Bad Influence

Skater name: Bad Influence
Skater number: 56
Position: Blocker
Years played: Since 2011
Height: 5’7″
Age: 41
Birthday: April 7, 1969

Occupation? Martial status? Are you a mom?
Mom/Wine Sales Person/Wife by day – Derby lover by night

What is your most impressive derby injury?
None yet. I’m either too new to the sport or just lucky.

Drink of choice at a bar?
Fernet Branca with a Ginger Back

Kids, kids, kids and drinking wine

Other sports you have played?
Rowing, Soccer, Runner, Cycling – you name it, I’ve done it.

How did you get into derby?
Started skating in November 2009 because a friend thought it sounded fun.

Who inspires you?
I’ve had two coaches in my life inspire me to do my very best: Greg Ahrs and Robin Lybolt. I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today without them.

  • FEB 17
  • MAR 31
  • APR 28
  • MAY 19
  • JUN 23
  • JUL 07
  • AUG 25