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Whether you’re a seasoned skater looking to sharpen your skills or a newer skater with just the basics, the Texas Rollergirls Rec League can help you get fit and develop into a strong, confident skater.

Many of our current premier league skaters are alumni of our Rec League program!

Sign up for our Rec League and get started on your own derby and fitness goals. The first Rec session of the year has already started, but it’s still not too late to join.

The fastest track to the Premier League is Texas Rollergirls Rec League!

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Primer to Texecutioner – All In A Flash Tue, 09 Oct 2012 03:45:24 +0000 Article by Jilly Hitzinger

Flash Gorgeous Skating In Rec

I first met Flash Gorgeous last year during a wheel maintenance seminar. We were seated in the back of Apparition Skates, sipping margaritas as Kat A Killzem lead us through cleaning our bearings.

I introduced myself to her, excited to see her skates were much like mine: vintage Riedell speed skates. Unlike mine, however, hers were clearly well-used and well-loved. She told me she’d been a speed skater in her youth, and these had been her mother’s skates.

These skates–half a size too small, by her own admission–have taken her on a spectacular trajectory within the Texas Rollergirls.

Joining the TXRG Rec League in June of 2011, she tried out and was then drafted onto the Honkytonk Heartbreakers that fall, and onto the Texecutioners not long after that. In less than a year, she had gone from a complete derby newbie, to a skater on one of the highest-ranked teams in the country.

I recently sat down with her for coffee, and to learn more about her and her derby journey.


JH: What brought you to derby originally?

FG: I had been out with a soccer injury, and my doctor had said I could “never run again, and never play soccer again.” But he didn’t say anything about skating…

JH: How had you hurt yourself?

FG:  It was during a soccer match. Another player and I went in for a kick on the ball at the same time, and the impact broke a bone in my foot. I stayed off it for a couple weeks, and then went back to training for a marathon. I was running in the marathon, and somewhere in the eighteenth mile, I realized, “My foot’s broke.”


That injury kept Flash out of sports for two and a half years.


JH: What brought you to Austin?

FG: Mr. Gorgeous and I flipped a coin. It was either going to be Portland or Austin, and Austin won.

JH: And what brought you to derby?

FG: Mr. Gorgeous was at a coffeeshop, and he saw Radioactive doing street team duty. He asked her for a card, I found the Rec League, and the rest is history.

JH: Do you think you would have gotten into derby if the coin had landed on the other side?

FG: I’d like to think so!

JH: What were your expectations trying out for TXRG?

FG: I had none. I really just did it to see if I could.

JH: And to be a Texie?

FG: I decided to tryout for the Texie’s to test myself.  I wanted to see how much more I could be pushed and to practice as well as compete with the best in this sport.  I wanted the experience to improve and to be challenged during this journey.

JH: And boy, did that work out!

FG: Seriously!

Premier League!

JH: Tell me about speed skating when you were young.

FG: I did a lot of sports. Hockey, volley ball, track, softball, soccer. But speed skating was something I did with my mom. Coming back to Texas, coming back to skating, it really fills me with a lot of nostalgia.


Flash talks about skating with her mom fondly. Apparently Mama Gorgeous used to skate nationally!


JH: What’s your current skate setup?

FG:  Atom wheels–the only wheels I’ll use! I’ve got GRods and Poisons on my skates. I use 187 knee and elbow pads, and Pro Designed wrist guards. Pro Designed knee pads are my next planned purchase! And my skates? My mom’s. They’re thirty years old, and they’re only just now being broken in.

I smile, thinking back to that day in the back of Apparition skates. Flash gives me a wolfish grin and says, “And I’m still in those same bearings.”

You can see Flash Gorgeous and the rest of the Texas Rollergirls again in their 2013 season at the Austin Convention Center.

If you want to throw your helmet in the ring, see for tryout information!

The 2012 Texecutioners Bringing Home The South Central Regionals Gold

Photos courtesy Jennifer Ramos and Facebook

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Teaching English Using Science (AND roller derby!) Wed, 12 Sep 2012 20:11:47 +0000 One of our rec league skaters, Culture Shock Her, has created a template for teaching English to students while using science. Perfect for high school and college students, she has put together a lesson plan using roller derby as the topic!

Interested in bringing this to your school? There is a general teacher’s guide, lesson plan, and a learner worksheet here.

Are you a teacher interested in this lesson plan and have questions? You can contact Culture via email:!

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Un Conversación con un Toro Wed, 11 Jul 2012 21:38:22 +0000 Starting tomorrow, rollergirls from all over the country will be on roadtrips, getting on planes, and otherwise getting ready for the greatly looked forward to event, the NOLA Bulls Encierro.

I had the chance to speak with TXRG Rec League skater, Chile Con Concussion about the event. She kindly answered my questions, and this is what she had to say…


1. How did you first hear about NOLA Bulls?

I want to say that someone posted a video of the event on our yahoo group and from there I was instantly intrigued. What really caught my attention was that I recognized one of our own rec girls at the time. Vargas Grrl was in it. I talked to her about it and knew I must go. There was talk about bringing the event to Austin, but after going and being in the event it was pretty clear that this was something you could not replicate and could only be experienced in New Orleans.


2. What year was your first Encenierro?


4. How do you feel it has changed over the years?

It’s gotten bigger and better every year.

5. What is your favorite part of NOLA Bulls?

This is a really tough one for me. Everything from the preparation of costume and horns the months before, to the road trip with amazing women, to the actual run itself. If I had to pick just one thing, it would be the run. It starts at the time we leave the hotel in our costumes to the time we take off our skates after. I’ve never experienced a high like this in my life. First, you’re excited, you’re anxious, you’re nervous. The horn blows, and you’re off. Slow at first, trying to be nice. Baby taps on the bum. Then you pick up speed and really get the hang of it. Next thing you know, people are screaming with joy (mostly) after you wail on them. Men try to jump like gazelles into the air to avoid your swing, but seriously, there’s no escape. At the end you’re hot and sweaty, you’re still excited, you’re thirsty, you’re victorious. It’s like being a rock star, people are thanking you for beating their ass. They are asking you for more on the streets afterwards, they want a picture with you, “The Bull”. Then they buy you brunch. Best day EVER.

Photos generously shared by Chile!

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¡Vamanos a New Orleans! Fri, 29 Jun 2012 16:58:14 +0000 When I joined the Rec League in winter of 2011, it was barely February before I started hearing rumblings about the NOLA Bulls event in July. Stories of derby love, amazing costumes, and hitting people with bats sounded like an amazing way to spend a Saturday morning in New Orleans.

Rec League Bulls

This year, I am excited to be a bull myself, but I was curious how the event got started. The organizers, or Los Pastores, were kind enough to answer a few questions for me.


1. How did NOLA Bulls get started?

In 2002, Mickey Hanning ran with the bulls in Pamplona. Five years later, while celebrating Mardi Gras day of 2007, Mickey came upon one of his friends dressed as a traditional correro or “bull runner” —with the white outfit, red sash and neckerchief. Mickey thought it would be a brilliant idea to start a bull run of sorts in New Orleans. He enlisted the help of his wife, Beth, a gallery manager and friends Tracey Bellina, a graphic designer and then Big Easy Rollergirl, and Dylan O’Donnell, a marketing director. The four called themselves the Nola Bulls and they feverishly began planning for the first ever San Fermin in Nueva Orleans.

2. What year was the first Encierro?

The first Encierro in New Orleans took place on July 7, 2007, at 8 a.m.—just a few months after the initial meeting.

2007 Encierro
 ©Jared Howerton, 2012

3. How many skaters participated in the first? How many runners?

There were only 13 skaters from the Big Easy Rollergirls and roughly 200 runners who participated in the first Encierro.

 ©Jared Howerton, 2012

4. How do you feel it has changed over the years?

One thing we never expected to happen was that the event would grow internationally so quickly. In the first year, the city of Pamplona recognized our event by running a story about it in the official town paper, Diario de Navarra. The Associated Press picked up the event the following year, and we made CNN’s Headline News. With every news article and YouTube video that ran, our small event escalated from one silly, fun Saturday to an all out 4-day festival that celebrates the rich (and important) Spanish history of New Orleans. As of 2011, we officially have the largest Encierro in the world. Over 400 roller girls come from over 30 leagues from as far away as Germany to participate in San Fermin in Nueva Orleans, as do the thousands upon thousands of runners. And because we work as a creative force, we are always working to find new ways to celebrate San Fermin.

After learning all of that, I am even more excited for the Encierro this year!

For more information, please head to!

 ©Jared Howerton, 2012


About the author:
Jilly Hitzinger, #7-8, is a proud skater in the Texas Rollergirls Rec League. She saw her first derby bout in 2006 in New York City, and upon moving to the original home of roller derby, decided to take the plunge for herself. She thanks roller derby for teachng her new skills, dramatically increasing her Facebook friend count, and bringing the Pickleback into her life.

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