Shiner Blond

Skater name: Shiner Blond
Skater number: 51
Position: Jammer, Blocker, Pivot
Played derby since: 2012
Year started with TXRG: 2014

Height: 5’7
Birthday: May 1

Likes: Cooking, reading, hitting the greenbelt with my dog, crafting, elephants

Dislikes: Cilantro & bacon

What skates do you wear? Antik AR-1 custom boots (blue, white, & gold) and Avenger Magnesium plates

What’s your favorite wheel brand? Faster wheels

What’s your favorite way to work out off-skates? Running, Weight lifting

The best piece of derby advice you’ve ever been given… Just go for it! (aka get past my own mental blocks)

The best piece of derby advice you’d like to give someone new… Force yourself to step outside your comfort zone and always be willing to try different ways of doing something

Who is your derby idol? Why? There are SO many, but I’ll narrow it down to three: Kat A. Killzem, because she was the head trainer when I started Rec League and taught me how to play derby. Cybil War, because she is super encouraging and spent extra time working with me on my hits. Smarty Pants, because her training helped me improve more than I thought possible and she makes derby look so easy.

What is the best derby bout you’ve ever watched? Why? The obvious answer: 2013 WFTDA Champs Texas vs Gotham! Texas brought it! It was amazing to see all of that training and work the Texies had been doing for months in action.


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