Skater name: Cadillac
Skater number: 350hp
Position: Jammer, Blocker
Years played: Rookie
Height: <6′
Age: somewhere between Junior Prom and AARP

Pencil pusher

Most impressive derby injury:
I fell and was hit in the face with a skate wheel, splitting my chin open. I’ve also had my thumbnail torn open when my hand was run over on the track. Ouch.

Drink of choice:
Gin and tonic

Travel, dance, theater and sports

Other sports I’ve played:
Figure skating, softball and a brief (unsuccessful) stint in gymnastics

Most embarrassing derby moment:
Definitely falling during team intros (because I was showing off) and having my shorts ripped by a teammate grabbing them for a whip.

Started skating:
I started skating at age five with a pair of Fisher Price plastic skates. At age seven, I graduated to purple unicorn skates. The rest is history.

Favorite food:

How has roller derby impacted your life:
It has improved my physical fitness, given me dozens of new friends and helped me hook my significant other (we didn’t meet through derby, but he listened attentively while I blabbed about derby for half of our first date. That’s when I knew he was a keeper)!

My skates:
Fire-engine red!

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