Bettie Rage

Skater Name: Bettie Rage
Skater Number: 12
Position: Blocker
Team: Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

Original Bio

Height: 5’11”
Sign: Taurus
Hometown: Potomac, Maryland
Roller Girls Taken Out: 5
Hearts Broken: 11
Likes: Kustom Cars, Whisky drinkin’ music, Cigarettes, Telecasters and Gibson Hollow Bodies, Strong Men, Revolvers, High Heels, Red Lipstick, Atlas Shrugged, attention, Arabian Horses
Dislikes: Seeing people take advantage of others, whining, getting out of bed, Philosophy Majors
Most Improved Skater 2002, Best Team Spirit 2002

Bettie Rage is not from Texas, but she got here as soon as she could. This little sex pot rocked and rolled up and down the East coast, using her smarts and breaking hearts. Due to some little scandal or another, she left Richmond and made her way to Austin. She met up with the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers riding at a big ol’ ranch outside of town, where they strummed guitars, put away their fair share of rotgut, and fired their silver pistols at ghosts dancing in their campfire. Bettie Rage knew at that moment, she’d found her home, home on the range.

Bettie Rage’s ability to effectively block and pivot is tempered only by her ability to keep her breasts in her uniform. She always does her best to be kind, courteous, and diligent in her pursuit to smack down others who might mess with her team. Bettie has a big heart but a mean temper, and when pushed she has been known to explode like fourth of July firecrackers in a rusty PBR can.

  • FEB 17
  • MAR 31
  • APR 28
  • MAY 19
  • JUN 23
  • JUL 07
  • AUG 25