Practice & Schedule

Registration for the Texas Rollergirls Junior League Spring Session is now open. New skaters must have basic skills to enroll. We no longer accept beginner skaters.

Spring Session:
February 3rd to May 4th

Practices are:
Mondays – 6:30-8:00pm – ages 8-17
Saturdays – 11:30-1:00pm – ages 12-17
Saturdays – 12:30-2:00pm – ages 8-11

NEW Location:
The Texas Rollergirls’ Practice Space — “The Blood Shed”
6110 Trade Center Drive, Suite 101b
Austin, TX 78744

Due to our new WFTDA insurance, we will now be splitting the Junior League into two groups based on age. The age groups are 8-11 and 12-17.

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Parents need not be present during practices or scrimmages but are welcome to stay and watch, if desired. 
Skaters must wear quad (not inline) roller skates and ALL protective equipment when participating in practices and scrimmages. Required protective equipment: helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and mouth guard. Also, please bring a reusable water bottle to each practice and scrimmage.

Helmet and pads may be purchased at Medusa Skates, Academy, or Sun & Ski Sports. Inexpensive boil and bite mouth guards can be purchased at Academy.

Skates can be purchased locally from Playland Skate Center, Medusa Skates, or online Rollergirl Skates.

Please make sure the equipment fits correctly – helmets should not shake or be tilted back on the head, and chin strap should be tight; elbow and knee pads should cover the joints and not slip or fall down during movement; skates may be purchased a size or two larger to accommodate growth.

Feel free to email the Texas Rollergirls Junior League managers ( for more information about the league or for recommendations on purchasing your skates and gear.

Black Eyed Bean of the Austin Derby Brats at the Austin Convention Center, May 15, 2011, Copyright Jennifer RamosBlack Eyed Bean of the Austin Derby Brats at the Austin Convention Center, May 15, 2011, (C) 2011 Jennifer M. Ramos.


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