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2014 Rec League Alumni

2014 Rec League Alumni


Registration for Level 1 and Level 2 doesn’t close and skaters may register at any time during the session. Level 2 skaters are asked to take and have passed the WFTDA Skaters Rules Test, but can be taken and passed by when in Level 1.

Registration for TXRG Rec League is done online at

  1. Set up a user account (or log in with your existing account)

  2. Follow the registration process (If you wish to register for more than one session, you must go through the registration process once for each session.)

  3. Complete necessary paperwork and agreements, as provided

  4. Pay with a debit/credit card (preferred) or personal check (NOT preferred)

  5. Arrive at Bartholemew Park early to hear up.


WFTDA insurance is required for every Rec League skater. WFTDA insurance has a $2,500 deductible for skaters with primary health insurance and a $7,500 deductible for skaters without primary. The coverage caps at $10,000. WFTDA insurance will cover you at Texas Rollergirls Rec League practices and scrimmages for all of 2016.

The annual charge from 1/1/2017–12/31/2017 is $75 and is included in the registration costs for new Rec League skaters at the start of the year. After you register, we will enter your info into the WFTDA insurance site and send you a link to complete your profile and sign a WFTDA insurance waiver. You must pay for WFTDA insurance and sign the online waiver before you arrive to skate. Coverage is not valid until you’ve completed the electronic signature.

Need help with registration? Send an email to


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