Legal Knievel

Skater name: Legal Knievel
Skater number: 1693
Position: Jammer, Blocker
Year started with TXRG: 2014

Height: 5’11, Glamazon status!
Birthday: December 8th

Likes: Cookies (or any baked goods made by Slamdra Dee), Pizza, and Feminism
Dislikes: Running (skating is just so much more efficient), Negativity, Cold Weather

Occupation: Law Student until May 2015. After that, hopefully a family law attorney (anyone passing out jobs?)

What skates do you wear?: Antiks! Upgrading from my starter skates to my Antiks had a noticeable effect on my game. I could move quicker, cut harder, and was generally a little sturdier on my feet because I no longer had to worry about my feet/ankles going one way and my skates not going with them.

What’s your favorite way to work out off-skates? I’m a big fan of group exercise. I particularly enjoy Zumba and Body Pump and I’m starting to get into spinning. Working out off skates is a must for me, mostly because of my affinity for junk food. Yummmm.

The best piece of derby advice you’ve ever been given… When I first started skating, a derby mentor from my old league (River City Rollergirls HOLLAAA!) told me to always say what I’m seeing on the track. Not only did it help increase my awareness, but also it helps teammates know what’s going on, so even when I wasn’t experienced enough to personally react to what was happening on the track, by vocalize what was going on teammates usually could.

The best piece of derby advice you’d like to give someone new… See above.

Who is your derby idol? Why? I have so many, but pretty much all of them are my teammates/former leaguemates that have personally helped me grow into the skater I am today. I have received so many helpful tips and so much encouragement from so many wonderful skaters. I am especially grateful for my Hotrod Honeys that have put so much faith in me and my skills even when I doubted myself. They inspire me to be better every day!

  • FEB 18
  • MAR 25
  • APR 22
  • MAY 20
  • JUN 17
  • JUL 15