MariEZ Livin’

“Now there’s a Hot Mess.”

Skater name: MariEZ Livin’
Skater number: 1982
Position: Where ever ya need me
Year you started playing with TXRG: 2012
Height: 5’7”
Age: 29
Birthday: April 2, 1982

Occupation? Martial status? Are you a mom? During the Day I am a Transportation Planner…but I’m not a miracle worker!! Oh, and I am decidedly single; except for the two doggy dogs and one tortoise at home.

Who is your favorite band/musician/group? Depends on mood, time of year, goings on in life…no possible way to narrow it down.

What is your most impressive derby injury? A month into trying derby I attempted to leap over some fallen women, landed wrong, and tore my ulnar collateral ligament/UCL (the one that allows you to grip things with your hand & thumb –basically separates us from the animals). I had a cast for 6-weeks in the dead of summer. Eventually the stink from my arm began to wake me in the middle of the night. I’m sure something more crucial is in the cards.

Drink of choice at a bar? Depends on the season. I like a hearty Stout in the colder months and a light refreshing Heffy in the summer. An Amber beer is good any time of year. I like vodka, rum and whisky with a splash of something delicious. But let’s be honest…I’ll pretty much drink anything, except shots of Tequila; unless you want to see the crazy come out. Oh wait, NO HOPPY BEERS…those just don’t taste right.

Hobbies? The pottery wheel & someday it will be again. Oh, and traveling, reading, staring at walls…blah blah blah.

Other sports you have played? Swimming & kickball (is that really a sport?). Oh yeah and skee ball (for one season), but maybe the previous question applies again. In high school I tried cross-country running…until I tore my gastrocnemius muscle, then it was back to swimming. Then I tried rowing crew. That also didn’t last too long. I guess I was just waiting for Derby to come into my life.

What’s your most embarrassing derby moment? Haven’t had a public one yet…but just give me time.

How did you get into derby? Of course there were the many many hours spent in the cul-de-sac as a child, but I got started again as an adult as something to do other than sitting at the bar. Jokes on me that now the bar just waits till after practice.

Favorite food? Ice cream, Chips, & Southern Greens (yes, even at the same time).

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