next jam when Killbox stole four despite Suzy being called lead.

Texas slowly started to find their feet in a run of low-scoring jams as the period rolled on to the halfway point with Gotham leading 40-7. Polly Gone then delivered a series of big hits on Claire D Way to let OSJ put ten on the board for Texas – and she continued to batter the Boston transfer after OSJ was boxed on a major cut to limit Claire to 5 points in the jam. Another five for Bonnie in the next jam before OSJ was released put Gotham in a 50-17 lead, and four more at the death gave Gotham a 37-point lead with 11 minutes to halftime.

A lovely little sidesurf from Killbox to escape from the pack gave the home crowd more to cheer about, and it was enough to limit Suzy Hotrod to four in the jam. Next jam it was Barbara Ambush’s turn to wail on a newer Gotham skater, helping Vicious hold Slambda to a 0-0. Suzy gave Gotham a 50-point margin despite some classy offense from Belle Star and added to it two jams later as Sexy Slaydie laid hit after hit on Texas’ lead scorer OSJ to the audible disgust of the home crowd.

Photo by Steve DeMent

Gotham showed they could do active offense too, with Fisti Cuffs and Mick Swagger clearing a path for Bonnie Thunders after OSJ was boxed as the half came to a close to see Gotham past the century mark, with GGRD leading 106-17 as the penultimate jam of the half started.

Killbox managed to break the crowd’s silence when she got lead and three points–but when the next jam started with seconds left in the half, the crowd was again briefly silenced as Vicious Van Go Go was boxed. But Bloody Mary dominated Claire D Way for the duration of the power jam, limiting her scoring and Vicious Van Go Go stole four with a huge apex jump as she got out of the box to give the crowd a lift at the break, with Texas 99 points behind at 124-25.

Single-digit jams for Bonnie, Suzy and Slambda pushed Gotham further ahead before a 10-0 for Claire gave Gotham a 154-25 lead with nine minutes left in the period. Killbox got Texas’ first lead jam call of the period next jam, but Hyper Lynx ensured she was re-absorbed into the pack and forced her into a 0-0 call. OSJ was then boxed on a high block call, letting Suzy Hotrod stack up points as Fisti Cuffs again punched holes in the light Texas pack. Soon even that wasn’t needed as the Texas pack was reduced to one, letting Suzy score at will and push the lead to 163.

With almost 14 minutes gone in the half, Killbox put the first Texas points on the board for the period, expressing extreme dissatisfaction at her pack for holding the back as she approached. Texas continued their scoring in the next jam as Vicious Van Go Go took advantage of a major forearm on Slambda Phage to rack up 9 points. OSJ made it three lead from three jams next up, but not without giving up some points when Slambda escaped to make the score 192-44. Killbox then made it four from four and found herself on another powerjam as Bonnie picked up a major low block, and got 10 points thanks to a lengthy bruising battle with OMG WTF and Sexy Slaydie.

Suzy then got Gotham’s first lead call in five, and she pushed Gotham past 200 as Vicious Van Go Go was utterly battered by Davey Blockit and Mick Swagger before being boxed on a major cut Slambda finished off the powerjam before a visibly pained Vicious handed Gotham another one. When that was done Gotham had a 240-54 lead with five minutes remaining. An official timeout followed that saw Texas blocker Molotov M Pale removed for gross misconduct, after which Claire guided Gotham to 250.

With 1:20 left in the bout Bonnie lined up against OSJ and she duly took the lead past 200 as the Gotham bench watched the clock–OSJ managed four points over the jam as the clock ticked down, leaving her team 205 points down, the biggest defeat ever suffered by the Texecutioners.

The bout ended 265-60 — Gotham ran the Star of Texas bowl 3-0 and sent their winning streak to a record-high 23.

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