“A sucker for punishment.” 

Skater name: Bexcalibur
Skater number: 6
Position: Blocker
Skater with TXRG: 2011-2013
Bench Manager since: 2014
Height: 5’1”
Birthday: Oct. 5

Likes: Cupcakes, comfortable shoes & snuggling my cat

Dislikes: Awkward conversations, being late & I-35 traffic

Martial status? Are you a mom?
Yes; I’ve been married since 2004 & we have one daughter.

Drink of choice at a bar?
Are you buying?

Photography, insulting your mom & teaching my kid how to throw a right hook.

Favorite roller derby player?
All of the Hustlers!

  • FEB 18
  • MAR 25
  • APR 22
  • MAY 20
  • JUN 17
  • JUL 15