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Every three years, the roller derby community comes together and hosts the most magical event – the Roller Derby World Cup. The Roller Derby World Cup is roller derby’s greatest showdown of athleticism, comradery, and diversity. This year, 38 national teams will compete for the title of Roller Derby World Champions. These teams include countries such as Korea, Finland, Iran, and Argentina, just to name a few, with representation from six continents.

The Texas Rollergirls are extremely fortunate to have nine skaters representing six teams at this year’s competition.

For Team ZA from South Africa, TXRG has two skaters representing — Booty Queen from the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and DeBella DeBall from the Texecutioners. Booty Queen skated for Team ZA in the 2014 World Cup, while DeBella DeBall will be making her South African team coaching debut.

Me Shove You Long Time from the Hustlers and the Firing Squad will be skating with Team Philippines. An exciting year for Team Philippines, as this is the team’s first appearance at the Cup.

Another first-time World Cup team is Costa Rica. Jammit Janet, lovable skater from the Hustlers and Firing Squad, will be skating with Costa Rica.

Long-time TXRG skater and announcer Muffin Tumble will be pulling double duty, both skating with Team Korea and working as an announcer for the tournament. Team Korea is another exciting first-time World Cup team this year.

Peacewar, Hell Mary and Texecutioner, will be making her Team Mexico debut this year. However, this is not Mexico’s first go-around; they made their World Cup entrance in the 2014 competition.

Skating for the third consecutive year, in every World Cup so far, is the reigning world champions — Team USA. Aja Gair, Jackie Daniels, and Smarty Pants from the Texecutioners will all be representing the United States this year at the Cup. While Aja will be making her Team USA and World Cup debut, Jackie Daniels skated in 2014, and Smarty Pants is a seasoned USA veteran, skating all three World Cup competitions.

This year’s tournament will be held on February 1 – 4 and hosted by the Rainy City Rollergirls in Manchester, UK. The games will be streamed live here, so be sure to catch the Texas Rollergirls as they fight for world domination.

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Pre-Game Rundown: Home Teams Double Header Thu, 18 May 2017 19:01:48 +0000 header1

The wait is over! The Texas Rollergirls are back with another heart-pounding double header. Last month’s Lone Star All-Star showdown was one for the ages, but this time it’s a battle on home turf — Texas Rollergirl vs. Texas Rollergirl.

dankeThe first game of the night will be a blur of plaid and gingham as the Hell Marys take on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. Not only did the Hells get the terrifying duo of Dolores Fuertes and Trauma back in the midseason, Freight Train will also be exploding walls and dancing on the lines. They’ve also picked up a new midseason skater, Dark Angel A Mercy, who’s sure to do some damage to the Hearts. Also look out for jammers Gravy, Baby! and Jennacide, as they juke and jive their way through the pack. Watch for heavy defense from one-person wrecking crew PeaceWar and the always fast and solid Angela Momentum. These women have been working hard and are looking to make a comeback after their loss to the Hustlers in March.

It’s been three whole months since you’ve seen the ladies in blue, but they’ve been busy preparing to fight their way back from their loss to the Hotrod Honeys in February. The Hearts have picked up a couple of new skaters in the midseason draft — Beatrix Beatdown and Iron Chinita, so look out for their fresh, fierce faces on the track. Preseason draftee Tear O’Bite is also back from injury — watch for her to put up some heavy defense against the Hells’ jammers, along with powerhouses Cold Case and Ruby Wring, who are sure to give the Hells jammers a lot of trouble. The Heartbreaker jammers you’ll want to keep your eyes on as they stump the opposing walls are Thugs Bunny, Delirium Trigger, and V8.

legalThe second game of the night will be a matchup of purple and checker as the Hustlers take on the Hotrod Honeys. The Hustlers, who beat the Hell Marys in March, are looking to make their way back to the championship game this year. They picked up Goldie Clocks in the midseason draft, so keep your eyes out for her, as well as the destructive, defensive duo of CC Boom and Bittercup. Other strong defenders include Kill Ems and Vile Vixen, who will be making the Hotrod jammers fight for every point. On the jam line, Nicki Ticki Timebomb, Alley Oops, and Spread Eagle will be throwing everything they’ve got at the Hotrod defense.

The Hotrod Honeys don’t intend to make this an easy fight. They’ve picked up a new skater, Jurassica, and will be relying on their swirling defense and fast jammers to try and outwit the ladies in purple. Keep your eyes on Bo Jacks’em, Stone-Her, MariEZ Livin’, and Nine Lives to deliver the punches to the Hustler jammers, all while playing heavy offense for their own. Hauss the Boss, Olivia Shootin’ John, and Grace Lightning are sure to leave the Hustler defense spinning.

We can’t wait to see you THIS Saturday, May 20, at the Austin Sports Center at 425 Woodward St. Doors open at 5pm, whistle at 6, but we suggest getting there early to secure a seat. This bout will sell out, so buy your tickets in advance here. This is a family-friendly event — bring your kids, your mom, your best friend, and your enemies! Love ya til it hurts!

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Pre-Game Rundown: Home Teams Double Header Tue, 16 May 2017 14:49:00 +0000 6-17-17

Get ready for another night of roller derby action with the Texas Rollergirls! These games will decide who goes to the championship game, so you don’t want to miss it!

boThe first game of the night is gonna be the Hotrod Honeys taking on the Hell Marys. Get ready for this swirling fight of black and pink and plaid. The Hotrod Honeys came out victorious in their last game against the Hustlers back in May and they’re looking for another win against the Hell Marys. Keep an eye on Hotrod jammers Stone-Her, Olivia Shootin’ John, Legal Knievel, and Grace Lightning. These jammers are fast, so you’re gonna have to keep your eyes open as they juke in and out of Hell Mary walls to make sure you don’t miss it. The heavy swirling defense and offense of Bo Jacks’em, Nine Lives, and MariEZ Livin will keep the Hell Mary jammers and blockers on their toes the entire game.

The Hell Marys, who also won their last game in May against the Honkytonk Heartbreakers, will be putting up an intense fight against the Hotrods. The heavy defense of veteran Hell Marys Trauma, Peace War, and Dolores Fuertes will be both traumatizing and terrifying to the Hotrod jammers. Jammers Freight Train, Gravy, Baby! and Jennacide will be working the Hotrod walls with their jukes and spins. This game will be an intense start to a night of hard hits and fast-moving action.

heartshustlers-150x150Next, the Hustlers will be taking on the Honkytonk Heartbreakers. Both teams are coming off of a loss, so they’ll be ready to show up and fight for that W. The Hustlers will be using their solid, unwavering walls to rattle the Heartbreaker jammers, including heavy hitters CC Boom, Bittercup, and Kill ‘Ems. They’ll be defending against the oncoming Heartbreaker jammers while the Hustlers jammers Nicki Ticki Timebomb, Alley Oops, and Spread Eagle squeeze through on the lines, making things difficult for the Heartbreaker defense.

The Heartbreakers are at a loss for the season so they’re gonna come out swinging. Luckily, the Heartbreakers have a deep jammer rotation, so they can throw a few different styles at the Hustlers walls. Their main (small, but fierce) jammers will be Thugs Bunny, Delirium Trigger, and V-H8, but you also might see Cold Case and Tear-o-Bite wearing the star. When they aren’t wearing the star, Cold Case and Tear-o-Bite, along with Danke Shame and Elle B. Bach will be doing their best to make the Hustler jammers’ lives unbearable.

This our last game before champs and we can’t wait to see you — THIS Saturday, June 17, at the Austin Sports Center at 425 Woodward St. Doors open at 5pm, whistle at 6, but we suggest getting there early to secure a seat. This bout will sell out, so buy your tickets in advance here. This is a family-friendly event — bring your kids, your mom, your best friend, and your enemies! Love ya til it hurts!

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Pre-Game Rundown: Champs 2017! Sat, 13 May 2017 18:58:01 +0000 champsIt’s finally here! The moment you’ve all been waiting for — the Texas Rollergirls Championship Double Header! This game is for all the marbles — the Texas Rollergirls home team trophy and bragging rights for the next year! Last month both games ended in upsets with the underdogs winning, so you will not want to miss this epic night of roller derby action.

thugsThe first game of the night will be for the 3rd place spot — a rematch between the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and the Hustlers. Last month, for the first time in four seasons, the Heartbreakers came out victorious, beating the Hustlers in a hard-fought battle. This time, they’re looking for the same outcome. The solid defense of Cold Case, Shiner Blond, and Tear O’Bite will be making sure the Hustlers jammers have just as hard a time as the last time. The jammers you’ll want to look out for are Thugs Bunny, Delirium Trigger, and V-H8 — they’re fast, agile, insanely powerful, and ready to tear down Hustler walls.

You should expect the Hustlers to go into this game swinging. Hard. Keep an eye out for blockers Bittercup, CC Boom, and Kill Ems to lay heavy hits and keep those Heartbreaker jammers struggling. The purple defense is strong and fast and they intend to use it. The jammers for the Hustlers to watch are Nicki Ticki Timebomb, Alley Oops, and Spread Eagle. They’re going to be wearing the star most of the night and using their brains and brawn to take down the Heartbreaker defense. This game starts at 6pm and is going to be a close one. Make sure you don’t miss it!

boNext is the championship game — the Hotrod Honeys versus the Hell Marys. This whirlwind of a game last month ended in a Hell Mary victory, but the Hotrods will be looking to stop that from happening again. The swirling, strong, seemingly impenetrable defense of Bo Jacks’em, Stone Her, Nine Lives, and MariEZ Livin will be making the Hell Mary jammers’ lives a living Hell. The Hotrod jammers Olivia Shootin’ John, Grace Lightning, and Hauss the Boss all have different, impressive skating styles that will attempt to catch the Hell Mary defense off guard.

The Hell Marys, who started this season with seven out of a eleven brand new skaters, do not intend to make this game an easy one for the Hodrods. They’ve had a rebuilding season and want to end it with a bang! Between the smart, solid, hard-hitting defense of Dolores Fuertes, Trauma, and Peace War, the Hotrod jammers will have their work cut out for them. While you won’t see Freight Train at this game, the jammers Gravy, Baby! and Jennacide will be doing work on the Hotrod defense, juking and spinning all night. The game starts at 7:30 and it’s going to be one you will not want to miss.

We can’t wait to see you at our championship game, this Saturday, July 15, at the Austin Sports Center at 425 Woodward St. Doors open at 5pm, whistle at 6, but we suggest getting there early to secure a seat. This bout will sell out, so buy your tickets in advance here. This is a family-friendly event — bring your kids, your mom, your best friend, and your enemies! Love ya til it hurts!

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Pre-Game Rundown: All Star Double Header Tue, 11 Apr 2017 18:34:26 +0000 AllSTar2017

AUSTIN, TX — Come see the best and highest level of derby being played in Texas all year right here in Austin on Saturday, April 22! First, the Texas Rollergirls’ All-Star Texecutioners (#6 in the world) will take on the Dallas Derby Devils’ Army of Darkness (#13). Next, the Firing Squad, TXRG’s B-Team, will square off against DDD’s B-Team, the Battalion of Doom. This night will prove to be a fight as the two titans of Texas battle it out at the Austin Sports Center.

25830205630_c8fc49d100_nThis is the first time in seven years these two All-Star teams will meet in sanctioned gameplay. Dallas has fought their way up the rankings since being at #44 at the end of 2014, and they’re out to prove that the now 13th ranked (and climbing) team is a force to be reckoned with. But after a very strong showing at the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Championships in November, the Texecutioners are ready for the challenge.

The Texecutioners are led this season by Team USA skaters and all-around powerhouses, captain Jackie Daniels (nicknamed “America’s Girlfriend”) and co-captain Barbara Ambush. While the team has had some retirements, they don’t plan to let that slow them down. Keep your eyes on jammers Freight Train, a terrifying combination of fast and strong, who will be sure to leave Dallas’ walls bewildered, and Nicki Ticki Timebomb, who punches the wall and dances on the line around opponents with ease. You’ll also see Smarty Pants, another Team USA skater, wearing the star this year, which is something you will not want to miss as she’s just as impressive of a jammer as she is a blocker. On the defense, blockers Trauma (also a member of Team USA) and PeaceWar, both amazingly different, but equally terrifying, will be making the Dallas jammers wish they were anywhere else.

26193644621_feeb1cfe24In the second game of the night, the Texas Rollergirls’ B-Team, the Firing Squad, will be taking on DDD’s B-Team, Battalion of Doom. With a bunch of fresh-faces who are ready to aim and fire at their opponents, you’ll want to watch for blocker Nine Lives’ patient and intentional defense, as well as veteran skater Ruby Wring’s and co-captain Me Shove You Long Time’s powerful hits. The jammers to watch are Thugs Bunny and the captain, Alley Oops. They have very different skating styles, but both can similarly fool the opposing defense.

The action begins Saturday, April 22, at the Austin Sports Center, 425 Woodward St. Doors open at 5pm, whistle at 6pm, but we suggest getting there early to secure a seat. This bout will sell out, so buy your tickets in advance here. This is a family-friendly event, so bring your kids, your mom, your best friend, and your enemies! Love ya til it hurts!

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Pre-Game Rundown: Honky Tonk Heartbreakers v Hotrod Honeys Fri, 17 Feb 2017 20:06:52 +0000 Hey, hey, Texas Rollerfriends! The Texas Rollergirls are finally back and ready to roll into season 14 after nine long months. Our first game of the season will be February 18 at our brand new venue, the Austin Sports Center, where we hope to see you cheering from the bleachers! Get your tickets here!

2.18 FB Cover Photo-01


This first game will be the rematch between last year’s third and fourth place teams, the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and the Hotrod Honeys. Both of these teams are ready to fight their way to to the top this season after being in third and fourth place for the second year in a row.

25102984002_056b608459_bThe Hotrods saw a few retirees this year, including long-time Hotrod powerhouse blocker Punkin Dominion, as well as Texecutioners DeBella DeBall and Jackie Daniels (don’t worry, you can still catch them on the All-Star Texecutioners!). But the team in pink and black are ready for a fight. They’ll be adding two strong new skaters this year, including TXRG’s Rec League alumni Grace Lightning and Nashville transfer Fleur de Lethal. Be sure to watch for the classic Hotrod tornado defense with talented skaters Bo Jacks’em, LaVooDoo, and Nine Lives who will be chipping away at the Heartbreaker jammers piece by piece. As always, your eyes peeled for lightning fast jammers Kategory 5 and Hauss the Boss, who can get out of the toughest Heartbreaker defense in a flash.

26590061503_449aff7784_bFor the Heartbreakers, this is going to be the season of the gingham and gold comeback. They’ve come in fourth every year since winning champs in 2013, but this year they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve. The Heartbreakers saw the retirement of a few skaters, including longtime blocker Fender Bender and triple threat Flash Gorgeous, but won’t be letting that stop them. They’ve picked up some talented skaters, such as Tear O’Bite, another Nashville transfer (currently out on injury, but beefing up the Heartbreaker training) and two longtime Texas Roller Derby skaters V-H8 (formerly Rasta Fury) and Elle B. Bach. Look out for the hard-hitting Heartbreaker defense with blockers such as Shiner Blond and Danke Shame as they wail on the Hotrod jammers. Be sure to watch for new Heartbreaker jammer Delirium Trigger’s fast feet to be juking the Hotrod defense and Thugs Bunny, who will be sneaking through on the lines.

“We have lost for a few seasons now, that’s been known. One thing for sure it’s a new year, new team, and new goals. Let’s face it, everyone has a secret love for the underdogs and we sure are hungry! It’s the year of the gingham because everyone wants more cowbells,” says Thugs.

We look forward to seeing you at our 2017 home opener THIS Saturday, February 18, at the Austin Sport Center, 425 Woodward St. Doors open at 5pm and we suggest getting there early to secure a parking spot. This bout will sell out, so buy your tickets in advance here. This is a family-friendly event, so bring your kids, your mom, your best friend, and your enemies! Love ya til it hurts!

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Pre-Game Rundown: Home Teams Bout 3 Thu, 07 Apr 2016 04:04:59 +0000 Hello Texas Rollerfans! We hope you enjoyed that intense Firing Squad game last month. Did you like the extra special Texie vs Texie face off? We sure did, and are so proud of our talented all-star teams! Your favorite home teams are back this Saturday, April 9, to battle it out, and determine who will play for the championship trophy in May.

thugsFirst up is the reigning champs, and still undefeated Hustlers going against the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers are done licking their wounds after a big loss to the Hell Marys last month, and are ready to get back on the track. The Heartbreakers will be relying on hardy, solid, defensive walls to slow determined Hustler jammers. Watch for captains Shiner Blond and Booty Queen blocking together with Flash Gorgeous (she only has 14 hours to save the earth!) and rookie Maeby. This could be a game for star passes, so keep an eye out for this strategy from Thugs Bunny and Mona Vaydid to pivot Scornbread. Ruby Wring just had a great game with the Firing Squad, and she is a track leader to watch out for.

maliceThe Hustlers are sitting pretty on top, but they will still have to work for the chance to defend that title on Saturday. They boast some of the baddest blockers in the league who will create walls to terrify the Heartbreaker jammers. A one-two punch from Bittercup and CC Boom can put any jammer on the ground. Me Shove You Long Time and Mostly Harmless are some of the smartest blockers in the game, and make a great duo for the ladies in purple. The Hustlers have been extending their jammer rotation this season, so you could see anyone taking the star and scoring grand slams. Watch for Malice and Young Money Mackerel jamming as well as favorites Fifi Nominon and Nicki Ticki Timebomb. Make sure you get there early to see the Hustlers take on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers at 6pm.

Our second bout of the evening is guaranteed to be a nail-biter. The Hotrod Honeys and Hell Marys are playing for a spot in next month’s championship game. The winner of this bout will go on the play the Hustlers for the trophy in May. This is going to come down to who wants it more.

faceThe Hell Marys are coming off of a huge win last month, and want to keep the momentum going. Captains Gravy, Baby! and Sandy Ravage both had a strong showing with the Firing Squad, and know what it takes to lead their team to victory. Hell Mary breakout star of the season, Angel O could have a big game Saturday. She has been working hard to transition into the jammer position, and is ready to show the Hotrods what she can do. PeaceWar is opening the evening by singing the national anthem, and she will be doing damage in any position on the track for the Hell Marys.

boThe Hotrod honeys are itching to get back to the top, and this game is a must-win for them to make that happen. The ladies in black and pink boast some of the fastest jammers in the league, and hope to capitalize on their offensive skills. Stone Her and Olivia Shootin’ John may be doing the bulk of the point scoring, but watch out for fan-favorites Hauss the Boss and Legal Knievel with the star as well. Newly rostered Texecutioner Bo Jacks’em will be a tough competitor for the Hotrods in any position, as well as captain LaVooDoo and Jackie Daniels.

The second bout is going to be edge-of-your-seat roller derby action, so make sure you stick around!

The Texas Rollergirls welcome you back to our home, The Bloodshed, THIS Saturday, April 9. Doors open at 5:15, and the first whistle blows at 6pm. Make sure you arrive early to tailgate in the parking lot, and get inside for a good seat. This is a family-friendly event with food trailers out back, and full bars inside. The bout is likely to sell out, so purchase tickets early. We can’t wait to see you trackside. Love ya till it hurts!

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Pre-Game Rundown: All-Star Bouts Wed, 23 Mar 2016 18:12:20 +0000 Hello fans of the Texas Rollergirls! Thank you for coming out earlier this month to support your favorite home team. We are giving them a bit of a break and showcasing our All Star teams for you this Saturday. This is a “low production” bout, so it will be a little less crazy, and a little more intimate, but still a LOT of hard hitting, highly skilled roller derby action. We can’t wait to show you what the best of Texas has to offer.

miniFirst up, beginning at 6pm, is our still undefeated, North American B-Team Champions, The Firing Squad. Don’t let the classification “B Team” fool you; these ladies are incredibly talented, disciplined, and mean business on the track. They are taking on Houston Roller Derby’s All Star Team, and will be bringing their “A” game.

Under the leadership of captains Virgo Vengeful and MariEZ Livin’, and coaches, Kelli and Prancing Johnny, The Firing Squad are ready to handle whatever Houston throws at them in this first bout of their 2016 season. We have some recent additions to the Firing Squad roster, ready to step it up and skate are Nine Lives, Impending Doom, Alley Oops, and Mona Vaydid. BabyFace Assassin, Mini Massacre, and Gravy, Baby! will be doing the bulk of the jamming, so watch out for them destroying Houston walls, and building a big lead for Texas.

Houston Roller Derby’s All Star Team is a solid competitor for our Firing Squad. They are led by captains 2XForce and Jekyll & Heidi, and are currently ranked 48th in the WFTDA. Watch out for Nikkity Split, Rainbow Fright, Bustin Beaver, and everyone’s favorite, Death by Chocolate.

For our second bout of the night, we have an extra special treat for you. Our all-star Texecutioners will play… themselves! That’s right, this is a Texie on Texie, black vs white, good ol’ fashioned, flat track roller derby scrimmage. The Texecutioners are currently ranked 5th in the WFTDA, so get ready to see some of the best roller derby the world has to offer!

bloodyThis will be your first chance of 2016 to see our All Star Only (ASO) skaters. These ladies have worked hard, and earned the privilege of stepping off their home team to focus only on representing the Texas Rollergirls on the world stage. Barbara Ambush, Bloody Mary, Polly Gone, and Smarty Pants are some of the cleverest skaters in the game. Watch them leading their packs, and making quick decisions to spring their jammer.

Did you know that Texas boasts FOUR current/former members of Team USA roller derby on our roster? That’s right! Our very own Smarty Pants, Trauma, Jackie Daniels, and Polly Gone have all helped the good ol’ US of A win gold in the Roller Derby World Cup. They are all strong, intelligent players who bleed roller derby. Make sure you snap a selfie with one if you can catch her!

We welcome you back to our home, The Bloodshed, THIS Saturday, March 26. Doors open at 5:15, and the first whistle is at 6pm. This is a “low production,” intimate bout, so make sure you get tickets in advance, as there will be less released, and it’s a guarantee sell-out. We can’t wait to show you what the best of Texas has to offer. Love ya till it hurts!

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Texie Crazy 8’s Tournament Fri, 18 Mar 2016 16:06:46 +0000 2016_Crazy8_Texies_Update

What: The Texies will be hosting a CRAZY 8’s Tournament

When: April 16, 2016 | 12-8pm
Where: The Blood Shed
Cost: $200 per team ($25 per skater!)
Additional Info: 8 on 8, Rules of engagement:Bring Lights and Darks. CoED, 2 Females on the track at all times. Pay Day of! Cash or Credit accepted at the door. Any questions contact

Texecutioner “vintage” chainsaw logo t-shirts will be for sale for $25!

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Hangover Tournament Thu, 10 Dec 2015 04:58:12 +0000


What: 8 on 8 Bracket Play with a 3 Bout Guarantee (bouts are condensed)
When: January 2nd
Where: The Blood Shed
Cost: $160 per team ($20 per skater!)
Additional Info: Limited to the first 8 teams to sign up! Darks vs Lights – colors of the teams’ choosing. Co-ed!

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