“If you had fun, you won!”

Skater name: Beef
Skater number: 100 %
Position: Jammer, Blocker
Yearyou started playing for TXRG: 2011
Height: 170180 mm
Birthday: January 15th

Likes: bacon, ice cream, Kyle, meat, shiny things, whiskey, adventure

Dislikes: mustard, traffic, cockroaches, mean people

What is your most impressive derby injury?
Hopefully I never have to answer this question!

Drink of choice at a bar?
Whiskey and Seven…you buying?

Back when I had time for hobbies, I used to knit, go caving, hiking, geocaching–pretty much any kind of exploring or crafting.

Other sports you have played?
Hockey (still play roller hockey), kickball, track, swimming, rowing, and kickboxing

Favorite food?
Meat, bacon, beef, food of any kind topped with bacon. I’m a meatatarian!

What inspires you?
Bacon ice cream

What are you most thankful for in your life?

How/why did you pick your derby name?
Because I’m huge and beefy

First thing you do after a derby bout:
Find food at the after party!

Would you like to brag about your skates?
Sure, why not?

You play several positions, which one is your favorite & why?
Jammer, because I love the adrenaline rush of getting to skate really fast!

Which one of your tattoos is your favorite?
Roller-skating T-bone steak beating the crap out of a piece of broccoli! Meat is victorious (and delicious!)!!

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