Sum Ho

Skater Name: Sum Ho
Skater Number: 14
Position: Anywhere I’m needed.
Years playing derby: 2
With TXRG since: 2015

Height: 5’4″ almost
Birthday: 10.24

Likes: Being outside, swimming, dancing to 90s hip hop, fancy cheeses and empathy.

Dislikes: Wearing pants and realizing too late that I’m talking to someone who doesn’t get jokes.

Occupation: Student/Nanny

The best piece of derby advice you’d like to give someone new… I know it sounds trite, but I learned this year that you will never succeed if you tell yourself you can’t. Throw away that negative thinking and practice some self-compassion.

Who is your derby idol? Why? The Texecutioners. The brains, brawn, and dedication of that team are a beautiful thing to behold. 2015 is our year. T2K3!

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