Ruby Wring

“Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem”
– Lauryn Hill’s momma

Skater name: Ruby Wring (or just Ruby!)
Skater number: 52
Position: Pivot, Blocker
Years played: Since 2007 – Texas Rollergirls
2005 – 2007 – Alamo City Rollergirls
Height: 5’5
Birthday: 24 September

Likes: Cupcakes! Chocolates! Cheese! Queso!

Dislikes: Passive Aggressiveness. Whining. Cheating. Large bodies of water.

Who is your favorite band/musician/group? Michael Jackson will always top my charts. If you wanna make me happy on the track or dance it up at the after party, play Salt N Pepa’s “Push It”. It’s not just my favorite song; it’s my anthem.

What is your most impressive derby injury? No athletic injury is anything to brag about. I’m lucky to say that I’ve never sustained anything too serious or out of the ordinary.

What is your drink of choice at your favorite bar? Water! But if you have a Malibu and Coke handy . . . I’m not picky.

Hobbies? I enjoy Scrabble and other classic board games, boot scootin’ (aka “dancing”), piggy-back ride racing, eating good queso, and using exclamation points! You can also find me at the parks catching some sunshine with my dogs.

Other sports you have played? Does marching band count? I had a pretty awesome doubles partner back in the day (Fender Bender) for tennis. Nowadays, I have a bad habit of challenging random people to table tennis games that I know I can’t win.

What’s your most embarrassing derby moment? Even though I skate bouts in denim shorts, I usually skate in jeans at practices. My knowledge about stretch denim is much more advanced these days after a few learning experiences.

How did you get into derby? I started skating in 2005 in San Antonio, TX with the Alamo City Rollergirls. Fender Bender (FeBe) saw a recruitment flyer and we did some research online and immediately knew we needed to be involved. The only small barrier was that we couldn’t skate. The first six months were rough and I pretty sure I spent more time on the floor than I did on my skates. And after I could stay on my skates, stopping and slowing down was another issue altogether. I have a lot more control now. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m thankful for the patient coaches that helped me contain my footwork in the beginning: Paloma Negra and Trouble, I’m looking at you.

Favorite food? Cupcakes, Chocolates, and Cheese! I’m not even talking the fancy stuff.

Favorite roller derby player? There are way too many to name. For real.

How did you pick your derby name? I’m pretty sure my mom actually came up with this one, although I’m not entirely sure. All of the other apparently original and totally amazing names I came up with were “taken” on the registry. And although the registry is just a courtesy, I decided to choose something “not taken”.

What’s the hardest part of being a rollergirl? Making sure all of the items are together for my boutfit. Now, I’m definitely not the most fashionable rollergirl (*cough* Stardust, Acute *cough*); but if something’s missing, it really does affect my comfort level on the track and I become a mess real quick. There’s also the issue of us all coming together to mesh minds and run this non-profit organization and make practices and keep up with new strategies and progressing skills on and off the track and travel and . . . Yeah, that’s all.

First thing you do after a derby bout: I usually skate by the other team to brag about winning and then thank the fans for coming and all that jazz. Then start cleaning up! We’re DIY and although we have many awesome volunteers that help us on bout day, everyone helps with the production.

Would you like to brag about your skates? Although one of my favorite quotes of 2010 was “Are those spurs on your skates?”, I’m happy to let it go. I loved my old skates but they officially died during the first 2011 HTHB vs Hell Marys bout. I finally got rid of the “spurs” on my skates and now own Antiks. I absolutely adore them.

You play several positions, which one is your favorite & why? I like it all, but especially when I’m in a pack with FeBe or DeBella DeBall (DBDB). FeBe and I don’t always get along off the track, but we always know what the other’s gonna do when we strap on our skates. DeBella DeBall and I just mesh well on the track. I’m pretty sure DBDB, FeBe and I are superhero triplets with different complementing superhero powers when we put on our skates.

Which one of your tattoos is your favorite – what is it and why? This derby girl doesn’t have any tattoos. What was that? Yes, we do exist.

What’s your favorite moment with derby people? Skiing with Crash N Burnadette, Shay Manyu, Tonya Hurting, Saba Taj, and Ziv at Dust Devil 2006 in Tucson!

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