Derby 101

Roller derby action on the track is fast, so sometimes things can get confusing! We’ve written a “Derby 101” lesson for you here so you can get started with some background reading – click the links to the right to learn more. On the day, we’ll keep you informed with explanatory videos, information in your program and our professional announcers – or make a new friend and ask your neighbour or a passing rollergirl to help you figure out what just happened.

Roller derby is a full-contact skating sport, played on a flat, oval track, in which points are scored by lapping members of the opposition. A team consists of up to 14 players, with up to 5 on the track at any given time.

Take a moment to watch this fun overview of derby:

Check out these screen shots:

This amazing animated movie was created by Joshua Johnson – Motion Direction. Please check out his 2012 reelTHANK YOU JOSH!!!! And thank you STELLY “Thin Mint” for the sound effects and music track!

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