Jr. Derby

Junior Boot Camp

When? THIS SUNDAY, March 19th from 9a-12p, sign up at 9 geared up and ready to skate by 9:30.
Where? Pan Am skate court, corner of 4th and Chicon in East Austin. 2100 E 3rd St, Austin, TX 78702
Who? Kids ages 8-17, beginners
Cost? FREE!

What to bring? Water and snacks! Bring quad roller skates (not rollerblades or inline skates), elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, helmet (bike helmet okay), and a mouth guard. Kids will not be allowed to skate without all of the proper safety equipment. I have a few spares I will bring to borrow, but let me know to check size. Derby safety equipment can be purchased at Academy (usually for bikes or skateboarding) or Medusa Skates derby specific store in Austin (http://www.medusaskates.com/)

Our Junior League is currently on hiatus, please check back for future dates.

JR All-Stars

Junior League All-Stars playing at the Austin Convention Center, June, 2014, (C) 2014 Jennifer M. Ramos.

Texas Rollergirls proudly presents the Texas Rollergirls Junior League. The primary focus of the Texas Rollergirls Junior League is to develop athletic skills, character, confidence, leadership, and social interaction in girls through the sport of roller derby. The Texas Rollergirls Junior League intends to nurture and develop both skilled athletes and those who have not yet realized the champion inside of them. We value safety, good sportswomanship, and full participation.

Questions? Email austinderbybrats@texasrollergirls.org

JuniorsThanks Wicked for sponsoring our Jr All-Star Team!

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