Coach Will Da Beast

Will Da Beast

Years at this job/experience: First year roller derby coach. I’ve been playing hockey, both ice and roller, since high school. I also spentmany years in aggressive inline skating, on both street and vert.

Likes: Films, rock climbing, caving, photography and painting. And, of course, skating, whether it’s on quads, inline or ice. Derby has very quickly become one of my favorite things.

Dislikes: Broccoli, wine breath, politicians, books and movies about vampires, sitting in the middle seat on airplanes.

What do you do at the Texas Rollergirls bout? Encourage, strategize, inspire, reinforce, call plays, basically whatever I need to do to help The Hustlers get the most out of each bout.

What other teams/leagues have you worked with? The Hustlers are my first. My cherry is being popped as we speak.

What is your outside-of-derby job? Publicist and writer. I write about adventure, travel and interesting people. As a publicist, I work with companies and events around the country.

Most ridiculous thing you’ve ever witnessed at a roller derby bout: With the amazing level of athleticism and personality of each player in the league, it makes that a hard question. I’ms ure as a coach, I’ll have many new stories to impart. Find me at a bar after the season’s over and ask me again.

Your favorite moment at a roller derby bout: That’s easy. When the Hustlers took the champs in 2011. I watched from the sidelines, not as a coach yet, screaming myself hoarse.

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